Atari VAPI

Our main goal is the preservation of Atari software in its original, unmodified form. Original programs are normally stored on diskettes with custom format or copy protection. Floppy disk recordings have a limited life time, however, and it won't take too long until all original Atari disks are damaged and lost.

VAPI provides a package of software tools for imaging copy-protected software, using the images under emulators or on real hardware (using the SIO2PC/APE cable) and writing back the images to physical disks.

For emulator users...

This is a preliminary beta release, recommended for advanced users only. Both the tools and the images are subject to change. No documentation except this note is provided.

A patched version of Atari800Win PLus and VAPI.DLL are available for download. This combo can run images of copy-protected disks in ATX format.

Note: the patch to the emulator is a quick and dirty hack. It is not perfect. Some things don't work, others don't work perfectly. The main limitations are noted below. Keep your "standard" Atari800Win PLus setup, don't delete it.

Only ATR and VAPI images in ATX format can be used. DCM or compressed images are currently not supported.

Only the main emulator executable is included. It will warn you if it can't find the supplemental DLL's (Kaillera and zlib). You can add those DLL's (from the standard version) by yourself if they are not already in the search path. No ROM images, help files, etc. are included. Again, use the ones in your standard emulator setup.

VAPI.DLL is the actual program that handles the copy-protected images. The DLL must be in the same directory as the emulator executable or in the search path.

SIO patch on the emulator must be turned off.

Patched emulator


VAPI on real hardware...

VAPI2SIO is a mini-SIO2PC/APE Windows program for running VAPI images under real Atari hardware. This is by no means a full-fledged application and probably will never be. You can only load a single Atari image in drive D1: (the only option available is to write-protect or write-enable the image).


Driver for Win9X/Me

No driver is required for systems using Windows NT. VAPI.DLL (see link above) is required for all systems.

VAPI disk images in ATX format...

- Acey-Deucey (Softsmith)
- Addition Concepts
- AE
- Agent USA
- Air Rescue I
- Alternate Reality - The City
- Ankh
- Apple Panic
- Arcade Classics - Seawolf II / Gun Fight
- Arcade Machine (The)
- Arcademic Skill Builders - Word Invasion
- Arcademic Skill Builders - Word Master
- Archon
- Archon II - Adept
- Artworx Demo Disk
- Atari Macro Assembler and Program Text Editor
- Atari Smash Hits - Volume 1
- Attack at EP-CYG-4
- Ballblazer by Activision (UK)
- Ballblazer by Epyx
- Bandits
- BASIC Compiler (V1.4A)
- Battle of Chickamauga (The)
- Beach Head
- Beach Head II
- Bible Baseball
- Blue Max: 2001 (Synapse Software)
- Bop'n Wrestle
- Boulder Dash Construction Kit (Epyx)
- Bridge 5.0
- Broadsides
- Bruce Lee
- Canyon Climber
- Choplifter!
- Chopper Rescue
- Cohen's Towers
- Colorasaurus
- Conan
- Crush, Crumble and Chomp!
- Cyclod
- Dallas Quest (The)
- Deluxe Space Games
- Dig Dug
- Dimension X
- Dragonriders of Pern
- Elementary Biology (MECC)
- Enigme du Triangle (L')
- Factory (The) by HesWare
- Fifty Mission Crush
- Final Conflict
- Final Exam
- Flip and Flop
- Floyd of the Jungle (1982)
- Floyd of the Jungle (1983)
- Formula 1 Racing
- Fort Apocalypse (Synapse Software)
- Freaky Factory
- Frogger
- Frogger II - Threeedeep!
- Funbunch - Elementary
- Gauntlet (Mindscape)
- Genesis
- Ghostbusters (early run with no speech)
- Ghostbusters (standard release)
- Giant Slalom
- Goonies (The)
- Great Maine to California Race (The)
- Gruds in Space
- Gumball
- Gunslinger
- Hacker
- Hard Hat Mack
- In Search of the Most Amazing Thing
- Jenny of the Prairie
- Jet Boot Jack (Datamost)
- Journey to the Planets
- Jumpman Junior
- Karateka
- Kid Grid
- Kids on Keys
- King Cribbage
- Lazer Maze
- Lode Runner
- Lode Runner's Rescue
- M-ss-ng L-nks (HesWare)
- Magneto Bugs
- Maniac Miner
- Marauder
- Mask of the Sun (The) by Broderbund Software
- Mech Brigade (V1.0)
- Mercenary - Escape from Targ (Novagen Software)
- Mickey in the Great Outdoors
- Monkeynews
- Monster Smash!
- Mouskattack
- Mr. Do!
- Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory (Datamost)
- Murder on the Zinderneuf
- Music Construction Set
- Music Studio (The)
- Necromancer
- Neverending Story (The)
- New York City - The Big Apple / Electrician
- Nightraiders
- O'Riley's Mine
- Oil's Well
- On-Track Computer Model Car Racing
- One-on-One
- Pacific Coast Highway
- Panzer-Jagd
- Pathfinder (Gebelli Software)
- Pharaoh's Curse (The)
- Pirates of the Barbary Coast
- Pooyan
- Preppie! (V2.1)
- Preppie! II
- Prisoner 2 (V3.2)
- Promoteur
- Protector (Synapse Software)
- Protector II
- PuzzlePanic
- Racing Destruction Set
- Raid over Moscow (Access Software)
- Rapid Reader
- Reader Rabbit (V1.0)
- Realm of Impossibility
- Repton
- Rescue on Fractalus! by Activision (UK)
- Rescue on Fractalus! by Epyx
- Rosen's Brigade (Gentry Software)
- Sargon II
- Sargon III
- Scrolls of Abadon (The)
- Serpent's Star (The)
- Shamus
- Shooting Arcade
- Silent Service
- Sky Blazer
- Sneakers
- Solo Flight - Second Edition
- Songwriter
- Space Eggs
- Spider Quake
- Spy Hunter (SEGA)
- Spy Strikes Back (The)
- Spy vs. Spy (First Star Software)
- Spy's Demise
- Spy's Demise / Spy Strikes Back (The)
- Square Pairs
- Star Maze
- Starbase Fighter
- Stationfall
- Stealth
- Survival Math
- SynChron
- Tail of Beta Lyrae (The) by Datamost
- Target Practice
- Targets - A Number Game
- Telly Turtle
- Temple of Apshai
- Temple of Apshai Trilogy (The)
- Text Wizard (V1.3)
- Threshold
- Tink! Tonk! - Tink's Adventure
- Tink! Tonk! - Tinka's Mazes
- Tink! Tonk! - Tuk Goes to Town
- Top Gunner Collection
- Trains
- Transylvania
- Triple Pack
- Twerps
- Ultima II
- United States Adventure
- Wayout
- Whistler's Brother
- Wizard of Id's WizType (The)
- Wordrace
- World Karate Championship
- Zorro
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