About Atarimania Team

Atarimania aims to offer a complete historical tour to the new or experienced Atari user. From the company's humble beginnings to its demise as a hardware manufacturer in the nineties, we hope to provide you lots of original content in all forms: databases, catalogs, magazine scans and much, much more!

While there are a number of American-based Atari sites, few have appeared in Europe. As well as concentrating on the Atari phenomenon in the US, we will also bring you fresh content from the "old continent" and other parts of the world.

In addition to the unique material on the site, Atarimania also hosts two massive on-going projects: a highly detailed listing of ALL 2600 cartridges and a gigantic database of ALL Atari 8-bit software, complete with all the information you can dream of!

Atarimania is a non-commercial venture and is not affiliated in any way with Infogrames. The sole purpose of our group is to preserve memories of days past.

Idea and realization:

Andre, Bertrand, Deathtrappomegranate, Franck, Ijor, Marakatti, Marcer, Rom Hunter and Trooper

Graphics, forum skin and frontend:


Backend, database programming and hosting:


Database maintenance 2600:

Rom Hunter, Bertrand, Franck

Database maintenance 5200:

Bertrand, Franck

Database maintenance 400 800 XL XE:

Bertrand, Franck, Andre, Deathtrappomegranate, Ijor

Database maintenance ST:

Marakatti, Franck, Stefan L, Champions_2002

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