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This is fucking excellent! Love the feel of it and the beefy sound effects. End of level boss is really cool and the use of a secondary weapon not common on a 2600 game. So well made, really addictive, great game!
Thanks for rom and image uploads.
Just got the white label one, was thinking the game doesn't work (tried it on the Atari7800), swapped joystick ports, works ! One of the few games, that need the joystick in Port 2 .
The box and label artwork is obviously a rip-off of the 7800 Xevious box art.
I have this cartridge but written as "Astrowar" (without a space). I can't find this Cooper Black items in "Astrowar" itself, but found the same picture in "Astro War". Not sure if this database is still updated nowadays.
Hi, this database is updated on a daily basis. Please contact us to send a scan of your cart and we will add it asap.

Rom Hunter
Good! Frantic blast up, polished and fun. Not the depth of Defender but a nice game.
Good game! Nice feel to it, difficulty is nicely gauged. Simple game with some clever ideas like the night cycles and visibility going on and off.
Great game! Just learned of this tonight via a Facebook post. A clever, intelligent game, with depth. Has a slight feel of Atlantis about it.
Someone here doesn't know how to play lol

It's a good game. Very difficult but decent.
Incroyable qu'il y ait autant de monde ! Si vous avez toujours l'enregistrement K7, ça m'interresse fortement :) On pourrait les numériser !
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