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Screenshots - Doom

Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot

Information - Doom

GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear1998
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboard, Jagpad, MouseDistributor-
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Mandin, Patrice [Data]

Graphic Artist(s)

Cloud, Kevin / Carmack, Adrian

Game design

Petersen, Sandy / Romero, John
Green, Shawn

Box / InstructionsEnglish, French


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeTT / ?
MIDIVersionPM 0.06
Dumpdownload atari Doom Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - Doom

|								|
|		DOOM (the real)  v0.06	Freeware		|
|								|
|		November, 28th 1998	for Atari Falcon 030	|	
|								|
|			by Patrice MANDIN			|
|								|

	Here is the original DOOM engine for Atari Falcon 030.
It was compiled with GCC, under Mint. It runs in 16 bits TrueColor mode.
It uses FastRam if you have some. It should work on all Falcons (Centurbo,
Afterburner, etc...). It needs a lot (really lot!) memory. Boot with CONTROL
key pressed on a 4Megs Falcon: with 4Megs, the "zone" gets only 2,6Megs
(it is displayed when starting).

- Features:

	mouse:		yes
	joystick:	yes
	keyboard:	yes
	sound effects:	no
	music:		no
	joypad:		no
	network:	no

- Changes:

	- (0.05 -> 0.06)
	VBL rate displayed only if '-devparm' present
	Recalculated light shading : looks better now
	Crash sometimes when exiting (because of non present sound code):
this should be ok now
	Network library removed (was not used) : smaller binary

	- (0.04 -> 0.05)
	In VGA mode (320x240), screen is now correctly used. This could
have provided some bugs.

	- (0.03 -> 0.04)
	The sky texture is now correct in Ultimate DOOM.
	Switchs have now their correct texture when used (Ultimate DOOM).

	- (0.02 -> 0.03)
	Modified to work on VGA: 320x200 display in a 320x240 screen.
	The status bar is better refreshed.

	- (0.01 -> 0.02)
	In invulnerability mode, palette is correct. It was a bug in original
DOOM sources.
	Configuration is saved in the file "doom.cfg" automatically created
when you run DOOM.
	Palettes have been recalculated for TrueColor mode: light shading is
nicer (dark green is really dark green, and not dark grey like in 256 colour
	SHIFT key for running works now.

	- (original sources -> 0.01)

	Display is now correct in low detail.
	Demos management is done for old IWADs.
	Dots are correctly displayed when started (call of R_Init function).
	Internal manager for keyboard, mouse, joystick, 35hz timer.
	Display 256 colors -> True Color, then directly in True Color, and
then double-buffer.
	Display number of VBLs.

- Bugs:

	With the mouse, you can't use the two buttons at the same time. This
is a bug in my mouse manager. I will try to fix it.

- Controls:

	Mouse : left button: forward
		right button: fire

	Joystick: fire button: fire

	Keyboard:	F11	-> '(' on numeric pad
			F12	-> ')' on numeric pad
			Pause	-> Help
			-,+	-> '-','+' on numeric pad

- Miscellaneous:

	Code is 100% 68030 (it does not use DSP at all)
	The file "in.tg1" contains the font for the speed display
(in top right). It must be in the same directory the WAD is and you
must add '-devparm' on the command line.

- WAD you can use:

	DOOM.WAD	: DOOM registered
	DOOM1.WAD	: DOOM shareware
	DOOMU.WAD	: Ultimate DOOM

- Future enhancements:

	The zone is limited to 8Mb. Does anyone want it to be higher ? (ie if
you want the IWAD of DOOM (12Mb) or DOOM 2 (14Mb) to be in memory.
	Support for joypad, sound, network, coffee machine plug & play 95.
	This support will be provided ( I hope) by DHI, a library I started to
create. It would allow in theory (and in reality) to run DOOM on any Atari with
a 68030. Does anyone wants DOOM on a 68000 Atari ? Is there any Atari 68000 with
a 256- or TC- video card ?

	If you have an accelerated Falcon, email-me the speed displayed in the
upper right corner (I will include it in the DOOMBench):
	- video mode : vertical frequency 50hz (TV or modified VGA mode)
	- command line, with shareware DOOM1.WAD 
		doom.ttp -warp 1 1 -nomonsters
	- 320x168 resolution (fullscreen with status bar)
	- don't move, just read the speed once the game is started !
	Send me:
	- your machine's description:
		- Name of accelerator board (Afterburner, Centurbo,...)
		- Your processeur (030-040-060), its frequency
		- ST RAM (total) and Fast Ram (total)
		- available RAM for zone (xxx Kb allocated for zone)
	- speed in low and high detail mode
	- You can send me several benches, if you have different configs:
	  cpu type, frequency, with or without Fast Ram,etc...

- DOOMBench:

|  Machine   |     CPU    |             RAM             |     VBLs    |
|            +------+-----+---------+---------+---------+------+------+
| Falcon 030 | Type | Mhz |   ST    |   Fast  |  zone   | low  | high |
|  Standard  | 030  | 16  |    4 Mo |    0 Mo | 2666 Ko |  19  |  29  |
|  Standard  | 030  | 16  |   14 Mo |    0 Mo | 8192 Ko |  19  |  29  |

- Author of this port:

	Patrice MANDIN
	19 Rue des Astiers	

	e-mail :

	web :

- Have fun !

	I already done a DOOM engine. As original sources are available,
I don't have to continue this previous engine. But the work done could help
me do a DSP version (I hope).

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