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gimp - 14/09/2019
Just finished it on 8bit Atari - Golem as the second player works perfect here :)
Megadeth - 24/06/2019
I remember getting this one late in 1986 (so the release date provided here is incorrect), and a friend of mine got his C64 version. We spent quite a lot of time beating this beast :-)

A few personal notes - I think the Atari had smoother game-play and provied action sounds, while the C64 version had killer background music instead. Also, on C64 the two of us could play at the same time, as the 2nd joystick controlled the golem.

Unforgettable game for me, far better (in terms of game-play) than (IMHO overhyped) Gauntlet.
Boman - 11/09/2010
The C64 version has better graphics
and a cool soundtrack.
still a good game!
Muffy St. Bernard - 07/04/2010
The worldofspectrum.org site has the instructions for the original Druid, and it says that pressing 1 activates Key, pressing 2 activates invisibility, 3 is for golem, and 4 is for chaos. Control the golem with A. Use P to toggle fire and water.

This was notable at the time as a stopgap before an official Gauntlet version appeared on the Spectrum...several "Gauntlet-alikes" were released (including a radical remake of Atari's "Dandy," the ORIGINAL Gauntlet) before the official one finally came along.
lotek style - 06/04/2010
Pretty amazing game. About 20 years ago I would have known about the golem thing ;) ... I think I also finished the game completely... I was addicted and later changed my nickname to DRUID aswell :)
Huska - 10/10/2009
Can somebody tell me, how to activate golem? Thanks.
Robert - 28/06/2008
This is a great Gauntlet clone. It is not so big as Gauntlet but in my opinion it plays much better (more responsive).


Druid atari screenshot
Druid atari screenshot
Druid atari screenshot
Druid atari screenshot
Druid atari screenshot


GenreArcade - GauntletYear1987
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherFirebird (UK)
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper
Players1, 2 (sim.)CountryUnited Kingdom

Croudy, John

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Druid Download

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Original disk image needed!


Druid Atari disk scan Druid Atari disk scan


Druid Atari tape scan Druid Atari tape scan
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