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steve - 03/05/2016
In the days when Rtype was not available on the atari, this was one of the rare few shoot em ups, that helped fill the void. The graphics are ok, sound too, game play is above par. The green vector cave level is memorable, collision detection, being unforgivable. Good game.
Auntie Pastie - 05/06/2007
This game's as slow as treacle. To make things worse, the graphics look like they've been lifted from the ZX Spectrum (i.e. 256x192 detail but low colour resolution) and transferred to the Atari's medium-res mode, without compensating by exploiting per-pixel colour resolution. Result is the worse of both worlds.... look at that ship design, ugh.
BrunoN - 30/05/2004
Not so smooth and fast paced, but diverse and absorbing. Weapons/bonuses system is bit similiar to amiga's Project X.


Transmuter atari screenshot
Transmuter atari screenshot
Transmuter atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - Horizontal ScrollingYear1987
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherCode Masters
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper[n/a]
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Copeland, Maureen

Graphic Artist(s)

Copeland, Maureen


Whittaker, David

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial5019
Dumpdownload atari Transmuter Download

Additional Comments

Includes three versions:
- cracked executable with trainer
- original tape image / version "A"
- original tape image / version "B"

It is difficult to know whether release "A" or "B" came first. The game appears to be 100% the same but the cassette files are different.


Transmuter Atari tape scan Transmuter Atari tape scan Transmuter Atari tape scan Transmuter Atari tape scan
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