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Here you can browse the original Atari Jaguar game library and the home brew games, read the reviews, listen to the game soundtracks and more.

Atari Jaguar was the latest programmable console under the Atari brand, originally released in North America in November 1993. Atari marketed the Jaguar as being the first 64-bit video game console, while competing with the existing 16-bit consoles (Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo) and the 32-bit 3DO Interactive Multiplayer platform which launched the same year.

The console's multi-chip architecture made game development difficult, and underwhelming sales further contributed to the console's lack of third party support. This, in addition to the lack of internal development at Atari, led to a limited games library.

Atari attempted to extend the lifespan of the console with delayed JaguarCD and marketing the Jaguar as the low-cost next generation console, with a price tag over $100 less than any of its competitors. With the release of Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation, sales of the Jaguar continued to fall, ultimately selling no more than 250,000 units before it was eventually discontinued in 1996. This means that second hand Jaguar consoles and peripherals are selling at relatively high prices on places like Ebay.

Jaguar ultimately proved to be a fatal step for Atari, who filed 10-K405 SEC in April 12, 1996 and entered to a reverse merger with JT Storage.

After the Atari Corporation properties were bought out by Hasbro Interactive in the late 1990s, Hasbro released the rights to the Jaguar, declaring the console an open platform and opening the doors for homebrew development. A few developers, including Telegames and Songbird Productions, have not only released previously unfinished materials from the Jaguar's past, but also several brand new titles..

Jaguar continues to have the cult following with a very small but dedicated game development circle which is these days mainly porting an old Atari ST games with some enchancements. But who knows, maybe one day we will see the homebrew game that unleashes the full power of the last Atari console from the glory days.

When this database was launched, The Jaguar emulation wasn't in the state that would have allowed to take screenshots for every game. In fact the compatibility was a lot lower than expected, so other resources have been used like screenshots from video material, box or magazine scans. Therefore the screenshots quality isn't up to Atarimania stardards. When the emulation improves, new screenshots will replace the old ones.

Our goal to make this database as complete and accurate as possible so we urge you to do the following: if you own an Atari Jaguar game cartridges or CD's not mentioned in this database, please send us a scans or pictures of the game boxes (front and back) and cartridge / CD scans and we will add these titles to our database.
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