Who Dares Wins II

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Auntie Pastie - 01/08/2008
eppy2000; Here's one possible reason why Euro games were fast for you. Although NTSC and PAL Ataris had very similar *raw* clock speeds, lots of games used the VBI for timing. Since PAL machines only did 50 fields/VBIs per second instead of 60 like NTSC machines, U.S. games generally ran slower on PAL machines.
But of course, the converse would also have been true- games designed to run at x speed on PAL machines would run 20% faster on NTSC models. Hence the difficulty. That's my guess, anyway.
eppy2000 - 06/10/2007
Like so many Atari games that came out of Europe, these games looked and sounded good, but were quite hard to play! The limitations of the hardware made it quite a chore to get off a few shots if the enemy fired first. And it also made it all the more difficult to dodge the bullets. And I also hated having to start all over if I didn't progress far enough. It wasn't until I played this on an emulator was I able to save as I went along and finally get into a few levels.
A Feiner - 24/09/2007
Oh jesus!! I remember this quite a good commando sort of game, their was abit on level 2 of the game whwere you had to manouvre past a swamp & for the life of me could not do it, i actually cried in rage
Jonny EOL - 13/11/2006
Not a bad Commando clone at all, with a really catchy rendition of 'The Great Escape' soundtracking the whole thing. Two flaws - 1) Colour scheme resembled an explosion in a sewage factory and 2) You had to restart the whole level whenever you lost a life.
Andrew Bernstein - 22/09/2006
The color scheme may not be the best (background graphics seem to have been directly imported from the C64) but Who Dares Wins II stood for years as the best Commando on the XL/XE line (and way above lesser efforts like Gun Law by English Software). Nowadays, this game may not look like much compared to Sculptured Software's terrific Commando conversion but it's still worth the retro trip.


Who Dares Wins II atari screenshot
Who Dares Wins II atari screenshot
Who Dares Wins II atari screenshot


GenreArcade - CommandoYear1989
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAlternative Software
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Jobling, Brian

Graphic Artist(s)

Croft, Dave


Jobling, Brian

Cover Artist(s)SerialAS371
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Other version with the same title:


Also released on the Four Great Games Volume 2 compilation.

Many thanks to Mr. Bacardi for the tape image and scans!


Who Dares Wins II Atari tape scan Who Dares Wins II Atari tape scan


Who Dares Wins II Atari instructions Who Dares Wins II Atari instructions Who Dares Wins II Atari instructions Who Dares Wins II Atari instructions
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