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All Comments

Haunted Adventurer · 2024/04/09
Thank you for hosting such an awesome site!!!
Michael De Jong · 2024/03/22
What an amazing site. The Magazine section is amazing. I still own an ATARI Jaguar, sold the kiosk and CD and some games recently. I'm still holding onto original packaging for my Jag and games. I also have an original VCS, the new VCS, 2600+ and soon to be ATARI 400 min. My ATARI computers were the 600xl, Mega STe and the ATARI Falcon. Keep up the good work.
Francisco Paulo · 2024/02/26
Thank you!!!! Make one more man happy like a child!!!! God blessed you all team!!!!!
Thanos · 2024/02/18
great job . keep up the good work. thanks for everything
Commandos · 2024/02/17
Here its my new game for ATARI :D Hope you enjoy it. 90 lines of code.
John · 2024/01/20
Wow what an archiving effort, respect!
Tom78 (Tom Jenkins) · 2024/01/17
Wonderful site!
IRATA4 · 2024/01/13
great website, this is an Atari archive, I like the scans of covers, instructions, etc., but some elements are missing, I will send the missing games/demos.
Sean · 2024/01/06
You've done simply a GREAT JOB!
Sciscan · 2023/12/29
Glad to join your site
Dr. Getter · 2023/12/28
Coming back to Atari emulation after a long break. Your website is a godsend, thank you for everything you've done.
Ringmast4r · 2023/12/27
Absolutely wonderful and incredibly organized. Thank you for putting this together
Kyle P · 2023/12/25
Thanks for bringing back the memories of Childhood. Rescue on Fractalus was one of my favorite games growing up. We got it when I was six. The aliens scared me and my dad and my older brothers. When I was 9 I made it up to 35 on the c64 version. Im thinking of going as far as 99 or more on the atari version and putting it up on YT.

I also loved the snark games, Eidelon and Realm of Impossibility. I wish they had more great games on the XL/XE. It will be my favorite computer system after the c64 and before the Amiga.

Thanks again! Keep it up!
Ureshi · 2023/12/22
Amazing, A beautiful resource for those who love gaming history.
KidGloves · 2023/11/28
What a lovely site. Lots of useful information and the best effort to preserve the huge and ever growing Atari legacy.

Thanks a lot.
Hatari · 2023/11/15
@Marko - I left a comment for you in the Steinberg Pro 24 v3 section. If you are admin still could you PM a reply when you get a chance please?



Hi Hatari, you can still find the dump by using Waybackmachine:
Mike K · 2023/10/26
Awesome site! Can't wait to see the 7800 stuff!! Haven't played those games since i was a kid. Console got lost in our multiple moves :(
Zenith · 2023/10/11
Great site, glad it's still thriving!
Jorge Ponze · 2023/09/27
Busco información del antiguo Atari 8 bits, especialmente funcionamiento electrónico de disqueteras. Gracias por la página y saludos
ethan · 2023/09/11
very cool and helpful website!
Max · 2023/09/01
Thanks for this great website. When can we expect the 7800 Data?
Mon Ours · 2023/08/19
Thanks so much for your work :)
Mile Pile · 2023/08/11
Hvala lepo,sve najbolje vi zelim.Svako dobro.
Mike · 2023/08/11
Hi there! Big fan, been using this site for years and keep coming back! There's one thing you could do to make it much better though.

Any page you go to, the search bar is given focus once the page completely loads. This is a severe usability issue IMO on all platforms.

When browsing from my computer I tend to use the arrow keys to scroll the page and end up having to click off the search box every time to do so.

On mobile it's even worse because it zooms into the search box, and throws up the on-screen keyboard. I try to "click off" (tap off on mobile), but usually end up typing something with the on-screen keyboard instead.

Even worse, sometimes I think I've clicked off and averted the issue but the action of clicking off was performed while the page was still not yet fully loaded, and thus shortly thereafter only to be whiplashed into focus on the search box once the page has completely loaded.

Or, for another example, when using the search, if you click on an entry from the results page, then you want to go back to the search results page, so you hit back on your browser, you'll be thrown to the top of the page and lose your scroll position in the list and have to scroll back down, which then you're hit with either of the above issues depending on whether you're on the computer (arrow keys not scrolling the page and needing to click off to do so) or on mobile (zoom-to-focus and on-screen keyboard thrown up).

I love this site and will continue to use it regardless but I would be so happy if you changed this behavior because it is an endless frustration with every page so you are hit with this issue many times in the course of a browsing session. Sometimes many times in the course of a few minutes.

Please if possible disable the search box from seizing focus upon page load!
Luke B. · 2023/07/18
Super cool site! can't wait to see more.
Tyler K · 2023/07/05
Thanks for making the world a better place!
Steve · 2023/06/12
wow what a great resource many thanks for all the time and effort that has been put in to this
I still have my 800, disc drive and tape machine.
Will have to see if it still works
Gaige · 2023/06/09
This is by far the best database for Atari that currently exists and I'm so glad to have the privilege of accessing it.

Keep up the good work!
Markus · 2023/06/04
Glad I happened across this! Can remember being the first ones on the block to get the 2600 and getting mad when my dad beat me on Breakout. Defiantly brought me back and put a smile on my face! Thanks for your hard work!!
Marlh · 2023/05/19
This is incredible! I can't believe how much is here!! So exciting to bring back Atari memories.
Darren Evans · 2023/05/16
Great site for all things Atari. As the former technical editor and eventual editor of Atari ST User, I'm also pleased to at the magazine section ??
Hrafnkell from Iceland · 2023/05/14
A great site. Brought back many memories and a little sadness. I wish I still had my Atari 1040 STE and all my software and mags.8
lam · 2023/04/28
cool site
Gary Wight · 2023/04/10
Super cool site
LarryC · 2023/04/01
Site looks great!
apache_vrc · 2023/03/27
Hi, I'd like to add to the Atari Mania database with info on some of the Atari ST titles that I wrote back in the day but the Forum link (above) is broken. It goes to a page with the error:

General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

No such file or directory [2002]

An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.
Kamikaze365 · 2023/03/19
Cool site! i used to love atari games as a kid
Wazrik  · 2023/03/16
I love retro games I have a massive amount of games unfortunately my Atari was stolen in mint condition, I do have some of the accessories left the “joystick “ and different controllers
GTi · 2023/02/15
Never had an Atari back then (Speccy & C64). But I really like all 8bit machines and the Atari's pokey chip and colourful rainbow effects. I use this great site to look up on some data and pictures to complete my Launchbox info. Oh and I also go for some highscores. Find me on
Jordan  · 2023/02/04
I was not around for the Atari, but I definitely see the charm!
Alfa Romeo · 2023/01/28
Sou de Brasil, passei adolescência quase toda jogando Atari e agora venho aqui para jogar e matar saudades daquele tempo. Meus preferidos são: River Raid, Hero, Seaquest, Enduro, Pitfall. Na verdade, todos são meus preferidos, pois gosto mesmo é de Atari. Que saudade ! Deveriam voltar a fabricar uma versão moderna porém com os mesmo títulos, mantendo as características dos anos 80, assim nossos filhos poderiam jogar e saber como era na época de seus pais. Um abraço a todos os apaixonados pelo Atari, o melhor de todos os tempos.
Doug · 2023/01/23
Fantastic information! The 2600 came out as I was still a young lad, so I drooled over the catalogs, thinking about which games I would buy first, if I possibly could.

Later, I had friends who had Pitfall and other games, and now the collections like the Atari Anniversary are wonderful ways for me to go. Getting related info about the games and how they were understood at that time in magazines is just wonderful.

Thumbs up to the contribution to the community this represents!
Lobo559 · 2023/01/22
Hey great site! Thanks for the time and work! I found it randomly but I'm glad I did. Much love!??????
Loocianum  · 2023/01/21
an Atari fan
it's fun! isn't it?
Andrew · 2023/01/19
Love visiting this site.

How do you submit programs for inclusion in the database?
Hector Lopez · 2023/01/12
Thanks for the huge collection o Atari ROMS available to enjoy!

vincent · 2023/01/10
je veux programme atari plus couleur et ecran plus comme pc mais je veux gfa basic atari plus ? moi pc avec hatari tres dificile programme pour moi aussi pc copy dans atari gfa basic impossible !
moi sourd , merci
bonne année 2023
Slavo Hogen · 2022/12/27
Many thanks for your work. Excellent job. I am the owner of many large Atari models, including the Atari TT, and what makes me especially happy, I own several Falcons. Why is it worth mentioning? Because.... I've always been an Amiga fan :-) That was until two years ago I bought my first Falcon and since then my admiration for this machine has not diminished. This is how my adventure with Atari began. Today I have in my collection models from 520 ST starting to Atari Jaguar. Thanks to your wonderful work, I discovered the source of knowledge about these amazing computers. Thank you again for your passion and this brilliant site
Regards, Slavo.
Fernando · 2022/12/13
Gracias por tanto material, habia olvidado el manual del juego Crossbow, tantos recuerdos!!

Seguiré navegando su sitio, sería ideal, tener etiquetado por empresa de software, asi ver el listado de todos los juegos por categoria.
Awesome Site · 2022/12/10
Thanks for the awesome database, found it through search.
Anthony Grime · 2022/12/03
Thank you for this extensive and well organized pack!
John Van Ryzin · 2022/11/29
Nice website!
Thanks for visiting us, John!

Rom Hunter
Chris Purviance/PSVITAGAMER2012 · 2022/11/13
Nice place so far, just needs more info and scans.
Mike Bargerstock · 2022/11/12
Such a wonderful site! Thanks for all your hard work!
Nick Langdon · 2022/11/09
Great site, but you're missing Arkanoid I and II. The best games ever!
Cronambs  · 2022/10/27
Love this site thanks
Andrei · 2022/10/13
Fantastic work, thank you
Daniel T. Harrison · 2022/09/07
Thanks for Atari 2600 Roms and i support you no matter!
Alex2 · 2022/09/02
Thank You this is amazing for AI
NicodemusFLT · 2022/09/01
Keep up the great work !
Alp MinGyu · 2022/08/28
Rolf · 2022/08/24
thanks for the fantastic work. I am very happy that I can find a lot of information here. Keep it up
Beowulf · 2022/07/27
You are doing God's work.
No One · 2022/07/11
It's great that websites that use guestbooks are still around.
Rilson · 2022/07/04
This is awesome. Thank you!!
Gerardo from Mexico · 2022/06/04
You are making nostalgy grown in me.
Thank you.
Mäck · 2022/05/24
I rediscovered Atari for myself a few weeks ago - and I'm in seventh heaven! We had the all-black ATARI2600 back in the 80s.
The ATARI FLASHBACK 9 GOLD with SD slot completely fulfills its purpose for me. I have now also ordered the small ATARI FLASHBACK BLAST vol.3, with the paddle controllers.
And THIS SITE here is great... quasi a kind of virtual Atari bible, where I will discover (and rediscover) still very much. Thanks a lot for the effort.

Lucas · 2022/05/23
Hell yes! What a treasure trove this site is. I love the magazine uploads, they're just as much of an insight as the games themselves sometimes.
Maximo Frangopulos · 2022/05/13
thanks for your page is wonderful!!
Dave · 2022/05/08
Thank you for this, I have used this site extensively over a number of years, thank you.
Bill · 2022/04/30
Thank you for doing this! You brought back a flood of memories from my childhood!
Stooge · 2022/04/30
Definitely good to have the ability to get a whole bunch of atari goodness from here
AK · 2022/04/27
you brought back so many memories. Will be here for a long while :D. thank you
Patrick Maloney · 2022/04/15
Nice site! Also nice to see you have "International Bridge Contractors" I translated to Atari BASIC 40 years ago for SoftSide magazine.

I gave it the 10 rating it deserves LOL.

Definitely the good old days. A lot of great memories of the heyday of 8-bit computing. The 80s were just great all-around.
Maurice B · 2022/04/02
Brought back so many memories ??????????
Verticen · 2022/03/30
wuz here.
fantastic atari resource!
lillith  · 2022/03/30
thank yew for preserving such a big chunk of culture with this website. this is cool as f#%* and im excited to look thru the site
John · 2022/03/28
Thank you for giving my Nintendo DSi new life with these roms.
Mateus Fedozzi · 2022/03/22
I left a thank you in 2011, and now I thank you again in 2022. May Atarimania still be around in 2033, in 2044 and beyond! Atarimania is preservation done right!
Ricardo · 2022/03/21
Thank you for your efforts keeping alive the Atari games.
Pablo · 2022/03/13
Hello, many thanks for the atari games you let me download, i will play all my childhood games again.
Ahmad · 2022/03/05
I wrote for ST User back in the day, found the issues with some of my articles in them! Still have a few original mags, finding them here saved me scanning them!

I wonder how long this website will last itself?
Joeatari1 · 2022/03/03
Great site! Tons of resources, information and history! Thanks for hosting and maintaining this great site.
H.C · 2022/02/26
What a fantastic resource. You've allowed a new generation of gamers to access and appreciate the beginnings of the industry. You have my thanks.
Corbin Christensen  · 2022/02/23
Great website man. I love it. I have nostalgia for a time I wasn’t even born in. Websites need to bring back the guestbook.
Vee (the Arkadian) · 2022/02/21
Thank you! This will serve my research--- er... fun diversion well!
Friday House · 2022/02/20
I had to add this to my bookmarks! Everything here takes me back, and when I go back this far, a tear comes to my eye. Please never stop doing what you do here!!!!
George W · 2022/02/16
What a nice website. I'm very grateful for the time and resources you've shared with us. Thank you !!!
John Z. · 2022/01/28
Thank you for this website! I just found this website and am currently making a folder on a flash drive full of the ROM versions of all of the cart games I have, as well as any other game i enjoy!
Eric O. Flores · 2022/01/06
Thanks for great website you have here.
Caleb · 2021/12/11
Thanks for the ROM Archive, your generosity will bring myself and countless others hours of fun. You're the best.
Croagct · 2021/11/08
Tengo 54 años y la nostalgia de unos años que no olvidaré me ha traído hasta Atari Manía, muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo de investigación, esta web es fantástica, mis felicitaciones a todo el equipo.
Angel Montoya · 2021/11/04
Thanks, I had an Atari 2600 when I was young and I want to share that experience with my young kids, I know they are not going to enjoy them the same way I did, but the memories of me playing on that old TV screen will live again. Thanks.
Angel Montoya · 2021/11/04
This is like a museum, trully stands by "the world finest atari database" is not just aboout the roms, is about all the nostalgia you get whit those posters, videos, and all that stuff. trully an awesome job. This site gave me chills. This should be considered among the world treasures, this is history.
Ray · 2021/11/04
Another great Atari site. I love the layout.
Rob · 2021/10/27
Thanks for such a great resource. Compliments to Web designer. Looks fantastic, easy to navigate. Very sharp! :)
Fke · 2021/10/18
Thank you for the rom archive - it will bring me many happy hours. :)
GAIGEEEEEEEE · 2021/10/01
This site is awesome... Working on my retropie and loving the amount of detail and care that was put into this site.
Lex Thomas · 2021/09/23
I ran an Atari user group many years ago. I wrote a game that was published in COMPUTES First Book of Atari Games. I just stumbled upon an old "ST Software Catalog from Atari, Spring 1986" book and decided to do a search online for a site like this.
Sato · 2021/08/26
I wanna do a "NesMania" but with the Atari. Like the mexican runner, thanks 4 you!! amazing website, thanks for everything :)
Entuzio · 2021/08/25
Great site, thx for your effort's ....
Andrew · 2021/08/12
Emulating Atari because I can't seem to find a working system for sale, and no great way to play in a decent resolution. This gem of a website has every single game for 2600 available to download which is amazing. Hope that 7800 catalog is completed or even part of it is released!
Thiago Santos · 2021/07/27
Amazing this website. Lots of material and reference. Kudos. ;)
The beezer · 2021/07/19
RP - Portugal · 2021/07/18
Good afternoon. Is there a program that allows you to record the Atari 800 XL tapes at 800 baud? Thank you
WardDude · 2021/05/24
Thank you for making this great site! I recently got a Retron77 and I love being able to download rare, expensive or hard to find games to a miniSD card and stick it in the console to play them. I have about 40 games on carts, but not some of the ones you have roms of. Great to be able to play Pitfall II now. The Retron77 is a great console, but it's not compatible with some of the later carts like Pitfall II that have the extra chips in them.
Drieli · 2021/05/13
BilboWGE · 2021/03/27
This is an excellent site, properly done and maintained. I still have an 800XL and 1050 disk drive that both work great. I have some original software I want to share with the rest of the Atari computer world, developed in 1983 to 1987. Currently its on floppies, but I'm in the process of moving it all onto disk images, and will upload here soon. Thank you, ATARI MANIA for what you do! Great work!
Paula · 2021/03/26
Great site!
LarsVonHier · 2021/03/18
thanks for maintaining such a rich Atari fan site.
Are there any plans to add the new VCS800 console to the list of machines that you cover?

Michael · 2021/03/18
Hi, thanks for keeping the Atari-History alive.

Hallo, schön, daß ihr Euch um die Atari-Historie kümmert.

Best Regards und freundliche Grüße!

Jad3rson · 2021/02/22
Thank you for River Raid rom missed in my romset.
Draven DuBois · 2021/02/11
You guys were the ones to make me love Atari and i have been collecting for the 2600 and the 5200. You have so many cool Atari games,Manuals,Books,Commercials and much more this site is so great. Thank you
Joseph Mangiaracina Jr  · 2021/02/06
what a fantastically valuable resource this website is! I had Atari on the brain and was looking for instruction game manuals for E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark and cane across you guys....and wow...was absolutely astounded to see the full scans available of both manuals and I was beyond stoked! Despite these games not being particularly favored by gamers, I thoroughly enjoyed playing these games growing up and look forward to brushing up by reading the manuals again some 35 odd years later and play these games again! I also somehow thought of the game Adventure in my search and saw the instruction manual for that game also, so I'm looking to "discover that game for the first time! Looking forward to discovering new treasure troves on this site! Awesome!????


You're welcome, Joseph. You can spent a lifetime wandering through our database. Enjoy the journey!

The Atarimania Team
resurge · 2021/01/24
I found the missing Rogue Trooper rom on another site.
Brian · 2021/01/12
Hey, I've got a box or two of old Atari stuff in my back closet. An 800, a 400, a disk drive, etc. Manuals, disks, power supplies. I'd hate to throw the stuff out (it was my first intro to computers way back in 79/8? Is there anyone willing to pay shipping for this grab bag? I'm on the east coast, so I can't drop it off to you guys.
Atarimania Team · 2021/01/12
Thanks for the offer, Brian! Do you think you could send us pictures at the contact address at the bottom of the page?
SolarFox · 2021/01/07
They work exactly like on Atari 2600 in old days :)
Robert B · 2020/12/13
Enjoyed checking out your site for Atari Users. I have a small collection of item for Mega ST/2600/Turbo Grafx-16 & Play Station.
Percy Jollymore · 2020/11/28
I love this amazing site and visit frequently. thanks for the amazing amount of information, books, mags, games and more
Peter Büki · 2020/10/20
Many thanks! Very useful page ....
Jens · 2020/09/18
Man thanks so much for keeping this stuff available to the public :)

I will never forget those times, when most game ideas were new and shiny evenm though the graphics still sucked ;-)
Kappo · 2020/09/03
This site works well if you have the Javatari! I think it’s great for downloading and sharing games
William · 2020/09/03
This is the most dedicated site for Atari, keep it up!
Trent · 2020/09/02
Love this site, only found it while looking for a game review!

So many memories brought back by the Atari ST magazines section, without having to physically find and store them myself.

Thank you so much!
Hamzawy101 · 2020/08/31
Man i just love the fact that someone actually made this. The website. And there is still people today visit and give love and support to this place. It's old but it sure is gold. Love Atari. Love Atarimania. Keep it up!
Brian · 2020/08/25
Love the site! Brings back many good memories of my time when I bought my first Atari 400 and then the 130XE. Keep up the good work!
NAMAN  · 2020/08/13
I like the way you have conceived the rating of various system games. I couldn't find a rating for "ARCADE" games. And it's disappointing as there is no database of this kind for the "ARCADES" on the INTERNET. I hope you complete that section soon so that it becomes a central database for ARCADE games rating.
Overall, I really liked the effort. Only suggestion would be to provide some video or photo of the game which is rated here.
Stefan Schwedler · 2020/08/09
Thank you so much for the memory of my childhood with the Atari games like Alternate Reality. I learned more english with those games than in school :-)
From the first money I earned as apprentice I bought the 1050 Floppy disk....
Or Koda · 2020/07/30
Love this site and your collection. I own cartridges and I added it to my Hyperkin RetroN 77. It's nice to have my games back in full glory!
peter outlaw · 2020/07/21
I love your site! I loved my atari 800xl from day . I grew with it from a 410 tape, 1050 disk, to a few days ago sio2sd. The 410 broke, 1050 works mostly, I hope to move all of the disk to atr files. I wish I had access to all of the goodies and books that are available now back then. Using it and learning with feels like time travel.
Cpt. Retro Blue · 2020/07/10
Great nostalgic site. Fond memories of when I owned my own Atari console and games.
minoss · 2020/06/16
Fantastic Site , Very nice Work
Greetings from Germany
AbandonwareDOS · 2020/05/28
Hey guys! I just added Atari Mania to my links page on Abandonware DOS Keep up the good work!
Fernando Alonso · 2020/05/24
Hi! Thank you for your work, this site is awesome! I'd like to send you some stuff, but my messages could not be delivered to you. ¿How can I contact with Atarimania's team? Thanks!
pcWizard · 2020/05/23
What a great site! The only 7800 cart I have is Pole Position II, Namco 1982, 1983.

Keep up the great work!
Scandaldemon · 2020/05/16
This site is amazing you are a true Atari Master
Jason · 2020/05/09
What a delightful site. A throwback in the best sense of the word. I found this when looking for resources for my PocketGO handheld. I found what I needed. Thanks to everyone (one?) behind Atari Mania. And a guestbook? What year is it? I kinda miss these. Take care.
Ulisses Massênio · 2020/05/02
The best Atari website, Thank you people, greetings from Brasil.
Thomas Korte · 2020/04/26
I tried to register with the forum on atarimania but my requests weren't answered.

I am looking for Phantasie I character editor under this link:

Unfortunately, the link is dead.

Can anyone help out with this?

Thank you for any replies.

Thomas Korte


Hi Thomas,

Apologies about the situation, the link is now fixed. Thanks for reporting :)

Marko, Atarimania ST
Richie Knucklez · 2020/04/23
Such a great site with a wealth of information.
I have about 70% of every Atari Arcade machines
made during the golden age, Many Bronze age too!
If you ever need help or anything at all please hit me up. I'm easy to find with a simple google search. There is also a documentary about my contributions to this hobby currently on Amazon Prime. "The King Of Arcades" . Thanks for all your hard work. I discovered you while I was building and arcade cabinet for my favorite Activison release "Kaboom". I'd love to show you photos. I will check to see if there is an attachment option. Thanks!
Matt A · 2020/04/19
Thank you for all your hard work in making and maintaining this site. Atari Mania is the best Atari site on the internet. A true gem. You've found a permanent home favorited on my browser toolbar. Long Live Atari!
John · 2020/04/19


Do you know this Magazine ??
I don't find it on your website

Best regards

I wanted to send you some photos from the magazine but [] does not accept attachments....


Hi John,

I seem to remember from a few years back that the publisher of the magazine wasn't very keen to the idea of it being preserved. So I only have seen a few covers of it, not much else.

J · 2020/04/12
Thanks for the ROM Collection. Do you know if the ATARI FLASHBACK 8 Gold Edition can be hacked and more games loaded into it?
Gus Putsche · 2020/04/05
Wonderful site. I spent many many hours typing in programs, debugging, learning how to code. Atari is responsible for a large part of my computer education. Thank you for putting this collection together.
Dayton Converse! · 2020/03/28
So much history is on this site, good job
James Sage · 2020/03/20
Wow! Great site!! Thanks - I will be spending some quality time here.
Bolid · 2020/03/03
Great site, great collection!! I spent so many great years with Atari!!
Trekeln · 2020/02/08
Awesome and full of information!
Keep it here forever!
pollux2k · 2020/01/27
Been here for years. best site and true to its fans.
Atari onward.....
Mario · 2020/01/26
Thanks for the great website. Memories come live.
Art · 2020/01/26
Great site! for true fans :) Good Job! :)
Pawel  · 2020/01/23
Thank you very much.
When I was a child my father connect a clone of atari 2600 - "rambo TV games" It Was amazing. I have a lot of good memories. In Poland at 1995 we had a trouble with PAL system, but this situation caused immediate modernisation our TV :D. Thank you for bringing back my good memories and the opportunity to share memories with loved ones. I can't wait for the family meeting, where on the emulator we will turn on the games from years ago recalling the good old days. At the same time,I am glad that thanks to the hard work you can easily use the good that has been accumulated on this site.
Greetings to .
Jeffrey X32 · 2020/01/17
Thank you so much for the Info!
Genox · 2020/01/10
Many thanks for this site! From Italy
HED2084 · 2020/01/03
Thank you for the memories! good stuff...
Matheus MM · 2019/12/31
Thank you very much for this website. It is just perfect. I always download from here for my friends and me.
Greetings from Brazil
Telespielator · 2019/12/24
Thanks for this great website. When can we expect the 7800 Data?
Gustavo Adolfo Castro Ramirez · 2019/12/21
This a fun and beautifull web.
Buttons · 2019/12/21
<3 =^.^=
Remember--You don't stop playing because you get old; you get old because you stop playing. Be Geek! Be Proud!
Thpwg · 2019/12/09
Bonjour le staff d'Atari Mania !
"Quel fabuleux site et quel travail."
Je me suis incrit sur le forum
mais je n'ai jamais reçu de mail
de confirmation ? C'est bien dommage
car je ne demande qu'à participer.
A bon entendeur salut^^
AXIOMID · 2019/11/29
Hello there!
Does anyone have a "[STF] FALCON FIGHTER 2" rom file? I tried to find it for a really long time, but had no success. :(
Ejunke666 · 2019/11/23
Great Website which brings back a sense of nostalgia.

Like the PDF export function!

Owner of: Atari 2600 4-switch Woody/Atari 2600 jr.
Mike · 2019/11/13
Thank you for your effort!
What a great website about Atari.
Nice that the great downloads are completely free.
You people rock :-)

used2bcool · 2019/11/03
Finally! I have some games for my ST plus a word processor (because why not). It won't be sitting in a closet very often now.

Atari 1040 STe with Motorola 2400 bps
AtariLover · 2019/10/26
Thanks for keeping the old beloved Systems alive.
Atari 2600 is my very special love affair.

Of course im in love with the 64 too, and cannot decide which love is bigger or deeper.

Arjan · 2019/10/24
Hi there,
Always loved Atari.
i had to sell my 800XL with cassette player and floppy disc to buy the Atari 1040STFM. I loved that computer but always regret that.
Great website

Owner of 1040STFM, Lynx and Jaguar.
Anthony Gurrieri · 2019/10/17
OMG! I am a DBA for a Lab Software company and we started talking about the old computers and I remembered the Atari 800XL computer my father bought me! it was my first computer and it was pretty fun! 8 bit proc LOL
Edward · 2019/09/22
Nice to see some serious dedication to all things Atari. Good job!

User of: 800XL/ 1040ST/ TT/ 2600/ Lynx
Physip · 2019/09/15
Thank you for providing this service! I grabbed a few Atari 2600 games along the way to play on the Retro Pie
Polar-Star · 2019/09/09
Thanks for all the ROMs! I'll be sure to go through Atari's History and check out all these games. Cheers!
John Christenson · 2019/09/08
This is a very cool website! i will definetly return to get more 2600 roms.
Eric Fraga (Cosmonal) · 2019/08/16
This is the finest Atari website, it really is!
Brady Kondek · 2019/08/08
This site is amazing! Thank you for providing all of these amazing things!
Danny Tee · 2019/08/07
Nice site, my Atari Mega ST is now flooded with useful applications and nice games thanks to this site! Keep up the good work!
alsenaidi · 2019/07/27
I'm interested to join this website, good luck for all.
Mike Riley · 2019/07/03
Just want to say thank you. Atari 2600 was my first console. Atari 800XL was my first computer. Finding your website brought back good memories. Hope this archive continues to thrive and curate.
Mark Brennan · 2019/07/01
Well done Bertrand a really nice website best wishes
Roy Vahldieck Jr · 2019/06/15
I love your site, Keep up the great work!!
Simon · 2019/06/12
Nice Site!
Dale · 2019/06/01
Decided to was time to sign up, now getting back into my retro years of Atari Computers :-)
Rob · 2019/05/26
Dude, Well done! I have had some trouble finding a lot of my old favorites and your organizational skills have really helped me.
Jonny · 2019/05/16
Wow, amazing site! My favorite! Just w.o.w.!
Kennyb · 2019/05/01
Hi, its a great archive you have here but I see that most of the Atari ST stuff is in the STX/Pasti format. This is useless for real Atari user's as I understand it. Do you have any links to useable ST format images? Or perhaps I am wrong that STX is useless? I cannot find a way to make a floppy from any STX file. Kind regards.


Hi Kennyb,

Thank You :) It depends how you look at it. Yes to be honest the STX is pretty useless format for real hardware users, which i also am myself. Unless you want a cheap, easy and pretty reliable way to preserve your original retail disks from being lost in time of course.

But it becomes less useless being a software history preservation tool, as it is one of the preservation formats that duplicates disk as it was sold in the shops back in the day. Like images created with SuperCard Pro, Kryoflux and maybe other preservation methods, these were also never intented to be used with a real hardware. It is a format to preserve disk image data in original form instead of something that runs on real ST.

The reason for our way of choice is because many of the cracked games from the era has title screens either removed or edited with cracker messages, introduction animations, digital soundtracks or even hard disk installers removed to save disk space. It's like reading a book which someone has ripped covers off from, or doodled their own messages on the pages, or taken off the first chapter.

No doubt cracked versions also have a very important piece in software history as many of the games or tools we are able to enjoy today would have been totally lost without this underground culture. They did a very important job back in the day. But they are not a piece of original commercial software history anymore the way they were intended to be experienced by the programmers, graphics artists, designers and musicians. This is Atarimania's way to show our respect to the game developers of the 80's and 90's, to preserve their hard work the way it should be in our mind.

For running STX on a real ST / STe, if you have Lotharek's HxC Floppy Emulator hardware add-on you can run majority of the STX-images on a real hardware with some limitations. You still need the game manuals and protection wheels to play them of course, remember, they are pretty much exact copies of the commercial disks.

For the modified versions, the web is full of them. Just take a look at The Old Games Finder for example, or even better the premier menu disk archiving project at It will keep you busy for ages :)

All the best,
Marko / Atarimania ST archiver
atranfanatic · 2019/04/27
I have been a fan of the Atari since I was a kid. My cousin's had one as well as a Commodore 64. And those were my go to gaming machines till I was an adult and bought my first NES at a local yard sale. I have over 100 original cartridges for my 2600. This site looks great and looking forward to checking it out more in depth.
Femke · 2019/04/25
I'm so glad to have found this website!
A wonderful game database for my ST.
Michael · 2019/04/13
Thanks for this site some great memories.
livorno · 2019/04/11
I'm a little mystified and discouraged at the lack of responses since I have been trying to contribute. I did register with the website, but my forum activation has been in limbo for nearly a month now. I see there are two new responses to other people on the guestbook, but my guestbook attempt to message you under the name "liv" has apparently been lost in a spam folder or ignored since it didn't match my username livorno. Anyway, a month ago, I uploaded a zip file to the ftp with about a dozen .BAS type-ins from Computer and Video Games magazine missing from your database. The filename is "8bit/CVG games to".


Hi livorno,

My apologies for the situation, it has not been intentional in any way to ignore your messages. But as with many of these hobby projects there are times when it's simply impossible to find free time to handle all the requests in a speed that makes everyone happy due to our real life demands and responsibilities.

I know it sucks for things being handled slowly, and i hate is as much as everyone else. But there are times when the amount of contributions is so huge compared to what we can do with a very small team of 3-5 active members. That's actually less than one persion per Atari system. Most of us can only spend a few hours a week for trying to keep the database going.

Once again my apologies, we really appreciate that you have donated your free time to help preserving our beloved Atari machines. Hopefully your work will be updated as soon as possible by a member who handles the stuff for A8 machines.

All the best,
Marko (Atarimania ST / TT / Falcon030)
Michael Byrd · 2019/04/09
Getting into homebrews, protos, unreleased and making my own cartridge cases. :)
neil · 2019/02/13
This site is amazing . I have got back in touch with my childhood. Remember buying Page 6 each time it came out . wow.
borncrazy · 2019/02/07
Fabulous site, can't thank the developers enough!
TomV · 2019/01/30
Looking at the answer to Dean's question below. I'm not too much of a techie but sure love the old 8-Bit Atari stuff. Is there a site where I could buy an SD card adapter for a cartridge so I could run the files from dumps with or without emulator?



Hi TomV,

Look here for possible solutions :)
Dean · 2019/01/25
This is a great place to be. I am a 48 YO man and wanted to play my favorite games after 35 or more years and I found at least one of them today, but I cant control it. Are these games compatible with web browsers, keyboard combinations or need some additional hardware?
Many thanks in advance


Hi Dean, depends a lot about which Atari system you're about to play. Atari 2600 games are playable from browser, while the others need a program called "emulator" to load the software from. Most of the files also runs on an original hardware with some modern day add-ons like SD card adapters and so on.

Some great emulators to try are "Altirra", "Atari800" or "Xformer 10" for Atari 5200 and 400/800/XL/XE series, "STEem SSE" or "Hatari" for Atari ST and Falcon030 compatibles, or "Virtual Jaguar" for Atari Jaguar.
Wesp5 · 2019/01/13
Many thanks for this great site, on which I stumbled recently! Are you interested in getting missing dumps? If so, how best to contact you? I send an email but nobody replied...
Paul Jones · 2019/01/04
Great Resource for Atari Stuff!

Another great Atari site is
Ryan P. (Buffalo,NY) · 2018/12/31
LOVE THIS SITE! Man great site! Sure brings back memories don't it? LOL >>>>Again awesome site!!!
Merlin · 2018/12/26
Fantastic resource. Thank you. I have loved getting some of the old classics for the 800XL and ST (I had both as a child).

Also great to look through all the Atari User magazines I was so familiar with. I learned programming by typing in (and then debugging) the software printed in those magazines!!

And then to find the copy (Aug 1998) with the letter in I wrote when I was 11 years old!

Well appreciated.
Danimal · 2018/12/21
Thanks so much for this site... makes it easier to get all this 8 bit stuff up and running again.
Matt · 2018/12/17
Thirty-odd years ago my programming and video game making started on an 800XL and
I’ve just started my classic collection with another 800XL and a 520STfm.
This is a great site and I look forward to coding on the 8-bit again thanks to all the documentation on here. (First an interrupt driven tracker player and then to complete the project I always wished I had.. an Outrun clone.)
I’m pleased to see the old publications again that I had a few programs published in.. more than half a lifetime ago now.
Well done Atarimania - keep it up!


Thanks Matt for your support! I really wish to see your Out Run clone one day, it certainly is something Atari 8-bit is still missing :)

MrMeat · 2018/12/09
Hello, I was looking for some (obscure) Atari 2600 roms and I found almost all of them here! Thanks!
DanBL · 2018/12/08
Thanks. So many great memories.
Strangeloop · 2018/12/05
Great resource for my atari project, hard to find complete listings for systems on the web so ill be using this as a reference. The project is a 3d cover art collection for official releases, prototypes and promotional releases across the entire atari range for arc browser on android. Covers can be used across all platforms and devices as they are .PNG Files. The Project will be a long road and ill be doing other systems in future. I estimate 2-4000 3d covers should complete the collection.
SingingCoyote13 · 2018/12/02
i must say Atari is no bad brand
they seem to have no real luck often
like bigger companies do.

i ve seen the ataribox (atari vcs) system beeing
announced on youtube, but they seem also
to do things wrong,. like no or too little merchandising
we do not even know what games run on it,
except tempest.

i used to have a atari2600 in the 80s and i
was quite fond of it. pitfall 2 is my alltime favorite
from the 80s.
Jeremy B · 2018/11/23
Started on Atari back in the 80s' ... wow we have come a long way. But this was the beginning for me. Still remember a game on the Atari that I can't remember the name probably one of the first first person games where you flew Jet a space ship and wandered through a maze and found clues. Anyone else remember this game?
Happyjax · 2018/11/16
Wow, bringing back such cool memories. I started with the 400 and a cassette drive, moved to the 800 and eventually an ST. Still have the 800 though all the disks went bad on me. Thanks for the memories!
Phönix · 2018/11/01
wonderfull good side for the atari. Dreams become true. Thank you ;-)
Creonix · 2018/10/22
Hello from Creonix!
I am looking for some info about the game "Swiat Olkiego" so apparently I came here.

See you soon! - best radio playing the music from games and demoscene
erasrrea · 2018/10/12
this is a great site can I found.all about atari. thanks you so much
Guy Millant · 2018/10/07
Félicitations à l'auteur de ce site qui est une MEMOIRE extraordinaire rappelant bien que dans les années 80 Atari a lancé de ce qui est devenu en 2018 une activité plus importante que le cinéma dans le monde : les jeux vidéos
Bravo !!
Atari Chiptune · 2018/09/16
It is the site everybody that is an Atari fan should go to!
Scott R · 2018/08/28
Amazing! I had always wanted to figure out ROMs when I learned about them years ago, but when you get older and things take more than 3 steps, they tend to be too much work! But here, in all their 4-bit glory, are my favorite games from 30 years ago. I can't thank you enough for making these available, and I can sit here for hours and play the same games I sat and played for hours decades ago!


You're welcome, Scott. Enjoy!
Gene · 2018/08/13
When I was 13, I bought my first Atari computer. It was an Atari 600XL, and I bought Pac-man, and Missile Command right off the bat. Then a few days later I came back to Sears(get that, SEARS??LOL)
and purchased a 1010 Cassette drive to keep tabs on all my home brew games. I kept adding to my game collection thru the years and then the 600XL vanished, I think my ex-wife took it. But to make a long story short, I now have an Atari 800XL, a 600XL, and a whole bunch of games. I love these machines and hope I get to use them more in the future.
Colton Murchison · 2018/08/13
This is a great site, extremely well curated database - with access to many things I thought I would never find! Greetings from Nova Scotia Canada!
Tim · 2018/08/10
After all these years - since the Atari home computer was released - it's SOOOO good to see and hear from all the other dedicated hackers, geeks, and enthusiasts that have kept the Atari (and early 8bit systems) alive and still going!!!
Chungboom · 2018/08/03
Emiliano Yar's Revenge · 2018/07/30
Thanks for all, super site! Greetings from Italy
German Aracil Boned · 2018/07/28
Thanks for all. great site.

Marcelo Jasso · 2018/07/27
Thanks a lot I find all the roms for the atari 2600 and the information. My favorite game OUTER SPACE for the ATARI 2600. I still got the Atari 2600 with all my cartidges original. NOT FOR SALE.
Michael Green · 2018/07/24
Thanks for sharing those roms sir I appreciate it
Russ Campbell · 2018/07/09
Great Site
ST Sewers · 2018/07/07
Hi and real thanks for this website !

If u need scans, please contact me on my fb page ST Sewers.

There are some things missing on your listing.

best regards
Michael J. Tawyea · 2018/07/03
I have been collecting Atari 8-bit hardware for years. Specifically 400/800 XL XE. The software has always been the difficult part of the equation. Atari Mania has been an indispensable part of my collecting for many years now. Thanks, in part to you. ATARI Lives On...
Ron Kovacs · 2018/06/28
Entertaining and great to have an archive of wide and useful information from the wild days of Atari. Thanks for sharing and devoting time to this short by interesting computing era.
Scott Rinke · 2018/06/20
Hi guys! Thank you so much for offering this Atari ROM player - I've been looking at those "retro" gaming systems, and it looks like a split decision on them. But here, you have made available even more - now I need to buy a USB joystick! Thanks again for this resource - you have a new fan!
Javier · 2018/05/18
The Atari ST the best of the best! I still remember my monitor showing 16 colors, while all my friends had very sad CGA - 4 colors monitors. The best compilation around.
Darrel W. Jones · 2018/05/16
I use to have an Atari 2600 and later got the 7800 which was much better graphically due to the better technology, at the time. Atari did some really good work back in the day considering the lack of technology they had to work with. The website makes a great resource for all Atari fans. Thank-You
Danilo · 2018/05/16
Thank you very much for this website. Everything is very organised. I finally found a serious website related to Atari, and all the fans around the world.

Greetings from Costa Rica.

Neil · 2018/04/30
This website is both an excellent technical resource and a great source for Atari nostalgia / fandom. Thank you for publishing this website!
Andres · 2018/04/24
I love this site, thank you for the memories!
Marcelo · 2018/04/21
Great work man, very organized. Thank you for the effort.
John · 2018/04/19
Happy this site is still active - keep it up!
Jay · 2018/04/16
Awesome ! so glad Atari is still "alive", thanks !
Lou · 2018/04/06
Hello again, Rom! Just ran across the Sinmax Astrobattle while doing some dusting and thought of you!
This proto really belongs in the hands of a PAL collector....
I agree, Lou. But I don't collect carts. Try contacting Marco on AtariAge.
Kyle D · 2018/03/23
Thanks for this site! Plenty of awesome rom downloads for the Atari Jaguar! I actually have plenty of the ISO's for the Atari Jaguar CD which are listed as "MISSING" if there is any way for me to ad them to help out others looking for them let me know! I would like to help and make them available if needed!
hansolo_forever · 2018/03/23
Hello everybody from the team !

I'm just new here as I detected this AWESOME site last night for the first time, trying to find help to cope with my Altirra emulator.
Although it didn't give me much help in that direction, I've recognized instantly that this site is like the treasure chamber in 'Monty's Revenge' ;-) (which i I loaded down already, of course ^^)

Now that I start managing the Altirra - by trial and error and more trial..., but now it works fine - I'm glad to find so much of literature about Atari 8-bit programming which is my actual goal, although those masses of great games are quite tempting, too... ^^l

To make it short - THANK YOU for that great site !!!

Roman, 45, Germany
eon2k · 2018/03/12
long time fan of Atari. Great piece of history of Atari, manuals & more. Keep doing great job. ATARI!!
8-Bit Booter · 2018/03/11
Love what you do mate. Keep it up :)
Renato "Tex" · 2018/02/22
Congrats for the great work. Browsing in the site was like a time travel to me. I remembered of the great time that I spent why my beloveds father and brother. I get some tears here also.
Thank you for this feeling.
Best wishes from Brazil and long life to you all.
Scott B · 2018/02/17
Awesome site. I love the 8 and 16 bit eras of gaming most of all.
abel reyna baltazar · 2018/02/16
una coleccion muy completa de programas
Ramses Cortes · 2018/02/07
This is a very great Job!!! Congrats for do it so well!!
This is a piece of history, not only of videogames, but of humanity in self.

Regarts from México.
William Counihan · 2018/02/01
Thanks for setting up this website. It's very informative and enjoyable to view as well. Great job!
Indra Damar Jati · 2018/01/17
Hello.... I am from Indonesia....
this website is amazing ....
how easy we find
information about Atari
Here ....I can also download
various games atari here
.... really this site is very
Jeff Volp · 2018/01/12
Info on Powerstar: Programmers were myself Jeff Volp and Steve Nelson. Graphic Artist was Stan Clark. I developed the data structures to fit everything into a 16K cartridge. The graphics budget was about 4KB, text another 4KB, OS and puzzles took the rest. We manufactured 1000 cartridges, but only about half sold.
Amazed User · 2018/01/02
This site has totally re-interested me in Atari Computers. Though I would like to see more programming books and resources for each system,
I am still AMAZED!
Thank you!
Scott Fischer · 2017/12/31
I believe I have a working cassette tape of "The Adventures of Oswald" - super rare. Does anyone have the ability to convert it to a ROM?
Renato Luiz · 2017/12/23
Thanks for the ROMs. The site is very cool! Bringing back many memories. :)
Fernando Blanco · 2017/12/12
Just unbelievable! Thank you for doing this incredible work. I am feeling like a kid again!!!!

Thanks Fernando!
Emlyn Lang · 2017/12/09
Thanks for the site, it's bringing back some wonderful memories.

Thank You Emlyn for the feedback!
david · 2017/12/08
Thanx for this site!
Greetings from Germany

Thank You David!
Michael Stoliker - USA · 2017/12/03
A ton of resources for the Atari owner. I had one of every model except the 600XL and the 65XE. I had a 130XE with the 64K chips replaced with 256K rams and an MIO from ICD operating a 20MB hard disk. Like an idiot, I gave it all away when I got an IBM clone. I wish I had it all back. Just bought a 130XE and XF551 plus a 800XL and 1050.
Miro Italy · 2017/10/26
I'm have original programs of Atari ST In Italy Manual of Word Perfect Calamus Programs and Cad programs
Nice Miro

Wow, those are very rare versions. Any chance we could add scans to our database?

Marko / Atarimania ST
Shawn Jewell · 2017/10/24
Brilliant site, making me relive my memories of the Atari 800XL which I had in 1983. I have bought another one this week to relive the 8bit fun. So many resources here makes me feel like a kid again.


Thank You Shawn :)
Matheus M Menezes · 2017/10/22
Thank you very much! What a great Website! Greetings from Brazil!


Thanks Matheus!
Bulent Ozgur · 2017/10/14
I had been wanted to see your website in 1986. So thanks for your job. I have an ATARI 800 XL . I bought it in 1986 when I was 16 years old. I really enjoyed with this computer.

Thanks, Bulent! It's a great piece of hardware :)
William · 2017/10/08
Many thanks for this wonderful site. My early (non-x86) PCs in chronological order:
1. ZX81 kit
2. VIC-20
3. Atari 400
4. Atari 800XL
5. Atari 1040ST
Matteo Trevisan · 2017/10/08
Dear Atarimania, your website is Superb! In April 2017 i take part of a Retro challenge competiton and i choose to reverse engineering the Atari console and computers inside a Raspberry pi b3 with a custom distro i prepared for the challenge. Your website was vital for me to find old 2600 games and other Atari games and finally i won the challenge. Thank you.


Great to hear this, Matteo. Congratulations! The Atarimania Team
MrLust · 2017/09/21
Thank you for this amazing site, a lot of useful information about all the Atari games. Enjoy it a lot! Thought I let you know :)
Joel · 2017/09/17
All the cool kids in high school (1979 - 1983) sat at my table during lunch. The nerds in the school got beat up 3 times a day, whereas I only got beat up only once a day - thus not a nerd. The Atari 800 was a stepping stone to my career in computers. It was the source of much entertainment and joy thru learning. In high school, I built a number of hardware devices that I interfaced to my machine as well as the software to run them. The programming experience gained on it, put me at the top of the class in college.

I've been to this website often and it brings back many fine memories. But this site also impresses on me what the internet has done for knowledge. Until I came across this website, I had no idea how many books, magazines, tools, and games were are around in the early 80's. But then again, I didn't have the money, time and drive to learn and try everything.

I often think about what I could do now, with 30 years of experience and with the wealth of freely available information (as found here) to create the ultimate Atari 8-bit game. However the Systems Analyst in me, and the deeply ingrained SDLC in my brain tell me, it would take at least a year full time, to create said ultimate game. However, there would be next to no market to sell it to, so it could only be a labor of love. Any such game would have to wait until the kids are all raised, and retirement swings around.

I have to say, that this is the Gold Standard in websites about the Atari. Well done to it's creator and the many contributors! Thank you very much.

Thank you Atarimania


Thank you for the kind words, Joel! Cheers, The Atarimania Team
Phillip C. · 2017/09/11
Nice! Just purchased an Atari 800! Used to own one in the early 1980's. Looks like I'll be back to visit often!
mark · 2017/08/29
very nice website and a good roms download too
cooldude89 · 2017/08/08
Nice website wish i could donate
Staffan Sandberg · 2017/08/04
I ran across a software package that I released for the Atari back in 1981 here on your site. Brings back great memories. I still have original copies at home. Thanks!
HotMommasCowboy · 2017/07/31
You guys ROCK! Awesome job with all y'all have done!
Striyka · 2017/07/14
Awesome work.
Fantastic website.
Many thanks · 2017/07/10
Hi thank you very much for your site !
Samuel Rebelo · 2017/07/07
Thanks for putting it all together! the mag section really made me time travel...soooo cool!!!!
Lou · 2017/07/06
Yay - MY 'Space Robot' variation made the database! So happy to have added to it all! :)
RRW · 2017/06/26
I am so impressed by the wealth of information you have cataloged here. I especially love looking over the Antic magazines you have listed as .PDF's. I had so many of them back in the day. I was always a fan of the Atari game systems, starting with the 2600, the moving to the 8 bit systems and then on to the ST models. Awesome that someone is keeping a database of old systems like these as it's a big part of gaming/computer history. Thanks, it's been so much fun to journey down memory lane again.
Wes · 2017/06/22
Great site. Thanks a ton.
WEMEDIA · 2017/06/20
A lot infos on our favorite Atari 8-bit computer, good job!
Enas · 2017/06/07
Thanks a million for such an amazing website.
kapi21 · 2017/06/05
Gran recopilatorio! un saludo desde España
noel · 2017/05/17
hi came across this great page ,just saying hello ,and great work
Damian · 2017/05/07
It's my first time on here and I'm needed help my daughter found my old Atari 2600 in the loft and I can't seem to get it to work on my new Tv is there some way to connect it via scary hdmi or component etc


Hi, Damian. Welcome to AtariMania. The easiest way to connect your Atari console is to simply connect the RF cable to the coaxial port on your HDTV. Otherwise you'll need a converter.
GroovyDuckling · 2017/04/02
Great site and the community seems to be super friendly and helpful, unlike some other sites. Im going to get atari 2600 light sixer soon, it will be my first atari console ever. I have already nice amount of games on my list that I want to get. All the info and people on forums have cleared some of my questions already Thank You! And keep up the great work!
Quack Quack!

- Greetings from Finland
Best Gaming Monitor · 2017/03/26
Thank you for the work you have put into your nice blog. We will bookmark to your blog because it is very informational. We love the site and will come back to see your new posts.

Adan Rodriguez · 2017/02/09
Just wanted to say thank you! I think its safe to say a lot of people appreciate the work you put in here.
SixaraTM Gaming · 2017/01/19
Thank you for making this website! This takes me back to wonderful times as a kid growing up in the 80s. Keep up the good work and Game On!
Chris P. Bacon · 2016/12/07
thank you very much for that bundle of information.
I make a short film about the Atari in the late 80's for University and your website is the best place for artefacts like original adds and stuff.

so,thank you.
Greets from Germany
Jeffonbike · 2016/11/19
Hi there
Now 30 years of being boxed away I plugged my good old 800XL in and - whow - it still runs like always did! And .. the good old 5/25 disc´s are working!!! I got a pretty big collection of games - I will have to look through all of it (some 200 discs) and would like to share the games you don´t have listed. ... but I don´t know how to get them from the 1050 into a new computer -----
All the best
GadZombiE · 2016/11/05
This is one of my favourite sites in the whole Internet! I still look here, almost everyday and read about all those great games for my lovely Atari computer. I love to read user comments about games I like.
I also have my on website about old, classic games, mostly for Atari 8-bit: Everyone is welcome!
Randy Brown · 2016/10/29
What an awesome site! Was reminiscing about all those long nights spent poking and peeking on the Atari 400 and decided to do a quick Internet search. What a great find... a true gem which is now bookmarked.
William · 2016/10/18
This is great!!! thanks from Chile.
Lee Ison  · 2016/09/29
Thanks for a great website, found all my old 800xl games in my parents loft, so had to go and buy the machine itself so I can go down memory lane. Some how seemed to have misplaced my old ST games. So i'll have to invest in that too.And will definitely use your database to restock all the old favourites. Thanks again to keeping the old ATARI alive!
Matt Huls · 2016/09/28
One of my favorite web sites of all time. Keep doing what you're doing. It's both very fun and very important.
Alexander BoNuS · 2016/09/22
Loads of nice stuff here, a real treasure for Atari fans. Keep up the good work !!!
Guy Ollerearnshaw · 2016/09/17
An invaluable source for Atari systems.
Websites like this keep the internet great!
James M. · 2016/09/04
Thank you so much for your hard work.
Milby · 2016/09/01
The Atari 2600 rom collection is truly amazing. Good work on the hunt!
peter jansen · 2016/08/25
great to see this site! it's nice to know that the computer that started it all for me (800xl) is still remembered, and that there are still emulators and software available for it! the news clips/video section is a blast!
8 bit nostalgia is flooding my brain!
Hannah · 2016/08/05
You don't know how much this means to stumble upon thi, seeing my youth before my eyes.... I just can't THANK YOU enough.

Keep up the AMAZING JOB!!!
Ed · 2016/07/28
Awesome resource. Thanks!
Ecchi_CR · 2016/07/23
Hey, thankyou!!
Richard Karsmakers · 2016/07/03
Everybody who loved the Atari ST might want to check out the totally revamped ST NEWS disk magazine site at
patrick lentze · 2016/06/27
oh, atari is a real classic. my favourite games are space invaders, super break out.
Daniel J. Dorey · 2016/06/07
I used to write games in 6502 language for the Atari 400/800 systems and have a few NEW projects that od Atari fans might find interesting, but I am having the WORST time just trying to register here.
Paul W · 2016/05/24
I was only 6 when the atari vcs came out in 1977 the games are still my favourites to this day.Thanks for this awesome site.I like the magazines sections.When is the atari lynx going to be online?It would be great to see chips challenge.
Keith · 2016/05/07
Hi, great site but when will you get the Jaguar section up and running?

Thanks, it should be ready by the end of summer :)
Marakatti / Atarimania
Mr TV Jones · 2016/04/30
Good to see a bunch of Atari afficiandos. We may have been overtaken in the technical departments, but the Atari, in it's day, was by far the best game player around. Starcade produced Up, Up and Away and Savage Pond. We enjoyed it.
Peter Mah · 2016/04/23
Wow! What an awesome site. Can't believe I didn't come across this sooner!
AtariCrypt · 2016/04/09
Atari Mania is the best resource for the Atari ST. Keep it up mate and I'm shocked that I've never written anything here before!!!

Cheers for a great website.
Devin · 2016/04/05
Hello Just wanted to say I just joined.
This place is awsome!
Dan Spratford · 2016/04/01
Love to atari still around.
Tangens / The Art Machine · 2016/03/29
Thanx for archiving all this stuff. I don't know why... but I still get nostalgic feelings when starting my ST. Unfortunately my first 520 ST+ from 1987 died, but I still have a working MegaSTE... Never get such emotions with all this modern computer crap today. Perhaps there was something like magic in 1985 with the upcoming fight Atari vs. Amiga... ;-)
batavii · 2016/03/16
hi, am not an atari user. but like the old games and to program games as a hobby. am not an american but very keen in atari systems. thanx
El Zandhalia · 2016/03/11
.... you are the best !!!!
Doug H. · 2016/02/21
Long time user and fan of Atari. I have a small collection of Atari machines.
Lucas · 2016/01/23
Snoopy and the Red Baron was pretty good, because I did not own a Wii U, to play Activision's newly released game, but I owned a Atari 2600, so thanks for the website for helping me find the American NTSC version I wanted for my Atari 2600!
Mert · 2016/01/21
Thx 4 performing such a cool website for nostalgie. i am 40 y/o and my 1st computer was Atari 520 ST. i am civil engineer now. Although i have an i7 4712 MQ laptop, i want to keep my ST 520 at my Office, but i am unable to find programs of Atari 520. is there anyone who can help me on finding programs? i just wanna operate my ST. its working but not loading system.
Wizard · 2015/12/29
I guess this is one of my new digital homes now. Back in the years, lived for the Atari instead of school (Like Bret Leduc I am 42 now), playing games, copying, sorting, organising stuff. My Technics stereo playing the sounds of the Atari 130XE (later on the ST), taped sounds of Coronis Rift, the beginning of the Ghostbusters game and played Ultima and Alternate Reality to the bone.

Thanks for keeping this site up! I will look for my contributions to come. Have a respectfull collection of original games. I will check of what you miss and send it over!
Mario J. Fuentes · 2015/12/27
Hello, I have problems to open the ROMS because I have windows 10 and it uses Edge instead of explorer.

How or What should I do... I cant wait no more to play.
Lou · 2015/12/22
Hey there. I'm looking for the dude called 'Rom Hunter'. I hung around the Atari Age forums, briefly, and we were discussing a couple potential 2600 prototypes, possibly PAL versions. (?)
I hope I've got the right guy.


Hi Lou, I sent you a PM on AtariAge
You can also contact me at
Bret Leduc · 2015/12/21
I'm 42 now and had an 800xl when I was 11 in 1984 and I won a 520st when I was 14. Great memories!
bretleduc dot com
MadZiontist · 2015/12/14
Hey ROM Hunter, thanks a ton. Not only for sharing the efforts of your hunting. But for your passion, and dedication to an ideal.
Synthize · 2015/12/08
Thank you, thank you!!! for SHARING all this Wonderful ATARI stuff. When so much of the InterNET is being removed and HISTORY of things being portrayed literally in Black&White when it was in amazing COLOR. AweSUM transfer and archiving for a GREAT & DETAILED presentation of what people experienced and enjoyed. WISH the rest of the WEB was able to be so poignant.
Thank you AGAIN...hope you can finish the REST of the SITE.
Arthur S. · 2015/11/10
Many Thank's. I love this site.
MSG / Reservoir Gods · 2015/10/25
Nice site, keep up the good work.
Keith · 2015/10/17
So when will you guys get the Jaguar section up and running? It is so sad that there is no content.


We are working on it hard. Adding screenshots was a way more difficult than we first thought because the emulation compatibility isn't that great. So various sources needs to be used. It will hopefully be available at the end of 2015.
Donald Mellor · 2015/10/09
The Atari Mania is a wonderful site, I have spent many a happy moment looking and downloading many games I used to play as a young man. The section I find most enjoyable is the magazine section, and in particular the Antic magazines.
yves · 2015/10/01
Thanks a lot for your work.

I have download a few games where i am playing when i was children and the emulator.

Will test them next week.

But thanks to you.
Todd Hemmelman · 2015/09/26
Please count me as a Loyal ATARI user!
Iain · 2015/09/26
Awesome resource for my 800XL and Atari ST, visit regularly when buying for my STe to check reviews and more important whether a game is compatible with the machine.

Excellent, love the site
The Fantastic Laura B · 2015/09/12
I was looking for info on controlling the cursor without a mouse i.e. from the keyboard on a 1040 STFM as I can't remember how to do it. Didn't find what I was looking for but had fun on the site :)
Peachy E · 2015/09/10
Great web site. Great memories. Revives my interest in 80s computing.
Bryan · 2015/09/09
Great site for finding the good old games! Thank you!
Rocky L 9/2/2015 · 2015/09/02
Thanks for bringing back my child hood
Rocky  · 2015/09/02
Thanks for the memories. I'm almost 40 and I'm collecting every possible game system emulator I can find to play every day :)
Jason wood · 2015/08/30
Hi. Great site
7 years ago my wife got me a 2600 for xmas. Im 45 now :-) im now still collecting n im upto 499 games . Happy days
Drock · 2015/08/08
I honestly think this is a great website, but they should allow you to see the entire thing instead of showing part of it (i.e catalogs, ads, scans)
dre gil · 2015/08/08
wow!!!! this is a great site.
i think i will live here now lol !!!
Cy · 2015/08/02
Guys, please help me find Atari Lynx catalog - Atari (UK) - 1992. It is not on amazon ebay ...
John Kahler · 2015/07/26
I came back to view this site today, although I've been here before. Lots of interesting information and pics. :-)
I got my Atari 2600 in 1992, which was a little bit late compared to some of you, but I've cracked it out again recently to play a few games. :-) I think it will last forever, that console! Although I have had to make a few repairs over the years.
Anyhow, keep up the good work on the site.
toto · 2015/07/15
Atari 800 rocks! Thanks for the roms.
craig · 2015/07/11
I loved it back then and today.
Sean laBrecque · 2015/07/09
Hello, I love your site. I am a fellow 800 computer enthusiast. I just went into storage and brought out my 800xl system and software and would love to help fill in some gaps you may have. If you interested please contact me at


MYSTERY MAN · 2015/07/01
Awesome site, love the rom collection!
Chris · 2015/06/22
i resqued a boxed FALCON from the trash years ago, and now i've gotten an Mega 1 as well, and so i am in search for 720k floppies and software. what an adventure !!
AX3L R3D · 2015/06/15
The very first machine I ever played on was a 520ST, the one with an half megabyte for RAM and 720kb disks and no HDD.
A little later we had a 1040ST with an entire(!) megabyte for RAM and even a 40Mb HDD!

It was on 1985 and I was 5 years old.
Right in the middle of this decade, both my passions for computers and videogames were born.

In disorder: Monkey Island, Another World, Arkanoïd, Zak Mac Kraken, Shuffle Puck Cafe, Golden Axe, Captain Blood Ark,
Gauntlet, Joust, Jumping Jack Song, Barbarian II (e yeah! tchk! pok!), Targhan, Colorado, Starblade, Metal Mutant...
And I forget many more names.

The disk drive noise and the bee pointer on this green screen when loading. The bombs line when crashing.
This strange thing they call a mouse. I loved this machine as soon as I first seen it.

I'm glad to see that Atari remains for many people minds as beloved childhood memories.

PS Please forgive, if any, my mistakes in English which isn't my native language (which is French).
CJ · 2015/05/17
amazing site
Chris · 2015/05/15
Awesome site packed with amazing info.
Keep up the great work!
Felipe Viramontes · 2015/04/08
I´ll always remember my atari 2600, i was 4 years old and when i finished my kinder garden time, i played tons of hours, all the adventures i wanted.

And also remember the time when i came at home from school and try turning on my atari and it doesn´t work anymore, it was the first saddest moment of my life :´(

After that i didn´t have another Atari or Nes, i was at house of friends playing Nes, but the wait worth it, i was the first child in my neighborhood to have a Snes. It was freaking awesome.

Thanks to bring back the good old memories, i´m 30 now and i have emulators and roms on my Ouya or Pc, sometimes i play more these games than my ps4.

Felipe Viramontes.
Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

Jason K · 2015/04/01
My original guestbook was on the 1/1/2007. Some 8+ years later and I'm still coming back! :)

Thanks guys.
John A. Reder · 2015/03/28
Author of 'Shield Shifter' and 'Strip Off' - two of the homebrews added to the Atari Flashback 5. Founder of :) - Atari Mania is an AWESOME site!
Gate  · 2015/03/28
Congratulations and thank you for having made this great site, everything, Atari is really for me a magic mark, and I love creativity and marketing that was developed at the time. right now I'm getting a collection of old computers, as ATARI xl, xe and even Commodore 64. and that's even with surprise, I see that there are still passionate developers who continues to make them live again .... pleasure and BRAVO! :)


* PS : Sorry for my English :/
Tim Hoover · 2015/03/25
Wonderful site! I remember my atari 400, 800 and 800XL. Hours of BASIC programming. Had a BBS for a short while running on BBS Express. Great times!
laila · 2015/03/19
Hi everyone, 25 years ago I always played a game but I forgot the name and even the name of the console. Can you guys please help me? The game that I'm searching for can be played in 1 and 2-player mode. You start with walking a lottttt and then you can find a shovel I think, many other items like a pistol but the pistol is very hard to find because I always get lost and sometimes I stumble upon a beach. I and my lil brother were always trying to kill each other in multiplayer mode. I believe there was only 1 gun in the whole game, so whoever had the pistol could kill the other player. That's all I remember about the game. Do you know the name of this game? I also don't know if it was on Atari, MSX or commodore. sorry guys! But I remember playing these games in the console also: athletic land (child park), pitfall and HERO. I think I had 2 old consoles. I already checked all MSX1 games in the emulator but it's not there, so maybe it's an atari 2600 or atari 8-bit or commodore game?
Paul Lewandowski · 2015/03/08
Seeing my puzzler game written when I was 17 live on was a real thrill! Thx!
Andrew Wilson · 2015/03/04
Love this site. I had an Atari 130XE growing up, and these old games running on an emulator are still surprisingly addictive. Thank you!
bob · 2015/03/03
MAURÍCIo · 2015/03/01
I m from Brazil,forgive my poor english, Fantastic remember the 80's
You are doing a great thing,keep the memories of millions of childs are into the 40 yeaRS OLD

eric j cleary · 2015/03/01
Atari was a great system and still is
megaman light rush tango(juliogf · 2015/02/22
I will fix the jaguar, wanna know why? It doesn't work. the addon is somehow broken and it can't be done. so i'm gonna fix your consoles and try to 'rebuild them to make them work.' and help with the others.
megamania inc. Julio 'megaman'
Mehul Surti · 2015/02/09
Atari 2600 - my fisrt video game machine :)

Awesome site and great information and collection

thanking you
James W · 2015/02/06
This is one of my favorite Atari Sites. Brings back the memories of the 'Good Ol Days' when I had a 2600 and a 400! Very nice work on the site, the biggest archive that I know of and well kept up (No broken links!)
Dan B · 2015/02/03
Brilliant. Thanks for your work.
Volker Putt · 2015/01/30
Cool Site, good to know when there is a question about old Times and stuff...

800 XL for ever! ;)
Patrick Mulvey · 2015/01/30
Always finding new info.
Ralf Kempermann, Germany · 2015/01/08
Hi there. Very amazing site, many thanks for that.
I had a 520st+ in the 80s with a second floppy disk and a monitor switcher, so i was everyones No. 1 friend (lol). My favs are Mission Elevator, Ikari Warriors, Xenon, Pirates, Chambers of Shaolin, Arkanoid and so much more.
Dave W · 2014/12/29
Excellent site. I bought a 520STFM from ebay which came with lots of games but no instructions, so your site has filled in the gaps. Many thanks, Dave.
R London · 2014/12/10
just bought my Heavy Sixer in the UK and I am thrilled. Now onto boot fairs and eBay to find the titles I want. The fun has just begun!
Len Brothers · 2014/12/05
Former president of Grand Rapids Atari System Supporters (GRASS). Still have club files
benoua mhamed · 2014/11/27
thank's a lot good site
Rodrigo · 2014/11/18
Desde Chile te doy mil gracias por este aportaso a la humanidad!
Justin T. Southerland · 2014/11/04
i love this site and enjoying coming back and looking through ads and old posters. it's just cool to see how they marketed some of these old games. keep up the grate work.
Michael Knight · 2014/10/06
Rugby, UK
I seem to have a lot of 400/800/XL/XE games/utilities (many still boxed and complete with manuals) that are not in the enclosed lists. Do you have a library where these could be placed?

Great site
Jörg Forg · 2014/08/12
Hey great - found one of my old games - ohh yearhh
Nice site and thank you ;)
Marlon H. · 2014/08/12
I was jut contemplating yesterday whether I should dump my Atari ST & Falcon plus tons of music software; I decided no-way and then today I find your site! It brought back great memories.
Xelon · 2014/08/08
Nice site! Thank you for your effort, im going to enjoy alot of "nostalgic reading" henceforth.
I own a 130 XE, still working (at least the last time i checked...). I do admit that I'm a Amiga 500/4000 user also...and I cant deny that i love Amiga. The A4000 works. Amazing.
Xelon · 2014/08/07
Nice site! Impressive collection of documents/books!
Thank you - i will enjoy reading much of it...the charm of 8 bit computers never dies.
I still got a Atari 130 xe and it worked last time i checked. But my heart is with my Amiga 500 and the 4000 (working!) cant deny that :-)
...from sweden
Poland · 2014/08/03
It all started with Atari
DLH · 2014/08/01
You are more than welcome to post the Compute ST magazine scans I recently did (10 of 11 known issues)

I haven't ever seen them anywhere and wanted to share them.

Excellent resource. Keep up the good work.

Poland · 2014/07/25
Thank you for this page. Brought back my memories.
Fernando B · 2014/07/19
From Colombia - South America
I have my Atari 130XE, did not had the possibility to program it in assembly language.
Finding your site was great.
Thank you for taking the time to create and keep working this site.
Terry Wood · 2014/06/18
Excellent site. I really love the PDF scans you have of so many excellent magazines. Thank you all for the hard work you're doing. This is an excellent website :)
CLAUDIO CARO  · 2014/05/20
carlos bazan · 2014/05/06
muy bueno
Marcelo Jasso S. · 2014/05/05
I like the site because it has all the roms that I ever waned to play Atari 2600, 5200, 7800. Thanks a lot.
James P · 2014/05/05
I just wanted to say THANK YOU! If I had only found this site earlier, before my mom passed away in 2010, she would play Moon Patrol all day and all night. She loved that game. Now I can play in her honour. Thank you so much from bringing back so great childhood memories.
William Mortl · 2014/05/02
Thanks for all the hard work! You've inspired me to dig out my 30 year old Atari 800 XL and start using it again. You have a great site which helps to keep the memory of Atari computing alive. All the best!
Justin Knight · 2014/05/01
Thanks for providing Atari Users throughout the world with the free pdf's of 8 bit & ST computer Books, Magazines, Documents and much, much more. I hope your Retrocomputing web site continues its great work for many years into the future.
paul cochrane · 2014/04/27
have enjoyed a nostalgic couple of hours here. wish i had kept it all! especially the ST. great site.
Connor Coburn · 2014/04/07
Great site! I visit it regularly!
Ivo Gonzalez · 2014/03/14
Muchas gracias por todo el trabajo dedicado en este sitio, es realmente impresionan y me ha servido mucho.
Heather Green · 2014/02/22
I love these old games. their content and controls are perfict for my daughters age and skill level.
Richard Kane · 2014/02/16
Great Site
ChiefBrody · 2014/02/12
Great and informative. Top on my bookmarks for my Atari collection.
Keep an rocking!
Reggie · 2014/02/09
Thank you so much for all the info and mags. Brings back a lot of memories.
Derek · 2014/02/08
Top notch site! Such a valuable resource for Atari maniacs like myself. Love it! Thanks
ClassicGMR · 2014/01/31
It's amazing... I use your romset in my emu cabinet and I know about the database from other sites yet this is the first visit I have made to the actual site. Incredible information source. The value from the ads(videos) is pure nostalgia. Thank you for this.
Jason · 2014/01/24
Awesome website! helps me with finding games for my collection.
Kaz · 2014/01/20
Incredible website! Please keep up the great work to keep classic gaming alive!
Jason from · 2014/01/03
Wow, what a great Atari resource. This site is definitely on my bookmark list.

Thanks for the dedication and time put in to making an incredible website!
Anthony  · 2013/12/21
I'm so glad I stumbled onto this site after getting the nostalgia bug. After surfing your site, I got flooded with a ton of memories of me growing up in New England and enjoying my 2600, going to the local Child World and seeing what new games they had. Thanks and keep it up! I'll be visiting very often.
CJ · 2013/12/19
Love learning about the old brazilian bootlegs :D
Anemos · 2013/12/14
Hi very good work
loved the site! · 2013/12/09
the site is really great. It brings back great memories.
I also put a small note about the site on my blog
Frederick · 2013/12/05
You keep the old magic alive. While windows grows to 4gb, amazing what Atari could do on 1mb.
I'm hoping to get my hAtari emulator to work on Linux. Would be nice if GFA-bas could run, although I doubt I remember any of the syntax. Keep up the good work. Cheers
Guillaume · 2013/12/04
Waoouw... a Huge Thanks for this website....
Very nice to find out my old favourite game :)MERCI MERCI MERCI BEAUCOUP :)
Dwight Johnson · 2013/11/15
Love the site. I'm the found or Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts. ( The club was founded in 1983 at an Atari Computer Club and as a PC group, is still going strong, but there are a few of us who will never forger our Atari Days.
Steve · 2013/11/15
Just downloaded your full set of 2600 Roms. Excellent set. Thank you. Way better then the Good2600 set.
Samuel Layton · 2013/11/02
Just a guy that likes Atari. That is all there is to say.
Michael G · 2013/10/19
I was an Atari fanboy in the 80's and I really appreciate you keeping the history alive. Thanks!!
TheSuperGamerPony · 2013/10/19
Love the site... thanks for a load of 2600 ROMs! :D
Ronald · 2013/10/13
Thanks for all the cool Atari stuff! I grew up with these games. We first had the 800XL, then the ST. I love these games!!! CLASSIC!
William · 2013/10/10
Great website! May Atari live forever.
Gurjyot · 2013/09/12
great site, thanks so much for the complete collection of atari 2600 roms, hope you upload collections for the other atari consoles as well :)
mort ali · 2013/09/09
thanks, this site brought back so many memories
Serious · 2013/09/05
Great site, Rom.. one of the best I've ever seen, and I use it all the time.. thanks for doing it
Darren Coles · 2013/09/04
Many fond memories here...

try out this site if you want to run man of these classic ST games

This emulator was written by myself.
jay norbert · 2013/09/01
this is one if not the best vintage site i've had the pleasure of visiting sure brings back old time competing with my father and brother.
Rob · 2013/07/18
Great collection! Takes me back! Like just about everyone, I had an Atari "Pong" console back in the mid 70s then in the 80s got an Atari 2600 then the 130XE along with an 800XL both of which I ran a BBS on for many years. Thanks for the memories!
Jackintosh242 · 2013/07/09
Excellent site!
Darrell Wilding · 2013/07/01
great site tons of games i remember from when iwas a child be nice to see some modern titles developed for these systems like people do on the spectrum
Jammer777 · 2013/06/27
Thanks for making this site! It is awesome! Really has all the resources that I needed for all my Atari stuff. I am so glad I found it.
Grant · 2013/06/24
I am an 80's child that grew up with the Atari. This is a fantastic website! Thank you :)
Maurice Samuels · 2013/06/18
There was a "ET" game for the Atari Computers. Much better than the 2600 version and It Talked. Ahead of its time forsure please find and post :)
Atarisan · 2013/06/15
dannyduck · 2013/06/09
Great site!
Justin Knight · 2013/06/09
An excellent Atari Web Site. I have owned Atari 400, 800, 800XL, 65XE and 520STE computers since December 1982 and what I love about the web site is the pdf's of the Atari 8 bit books, manuals magazines and Technical Documents etc. The Best Atari Web Site on the Web. Thank you.
atarist512 · 2013/06/03
Yes, Atari ST was amazing! Learned Programming on It. Wrote reports for School On It, At That Time It Gave Discussion If That Was Allowed.

CALAMUS, Flights Sim, Mission Elavator, Degas, Where My Favs. Greath site!
Scott · 2013/05/31
A fantastic site and very well laid out (If a little brown?) As an STE owner I would like to see more clarity on the differences between titles that are 'enhanced' on the STE.
mattrocks.cats · 2013/05/30
i love the atari 800xl system and all of the atari products (but not et).
Steffen · 2013/04/20
I use your site to research what cartridges to buy for my 800XL. Brilliant!
AZepeda · 2013/03/24
Thank you very very much for this great work.

What a wonderful memories!

I begun to love computing stuff since I knew the Atari 800 XL in 1987, now I work as software engineer because of it and I still enjoy my job.

I could only bought some numbers of MundoAtari and TurboNews in Chile those days and never saw the whole collection. I have it now!

Thank you!!!
Raymond · 2013/03/24
I'm glad Atari Mania is still going strong. I finally checked out the game ads page and was swept up with a wave of excitement when my memories went back many years. The ads are colorful and the art was/is inspiring setting the mood for the games very well.
Steve Bradley · 2013/03/21
Hi guys - just joined - might not remember me but I won the Space Invaders contest in London in 1981. Just been reading the old Member News - takes me back - still have an old scrapbook that includes every newspaper clipping that was taken from the day including even Australian coverage!!
prfjmad · 2013/03/20
No matter how much time passes by, how much computer technology evolves, to me nothing compares to the power inside the humble ATARI 800XL, my first computer ever. How amazing the things that CAN be done about sounds and graphics with only 32k available for programming!
crago · 2013/03/10
Awesome site guys, despite all the advances in technology, I still find time to play Atari 2600 games. It's my fountain of youth. It's great that you are preserving arguably the greatest period in gaming history.... well done!! keep up the great work!
Gareth Cole · 2013/03/10
I started off with a 2600 when very young and eventually had (after a spectrum) 529 STe upgraded to 1040. Dungeon Master, Captive, Wings of Death, Epic, Fire and Brimstone, Most Microprose titles, Another World, Castle Master, Magic Pockets, forever swapping discs, pre-ordering Legends of Valour direct from US Gold and waiting for what seemed like years for it to be released and dancing for joy the 1st time it loaded up, the box was really cool too, like a book (Bethesda have obviously used this game as an inspiration). I could jabber on forever until my tiny brain imploded and my comma key wore out. Oh and Jeff Minter is a God!
Ron Borta · 2013/02/22
Amazing Stuff ! I was CTO at Roklan Software, and I can't believe this stuf is still alive.

Now I can prove to my son the value of what I did before he was born.

Sam DeRenzis · 2013/02/05
You're amazing, thank you!
Nanjappa · 2013/01/25
robert myles · 2013/01/15
WOW, so many memories...I owed a 65XE and then the 1040STFM....I loved it! Happy to see that there still is an active community out there.
Row · 2013/01/12
Ahhh, so nice to revisit, my childhood. The hours spent on weekends, and ill off school, dipping into the powerpack, I can still smell the scent of the overheated st. Thankyou, Great site
Steve · 2013/01/10
Although I no longer have any of the old consoles & computers, I do like reading about retro history, & playing the old software. This site is an excellent resource for the Atari machines, & I must thank you for enabling me to do this.
Scott · 2012/12/31
Glad to see many out there who still cherish these memories. What a great time it was - making "bad sectors" on my 1050 floppy drive with sector editors, dialing into CompuChat, and hours of typing in cool programs from the latest magazines. I remember how exciting it was when a new magazine hit the stands!

Thanks to all contributors.
St. Louis, MO
Steve  · 2012/12/14
Brilliant site !

cant believe RainbowWalker isnt in the 400/800/XL /XE TOP 100!

Philip · 2012/11/25
Hi Guys just want to say thanks for having some great atari magazines on this site as well as a lot of great info here.

Brings back a lot of good memories.
Jim · 2012/11/24
Wow , you have a very complete site with lots of info.

Christiane · 2012/11/19
Thank you guys so much for all the wonderful memories. I am from Brazil and I used to play these games when I was 11. Now I'm a woman of 43 years old, and to be able to play these games again in my PC it is beyond words!!! Back then my favorites were asteroids and enduro. Thanks guys, again for this magnific site! Best regards, Chris.
John · 2012/11/06
This site is fantastic! I remember buying a copy of Antic Vol 3 No 2 June 1984 and spending hours typing in the Escape from Epsilon game into my Atari 800. Those were the days.
Thank you for making my day.
Petari · 2012/09/13
Great work on this site. Really good source for STX images.
Just one note: it is not possible to make "STX-loader for ST. " - even if there is plenty of RAM.
STX format is good only for emulators. When some game takes control over machine you can not execute other tasks - like decoding STX file.
Marion Johnson · 2012/09/05
Thanks for this site,it is wonderful to have a place like this to come to,as a teen I started on ATARI 800,it still reveger me to play with some of thease games on an emulator,thanks again,keep up the good work,the best to all your team,thanks.
Wolf · 2012/08/29
Thanks for this great site and lots of information.
I have an Atari 800 XL 1985 bought in Poland, because in East Germany no Atari computer was gaufen to. I have. Many programs on cassette in the "CHAOS SYSTEM" and it uses 6000 baud for data transfers There are some programs that are missing here, for example. "Star Lyricist". The programs are still to load and work without problems. Unfortunately I have only the CHAOS CopyTrans Later. I lack the programs for the 6000 baud 600 baud back to normal convert, maybe someone can help.

Thanks from Berlin
Madcat X · 2012/08/22
I give my best congratulations and I send only Thank you, Thaks for that years of entretaiment, but I did'n found controls for my 5200, but in this web site I can play my best games when I was a child, thanks for all ATARI and ATARIMANIA.

Thanks from Quito-Ecuador
Madcat X
richard carter · 2012/08/19
I had a lot of fun programming the Atari and missed that when I gave all my stuff away -due to emigrating. Now, with an emulator on the pc and some of the books from your site I can enjoy it once more - and, of course, play some games.
Thanks so much! :)
Gene Avey · 2012/08/10
Love This Site! Im 51 And Love All The Stuff Here!!!
Warsign · 2012/08/09
This site is just amazing. This site took me back to age 13 and some really great times. Thanks you.
mycelo · 2012/07/27
I can't thank enough for all the love and effort that you invested on your site. It's of great generosity that you published all this work for free, everything so well organized and simple.

Those were the golden days of videogaming, and you did a great job of displaying everything about them here, with all the care that they deserve.

I only wish I could go back in time and enjoy a bit more those long afternoons of Atari. With your great site, we can almost do that.

Best regards from Brazil.
James Fredericks · 2012/07/23
Thank you so much for making this site! It means a lot to me and I am telling my old friends about it who had Atari computers back in the day like me. It really fulfilled my nostalgia for Atari stuff. I will be coming here often. Great job and super thorough! :D
kelly · 2012/07/11
I really miss the atari and specially megamania.
Atarifreak · 2012/07/07
Excellent site ,
I have 2600, 7800, 130XE, 1040ST, 1040STf, 1040STe and a atari portfolio.
best machines ever


Greetings from the Netherlands.
Bill Pritchard · 2012/06/20
I just found this site and it has reignited my interest in all things Atari. Brilliant site, well done those who built it. I have two Atari 800 XLs and one 400 with membrane keyboard. Have about 1500 programs for them. I will have to get one set up again and have a go at Zaxxon and Clowns and Balloons. Regards to all, and thanks for letting me join.
Scott · 2012/06/20
Awesome resource! Thanks for all the hard work!
bill54mufc · 2012/06/20
Best Atari site on Earth, well done!
lois · 2012/06/15
Excellent, thanks! Greetings from colombia
Liduario · 2012/06/03
Great site. Here I can remember, search and learn!
I liked the vidoes very much. And the 2600 catalog is really huge.
Thank you very much! I can see much love in this work.
CityHunter · 2012/05/25
thank you very much for all the wonder that you placed on the site.
I never hoped to see my games that have made ??me a fanatic of video game consoles.
This is thanks atari 2600 I came to the digital world
I am especially a fan of the game Persian Gulf War that was for me the best game on this console output
Going Home Booby also another marvel
in short it is thanks to you that I was able to get his game that was a stroke of heart during my childhood

<3 Atari Mania <3
Mark B · 2012/05/23
You guys and girls have created one of the best websites I have ever visited. I cant thank you enough and describe just how many fond memories your website has given me of the golden age of atari gaming I had when growing up. How you have managed to catalogue all the games, pictures, movies and magazines is amazing. Your website is by far the the most comprehensive atari database ever. I had an Atari 520STe for many years and enjoyed games like Flood, Paradroid 90, Chuck Rock, Robocop 3 and many more. With your STX file dumps and the Steem emulator I can relive all those classic games again. I hope this website continues to grow and grow. Thank you. Mark B, Hampshire, UK.
Chet C · 2012/04/14
Thank you for this site! it has brought back many memories and wasted a lot of my time ... :)
Javier · 2012/04/04
WOW!! you have improve the site so much... Thank you very much this site is a dream come true.
Beaux · 2012/03/29
Great site. Really brings back the memories of a simpler time in life. No worries, just Atari.
Punker-Selm · 2012/03/10
Man waren das schöne Zeiten in den 80 jahren.ich hatte einen 800xl mit Datasette und eine Floppy.ich vermisse diese schöne zeit die leute haben da irgend wie mehr zusammen gehalten und wir waren meistens immer in kleinen grüppchen von 3-4 leuten.wenn es eine zeitmaschiene geben würde dann würd ich mich in diese schöne zeit zurück versetzen lassen.
Jay · 2012/03/03
Hello Everyone! I had the good fortune to work at Atari in the late 80s and you know what I miss the most? The Atari User Groups and my co-workers. What a great group of folks. User Groups (absolute FANATICS) would bring their home projects and personal code to shows - it was amazing what folks were able to do with these great little machines. And what I didn't realize back then, was how early we were in the PC world - just the dawning days of personal computing. And a special thank you to my old Boss and mentor, Sig Hartmann. I'm sure Sig is gone by now, he was a "lotta lotta" fun, a role model, and a good man. And a special thank you to Mel Stevens, Dir. of Creative Services. To watch Mel work on packaging or an ad or a booth for a show was like watching a master at his craft. An amazing guy. We had a lot of fun, and we sold a lot of great products. And thank you Sam Trammel for the opportunity. It was a blast.
avanze · 2012/02/23
This site is an excellent source of all things Atari.

Thanks to the team for their preservation of its memory.
Philflound · 2012/02/22
Having a blast helping you out and having you help me out with the scans.
Jay · 2012/02/19
I am an old Atari technician back when the 2600, 400, and 800 were the hottest things around. I love this site keep up the good work!!!
Benden · 2012/02/12
Kudo to the Atarimania team. Thanks for the work behind that awesome site. I'm 41 year old now but I can't forget that golden age of early computer gaming. You bring back that glory in such brilliant maner. Thanks again guys !
ingrid · 2012/02/10
hi there. this is a superb site! atari was the only console i could play and enjoy :) i was just wondering whether my favourite game still exists somewhere and if there would be a chance for you to put it in here. It's called SUBMISSION ... thanks
James Williams · 2012/02/05
This is the greatest archive of ATARI I have ever seen! Stumbled upon it one night and ended staying up all night reliving many memories of my ATARI 2600 and ATARI 400 days! Thanks to the authors responsible for this site, LOVE IT!!!
Ray Allen · 2012/01/29
Found this great site, I also found you have scans of some old mags which is great as I had some article published back in the day and I found them, thank you so much for doing this great bit of computing history. I still have all my atari gear (not sure if it works) I could never part with it. (Atari User Vol 3, no. 4 and page 6 issue 47) keep up the great work
Jiri from the Czech Republic · 2012/01/25
Great site.I was a kid, this site gives me tears in my eyes.:-)
Anderson Kasperavicius · 2012/01/21
Great Site,congratulations ( São Paulo Brazil )
Kriss · 2012/01/19
Back 25-30 years back in the past ! Still have a 800XL in the attic with its tape recorder, floppy drive and plotter, some original manuals, some copies... but I couln't manage to find the floppies :-(
Thanks for your great site ! Now, I'll be able to share with my children "my" old video games and the beginning of the video game adventure.
Alex · 2012/01/18
Thank you so much, for the ROM Collection of 2600 games. I'm a HUGE Atari fan and cannot afford to buy alot of Atari games and a console. The only thing stopping me from downloading emulators was all of the time to spend on Roms.

This saved me HOURS of work.
Khtorz · 2012/01/07
Superbe site, qu'il faut absolument maintenir. Félicitations pour le travail accompli.
Une mine d'information et une retour vers le passé qui nous est nécessaire

Dana · 2011/12/17
This site is great. When I was young I had a 600XL, 1010 tape deck, and stack of Antic/Analog/Compute/Softside magazines I found at sales and library. Many hours of typing. Later on I managed to upgrade to 800XL/1050 drive, then SIO cable. My atari is in a safe place now, but emulators still run on my Win 7 machine.
TexasAtari · 2011/12/11
Great site, brings back some great memories i had in the 1970s for the Atari VCS (2600), i am now collecting for the 2600 and 7800 and having a ton o fun, your site is a lot of help, hope that you can keep it going for many years so that Atari never dies out.
Scott Stone · 2011/12/11
Hey , Very impressive collection . I can't thank you enough for sharing . I appreciate this very much . Thanks again !!!
Nicolas · 2011/12/06
Hola saludos desde argentina, querido colector, es realmente admirable el trabajo que tiene tu sitio, felicidades por este excelente portal... Best wishes for you bro, and thanks a lot for the roms...
Bob · 2011/12/06
Writer and producer of the Atari 1050 ISPlate and LightSpeed multi-boot menu.

Good to see Atari is still going. Still have all my hardware; 1x400, 2x800s, 1xXE 2xXL 4x1050 and a whole bunch of STs too.
diana · 2011/11/27
i like atari mania, the games liked very very
Eric Brown · 2011/11/16
THANK I´m crying of happines this is just great so many memories
Mike · 2011/11/12
Just stopped by to say hi. I was a member of CHAOS, produced the ACE80 carts, and basically loved the Atari 8-bit computers!
Kim R. Lisenko · 2011/10/29
Thanks for producing this site.
Atari-Dragon(Las Vegas, Nv. USA) · 2011/10/27
This is a great site. It is nice to see that you have a majority of the Atari magazine collection. Keep up the good work thanks.
Atari.freak (the Netherland) · 2011/10/23
Very nice site. I like the collection of your atari.

Greetings Rolf
thethingthatcouldnotdie · 2011/10/10
Excellent site.
To be a kid again...
Daniel Kinsky - Gemany · 2011/10/07
So a nice Site. The Games pushed me into my childreens Time. Great Thanks
Aldo · 2011/09/24
Hi, good to see you, Guys !
Best regards to Jacek Trzmiel, Atari developer !!
surftek1 · 2011/09/04
awesome site...wish there were more working atari 5200 emulators outhere
Michael Allard · 2011/08/25
Awesome website!!
Martin Pardys · 2011/08/22
excellent website!
Jomar Machado · 2011/08/13
Great and amazing site!!! Congrats dudes...

Helped to bring back my old and happy old days of computer memories...

Cheers... :D
Bubbles · 2011/07/25
It is so awesome! I have a homemade MAME cabinet that runs all of your games.I am hoping that you will add more games.Keep up the good work!
P.S Best roms available on the internet.
Nassim · 2011/07/12
my tears went down when i found this atari 2600 roms so many beautifull memories,
excellent collection and i hope you keep up the good job

thank you web master team
Alan Mariani · 2011/07/08
Thank you guys for the best Rom collection available for download. This is the best site about Atari. This is a real Atari Mania. I wish my best for you!!! Keep going!!
Frank Kaaijk · 2011/06/27
Beautiful site. Lots of info/reading for the trip on memory lane. I couldn't resist meself and immediately downloaded an Atari emulator!!
Gary Rimmer Atari Programmer. · 2011/06/15
I like the site. The fact that these games are celebrated and enjoyed today.
Phil Sherry · 2011/06/03
Thanks for this site, your doing a fantastic job. My ATARI in the 80s started me off in a career in systems, now Im retired and glad to be back.
Mateus Fedozzi · 2011/05/09
An excelent resource for the Atari society!
GeoMan · 2011/05/04
Nice site. As an owner of an Atari 2600, Atari 800 and later an ST 1040, it brings back a lot of memories!
JCat NYC · 2011/04/27
Amazing site. I hope it stays around for a long time! I've owned just about every computer and console since the 80's, and the Atari era was no doubt, the height of my technology high! It was sad time when the inferior, C-64 (the McDonalds of computers) took over.
Nigel P Turton · 2011/04/21
Just managed to find this site

Absolutely fantastic !!

Keep the Atari alive, best machines ever
Stephan · 2011/04/15
Just found your site. LOVE IT!
I remember spending hours on the 2600 sold it way back for 200 bucks including the 150 games i had. Man I wish I still had it.
stefan walz · 2011/04/15
such a wonderful valuable site! THANK YOU ATARIMANIA!!!
Michael Melbourne Australia · 2011/03/12
Hi, I had an Atari 800 XL when I was a boy. Only had one game for it. Was Miner2049r. Great Game! It was a cartridge which plugged in the back.
Used to play it in my Garage when I was living with my family in Knoxfield.
But one day i was interested to see what was inside the Atari 800 and I pull it apart. When I put it back together and turned it on smoke came out the back. I killed it!
This site brings out the child in me.
Great website!
Seeyou Michael
Jack · 2011/03/06
This is a fabulous site! Bookmarked as go to database for all things ST.
Rainer · 2011/02/23
Actually, I`m an Amiga collector and think back of the good old times, were we had that funny "Atari vs Amiga war". But I must admit, that this Atari Site is optically much better than the most of the Amiga sites I know. What should be implemented are downloadable game-music files. cheers from the old enemy ;-)
Peter (NL) · 2011/02/18
Great site!
Brought back a lot of forgotten memories.......
Dominic · 2011/02/01
Ahhhh the good old day's, great site, will be back soon! :)
Scott McClure · 2011/01/12
This archive is fantastic! I used to subscribe to Analog during the Atari heydey in the 80s, and I remember spending hours typing in those looong strings of hex numbers so I could enjoy games in machine language instead of BASIC. The ads bring back a lot of fond memories too. Thanks again.
1shotstudios · 2011/01/08
I was lucky enough to find out about your website through a magazine titled: Retro Gamer: Videogames Hardware Handbook: VOL #2 it went through Consoles, Computers & Handhelds from 1977-2001 Printed in the UK & purchased in the USA. I've found this magazine booklet to be very handy & most of all extreamly interesting about all the past video game consoles and handheld devices as it goes through all the history of each & every gaming console, handheld & computer's about gaming. I feel very lucky like I stated above to find such a magazine booklet that tells me about the games, consoles in great detail & how each company learned how to produce better gaming consoles from past mistakes that were made to lead to there great sucess in todays gaming market. It was by pure luck I found this on the shelf at a very well known book store in the magazine section. I'm a collector of these consoles, games so it's come in very handy for me to purchase this older technolegy over the internet. Thanks for providing such great detailed information on your website too, It's great to finally have found what I've been looking for, for many years of reserch to be able to find these older consoles, games in which I can find for purchase & know what I'm getting before I purchase it. Keep up the awesome work your doing on your website. I look forward to reading & finding out more information on the things I want as a collector.
Mikeee · 2010/12/30
I really like the page. i have a 2600 was a long time ago and i have found a lot of games, back the old memories. A big thank you.
Dave Robbie, New Zealand · 2010/12/25
great site, will look again
Kelsey  · 2010/12/23
Really enjoying the site. Very well done.
Warren · 2010/11/18
Your site brought back memories of laboriously typing in programs from magazines like ANTIC and ANALOG. Of course the checksum programs helped. I had no money for software. I am thinking about trying it again on an emulator. With the books that you have on your site I can continue with my programming education.
Thanks a lot!!!!
Frank Costa · 2010/11/17
Very Nice site. I just rediscovered my old Atari computer after 25 years. They are great!
Thank you.
oo0Zero0oo · 2010/11/12
My mate and I used to type in program listings from ANTIC in the 80's and I never could save them; I didn't get a cassette recoder for a year after my parent bought me the 800. Then I could save things and what a blast! The 810 disk drive was brilliant, faster loading and heaps more storage. I remember the memories like they were yesterday from you website - great work, keep it up!
Steve · 2010/11/09
This site looks awesome
George Spigot · 2010/11/07
wow fantastic site, it's brilliant to play games from when i was a kid, thanks verry much :))
Doclands · 2010/11/04
So good to get back to good oldies.
Many thanks for all these infos and videos !
I'll be back as soon as possible, wandering thru this site.

Edwin · 2010/11/02
Fantastic Website, I will continue to Look and Update my information and find ways to improve the programming.
Giancarlo · 2010/11/02
Thank you guys! Great site. I can't describe how owesome it is to re visit all these games from my childhood. Many thanks again!
MikeISWD · 2010/10/09
Nice website!
Peter Outlaw · 2010/08/29
It is nice to see websites that bring me back to my atari days.
Retrogamer · 2010/08/22
Great site! Lots of info and screenshots of games I played in my youth and other stuff I'd heard of but never seen/played.
Makes me want to dust off the old Atari sitting in the back of the cupboard and give it 'one more whirl'.
Keep up the good work guys and gals.
Marco · 2010/08/17
I'm 30 these days and part of my youth days were passing in the company of my friends and my Atari ST 1040... This site is one more where i can visit the best games ( at least in emotion and passion) i've ever played!!! Thank you and continue the GOOD WORK!!!!
kerem · 2010/08/05
Respect.....Thank you very much...Long live..
DINO · 2010/08/01
You do an excellent work here for our beloved Atari computers! Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!
Best wishes from Greece!
Billy · 2010/07/30
This is a great site! I gave away my Atari 2600 in the 1980's so it's nice to be able to play the games I played when I was still a kid. It would be cool if you could play 5200 games directly from this site, as well as arcade games but at least you can play a ton of Atari 2600 games.
Playermaniac · 2010/07/30
Un site aussi complet sur toute l'histoire d'Atari avant Infogrames Lyon Vaise… C'est tout bonnement rarissime! Je voudrait rajouter que sur Atari ST le jeu Xénon 2 MegaBlast (Bitmap Brother's) était l'un des meilleurs Shoot'Em'Up avec des SFX surpassant les capacités de n'importe quels autres consoles de jeux de son époque! De plus la musique de Bomb The BaSS; "MégaBlast" était réstitué presque quasimment à l'identique!!! Une performance incomparable à l'époque!
Jose A. Ramirez · 2010/07/25
Muchas gracias amigo!!! Thank you very much my friend for sharing this excellent collection with us. Congratulations from Mexico!!!
Tom · 2010/07/03
Thanks for the archive of videos and magazines. All I can say is WOW! Love watching the documentary. Keep it up!
Lucas - Brazil · 2010/06/28
Thank you for share your Atari games database. Now I can remember my youth.
Spin Doctor · 2010/06/09
I learned to program on an Atari 800XL, later modified to a 256K 800XL. Back then people said I was wasting my time on such a device. 27 years later, I still program for a living. Thanks Atari!

I still have a massive collections of games, disks, drives, and computers, all Atari stuff.
Sean · 2010/06/03
Excellent site.
The 800XL was my first games console.
Its great to play those games from the old days. Missle Command is exactly the way I remember it.
adam desmarais · 2010/05/26
great website!!
lots of info to be found .
Warren Dawson, LYNXGUY on AA · 2010/05/11
Great site, but I found 2 games that I really want that you have no dump for.......

Biffdrop and Bopotron
Edwin Gamez · 2010/05/08
Ohhh good memories. This is an excellent website. Atari will always remain as a leader in home computing technology.
Thank you soooo much for this site.

Edwin- Los Angeles,CA
Mike · 2010/05/06
fantastic, what you create here. I visit your site every week. Thanks for that
Michael from Germany
Eero Tamminen · 2010/04/25
The new Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon section is great, but as there are already a lot of titles, it would be nice if one would be able to select in the advanced search whether one's interested e.g. in things that:
- Work (only) in medium or monochrome resolution
- Are STE or TT enhanced
- Are Falcon only
ZionLion · 2010/04/14
This is my new favorite site. Great info on Autoduel for the 8 bit computers under united kingdom. AWESOME SITE!
Maartau [France] · 2010/04/11
Glad to read comments there !

Keep up the good work / I follow your job for the ST/TT/FALCON section :).

See you on -aTaRi-FoRuM-.
Christer J · 2010/04/09
Great site. Probably the best Atari site on the net.
Kevin · 2010/03/15
Incredible SITE!!!! the first place that actually has the game ABUSE! i have ever found. Keep it up, never close this down!
Craig Smith · 2010/03/08
What a great site, thanks for all your hard work! I still love my Atari 1200XL & the big 1050 :)
Moises Chavez Martinez · 2010/02/27
This page rules. I never was expected a page like this, I have my own Atari 2600 (in fact, I have 3) and I never was expected a page created only for Atari. Thanks to all the people that make this page exists. Thanks to all :D
Clayton · 2010/02/17
Nice website! I've been collecting atari games for a couple of years now.It's funny because i had a colecovision back in 83, which i loved, but i also had the adapter to play atari games too. Even though the graphics weren't as good as colecovisions i really liked the game play of the atari games. Reliving my youth.LOL Can't wait till you update the 7800! Just got that one for Xmas this year.
atwwong · 2010/01/31
Thanks for sharing all your work with us! This site is fabulous! :)
mark wolongevicz · 2010/01/26
i have to say that this site is great. theres games i never seen on here before nor heared of. its great that ttheres so many atari enthusiasts out there that still believe in classic game playing fun.
flintstone · 2010/01/17
great site...great job atarimania...
Tronic / Effect · 2010/01/08
Amazing site, keep up the good work!!
Célim from France · 2010/01/03
I had all Atari systems starting with the VCS 2600. Thank you for this great site. Really professional work. Hello to you all guys who did know those good old days !
Wolfgang · 2010/01/03
You have a great Web site. I am from Germany. In the past I had some Ataris 600 XL, 800 XL, 130XE and a lot of equipment. It´s nice to see the old pics. Thanks a lot.
Mark from Texas · 2009/12/30
Absolutely FANTASTIC work!!

My family bought a 400 because it played the best Pacman. I then bought a 1200XL and diskdrive from a friend that won it on a radio show. I still have both of them! This site is incredible and has allowed me to run the emulator on my PC and more easily relive so many great games!!


You guys deserve great respect!
wonderboy from greece · 2009/12/01
respect dudes. i was amazed with your great job here. my first homecomputer was an atari 800xl. i used to have donkey kong as a cartridge. it is still my fave classic game. i rememberm mr. robot was great too. and scooter drove me nuts. thanks again! atari forever :-)
Giovanni Pecenco from Italy · 2009/11/30
Great site for the best part of my childhood :)
Fantastic memories for a 1976 class like me....thanks thanks thanks!!
carlos fidalfo · 2009/11/26
Carlos Fidalgo from Portugal - (sorry my english)- Thanks for this site . I am again 15 years old. the Atari 800XL it was my very first computer and I can felt the smell of the wonderfull afternoons. Whos touch in a Atari touch in a heart.
Stingray · 2009/11/13
Thanks for the perfect site,
wonderful memories with friends playing togehter all night are coming back,in greece i remember my girl fighting with me through the mazes of wizard of wor... i remember being lost alone in the city of catch 23 on some lonely cold nights in germany, i remember my 130xe back then, not only the design was ahead of its time.
You do not choose your computer it chooses you : )
iwan-iwanowitsch-goratschin · 2009/10/29
Wonderful new design..........LONG LIVE ATARI!:)
Paul Westphal · 2009/10/21
Love the new look, kinda reminds me of the 70's 2600 wood grain look.