List of Atari Links

Strictly Atari

The place to go if you love Atari 8-bit sound. Play over 2,500 native music files on a variety of Atari platforms!
This excellent website presents the method and structure used in the research to reconstruct the Atari 2600 game series.
Excellent and very informative Atari archive made by Scott Stilphen!
One of the most famous Atari sites out there with great forum activity!
Very active Polish site with some exclusive content. Great page if you want to follow the A8 scene day by day.
This is the ULTIMATE place to visit if you want to use your Atari in a modern and easy way. Get your hands on SIO2PC cables, programmable cartridges and lots of other goodies if you need to interface your Atari and PC!
If you want details on Atari prototypes, this is THE place to be! Thrilling insider info!
Homesoft, a regular contributor to our site, maintains his own archive with many compilation disks.
Tom Hudson is back with a site devoted to the classic ANALOG Computing magazine! Lots of fun memories and insider info!
A nice mix of games sorted by company, interviews, German magazine information and other goodies.

Other Sites

For everything retro, another must-see site. Be sure to check their on-line rarity guide!
A fast growing online community for buying and selling classic & modern video games.
Needless to say this site inspired us the most. ALL Commodore 64 games in a single place! Simply the best.
Great French site with a wide range of in-depth articles for ALL retromaniacs, but don't dismiss the rest!
Excellent site featuring the best Atari 2600 label variation list in the world!
Absolutely HUGE site! Has information on virtually every piece of ZX Spectrum software known to man!
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