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GeoMan - 27/02/2016
At some point in one of the early stages there was an empty black space at the bottom of the screen.
If you managed to position your craft there, you could fly outside the screen with no danger of losing your craft!
Greg B. - 21/10/2007
COULD have been an excellent game except for 2 things:

1. It's damn near impossible.

2. You have to use the SPACE BAR to drop bombs! This completely kills the game for me...I'm still not sure how this game got so popular but it's very over-rated, in my opinion.
Atari_E477 - 29/12/2005
This early (1982) Scramble™ replica was able to mimic the two-tone w/outline appearance of Scramble's terrain map, and utilized the Atari 800's fine scrolling technology. It is actually more playable than the screenshots would lead you to believe.


GenreShoot'em Up! - Horizontal ScrollingYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherDatamost, Inc.
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryUSA

Riding, Steven A.

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial

Additional Comments

Other versions with the same title:

English Software (UK), Dynamics Marketing GmbH, English Software (USA).

It seems this release was to have enhanced music by Paradise Programming.

Missing original disk image!

Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Games · October, 1982

This is the first British-produced piece of computer game software received here at EG. If it's a sign of things to come, then hail, Britannia!
The play mechanic is a scrolling shoot-out in the Scramble / Super Cobra familiar. The gamer maneuvers a laser-wielding aircraft through weapon-infested caverns and asteroid fields that become progressively more treacherous with each... [more]

 Electronic Fun · February, 1983Rating: 3/4 

If you're looking for a good home version of Scramble, this is one of the best I've seen yet. It's fast-moving, the graphics and sound effects are good and it's hard as the devil to play - even at the easiest skill level.
This game is loaded from a cassette or disk (you do not need the Atari BASIC cartridge to play.) The cassette version takes a good five minutes to load into... [more]

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