If you're looking for a good home version of Scramble, this is one of the best I've seen yet. It's fast-moving, the graphics and sound effects are good and it's hard as the devil to play - even at the easiest skill level.

This game is loaded from a cassette or disk (you do not need the Atari BASIC cartridge to play.) The cassette version takes a good five minutes to load into the computer. But once it's in there, you're in for an evening of really top notch game play and cursing. As I said, it's awfully hard.

The one problem - and this is really a problem with the hardware - is the fact that the joystick has only one fire button. You need two for this game. So you fire the ship's laser cannon with the fire button and drop bombs by tapping the space bar.

The game is set up for one or two players. You get three attack ships and the enemy has ground/air missiles, exploding fission bombs, airlock doors and natural obstructions to block your way. There are also meteor showers to get through, and your own limited fuel and armament. You get more fuel (and points) by destroying a fuel dump, you get more ammunition (and points) by destroying an ammo depot. This is an excellent game, but suffers from being too difficult for beginners.

Don't try to go in too fast at first. Pull back on your ship so you can zap those surface-to-air missiles.