Desmond's Dungeon

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GadZombiE - 28/01/2018
Very good game! Possibly influenced by Bagman made for arcade machines in 1982. There is many similar elements but the guys following the player in Bagman are exchanged with spiders here. Really good game with fast action and very smooth movement of player's character.
onkelarie - 22/02/2012
I just recently discovered this game and was surprised by the action that's presented to the player. It's a frantic platformer, chasing bags of gold while avoiding all those enemies who are after one thing: destroying you... Recommended!
Robert - 29/06/2008
This was the first and for some time the only game I had. I wasted many hours on this. It is a simple but addictive game. Maybe my youth sentiment influenced my rating but I recommend this game very much.
Jim - 07/05/2006
Sqaundered my youth on this game.


GenreArcade - Platformer (Scrolling)Year1984
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSparklers
ControlsJoystickDeveloperCreative Sparks
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Belka, Edgar

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape
Cover Artist(s)SerialCSAB-301
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Desmond's Dungeon Atari tape scan



By Edgar Belka

Fiendish Alfonso Schwarz has found the ideal place to hide his plundered gold. He is stashing it in an underground dungeon, a complicated maze of connected passages.

One day, Desmond, out for a walk in the sun, accidentally discovers Alfonso's hiding place. Realising that the vast fortune could all be his, he descends into the dark and dingy depths of the earth to search for the precious metal.

The gold is scattered about the dungeon in bags and Desmond must search for it before carrying it back to the surface. But there are dangerous spiders living in the tunnels, alongside the deadly plungers.

Every now and then, Alfonso flies overhead to drop off some more gold. If he sees Desmond, he will try to bomb him. Can Desmond get all the gold to the surface before the spiders, the plungers or the bombs get him?


1. Make sure the computer is turned OFF and that it has no cartridge connected.

2. Disconnect any other peripherals, such as printer or disk drives, as they may cause problems with loading your program.

3. Connect your television to the computer and turn down the sound if you want to avoid background noise before and during loading.

4. Connect the Atari Program Recorder to the computer and then to a power point.

5. Place the cassette in the recorder.

6. Press REWIND, if necessary, bring the tape back to the start. When the tape stops, press STOP.

7. Press START on the computer console and hold it down while you press the power switch to ON.

8. The computer will 'beep' as a signal for you to press PLAY on the recorder and release the START key. Next, press RETURN on the computer and the program will load into the computer.

9. After loading, the title appears on the television screen. Press STOP on the recorder. Adjust the volume control on your television.


If the program fails to load, the words ATARI - MEMO PAD appear on the screen. When this happens, turn the computer OFF at the power switch, go back to step 6 and try again. If you have any further problems, consult your Atari handbook.


1. When the game is loaded, press either the START button or the fire button to begin playing. Your joystick should be plugged into joystick port one.

2. Pressing the START button at any time during the game will take you back to the title screen.

3. At the top of the screen are displayed, from left to right, number of re-charges available, score, current level, number of bags remaining, Desmond's strength and the current high score.

4. Each time Desmond is stunned, his strength is reduced. If his strength is reduced to zero, then he will automatically be given another of his re-charge units, if he has one left. His strength will slowly increase if he is not stunned back to 100%.

5. Immediately after being stunned, Desmond is immune to bites from the Spider for a very short period. He is immune only while his figure pulsates.

6. Once you have played several times and reached higher levels, you can re-start the game at the highest level that you reached by pressing the SELECT button. Each time the program is loaded, the highest level reached is reset to one. Then press START or fire to begin the game as normal.



1. You must move Desmond around the dungeon, picking up the bags of gold and carrying them to the chest on the surface. Use the joystick to control the direction of movement.

2. To pick up the gold bags, you just walk past them. To drop them, walk past the chest at the top.

3. Watch out for the plane flying overhead, which drops bombs, eggs and fireballs. If you are hit by one of these, you will be stunned and lose some strength (shown on the strength count).

4. There are other hazards in the dungeon too. Be careful of the venomous spiders which infest the passages, and the plungers which pop up from the floor to make it difficult to move around. These will also stun you. You will also come across flames which will block certain passages.

5. Sometimes it will be helpful to jump over the spiders, flames or plungers. To do this, press the fire button. You cannot jump when you are on the ladders. Everytime you jump, Desmond drops any gold he is carrying. Desmond cannot jump over the plungers if he is carrying gold.

6. When you have picked up a bag of gold, find your way back to the surface and drop it into the chest.

7. Some bags of gold will be hidden behind locked doors. To open these doors, you must find a key and take it to unlock the door. You can then get the gold.

When you have picked up all the gold, you can go onto the Vault.


1. In this part, the plane is dropping bags of gold into the vault. You must pick these up and throw them into the air, to be caught by the grabs which pass overhead. To throw the bags, press the fire button.

2. In the Vault, you must also watch out for bombs, eggs, fire balls and spiders.

3. When you have collected all the bags, you will return to the dungeons which have become more hazardous during Desmond's absence.

4. If Desmond's strength is reduced to zero in the vault, you will have to go back to the previous dungeon to be re-charged. You must survive in the vault before going on to the next level.
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