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my dad bought this for us on cassette, I think our first cassette game. Load times were excruciating. Half an hour before we could start. We would load it before dinner and got to play it after dinner. The worst was when it would load for half an hour and then error out so we had to restart the loading process. It was a good educational game with good graphics.
shocked that more people haven't tried this fantastic game. maybe they need a better screenshot.
I liked this version more than Star Raiders II. A lot of fun but easy once you realize that your goal is to destroy cities/bases as fast as possible. As for the difference with SR2, in LS you repair by going to the star. Maybe repairing at starbases is more realistic but you don't have the danger of staying at the star too long and dying.
shocked that this game is only rated 7.6! it's a top 10 level game. it's similar to arcade chess but with a lot more strategy. even if you're a lowly piece, you still have a fighting chance against a superior opponent.
This is one of my favorite 8-bit games for the XEGM system! Yes, it's very redundant, but the light gun aim is dead on!
terrible conversion of a very good arcade game. play the 2600 homebrew version instead which is super awesome
top notch game. spanburg is the man
I played this strategy game a lot as a child, it's very enjoyable and easy to understand. If you're looking for something different from the usual arcade and simulation fare, give this one a try.
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