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Recent Comments
While a Beta test, does have a feel of Asteroids with some nice sprite work.
A sequel to the original Bumpy.
Bumpy has one easy screen and gets hard real quick.
Bumpy's has a nicer difficulty curve and therefore the better game for me.

A sort of action puzzle game.
Another winner for Loriciel!
Highly recommended!
Another winner from Loriciel.
Nice graphics as usual with an interesting challenge.
It can be difficult trying to fix the path for your hero. Still, it is fun trying.
Loriciel certainly raises the bar with wonderful graphics! I enjoyed this platform game.
Unfortunately, my version had slow down.
A fun adult poker game.
I find the graphics and music to be a bit weak on this version.
Otherwise, recommended.
Of course a clone of C64's Dino Eggs
Still, lots to like. Nice graphics and a wonderful score by Jochen Hippel.
Highly recommended!
One of DID's earlier works, and an impressive technical achievement that runs very nicely on a stock ST. It's very much a game with some flight sim trappings, though, as even on the hardest difficulty levels the flight model omits some absolute basics such as airspeed changing when diving and climbing, and I'm buggered if I could see flaps having any effect whatsoever.

If you find more hardcore flight sims (or even MicroProse stuff) too intimidating, this would probably be a good starting point, particularly with its lovely presentation, but hardcore propellerheads will probably crave something with a bit more depth before very long.

It's an 8-bit conversion and it feels like one -- though to the port's credit it's not an exact match with the C64 and Speccy originals. A nice chiptune accompanies the action and there's an undeniably addictive quality to the game that starts to show itself after you've banged your head against the difficulty wall for a little while, but I suspect many folks will be put off before they get to that point.

@admins : this compilation is very dirty, many disks have tracks in error. Please ask to the contributor to clean the disks and then redump.
Thank you !
Note to the admin : track 0.0 sector 7 is faulty, please ask to the contributor to clean track 0.0 and redump.
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