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Lawrence Shadai - 03/01/2020
I was down on my luck in 1990/91 when a friend gave me his "fully loaded" Atari 800 as a hand me down. Twin floppies, printer and modem. Had this cart and I got to know the program well. For an early 80's 8-bit word processor on 40 columns it was above average. Ran faster and smoother than Bank Street Writer ever did on the Atari and was easier to use. Enough features easy enough to use to get a lot done, and small enough to fit on an 8k cart ! Switched to AtariWriter+ later. This little word processor helped me write nice resumes !
To this day I think the Atari 800xl and 130xe computers I got second hand proved the whole line of Atari 8-bits was underrated.
eppy2000 - 09/10/2007
AtariWriter was one the more intuitive and quality word processing programs out at the time. I was more partial to SpeedScript 3.0 (that mammoth program from Compute!) and the later, the TextPro series. I believe TextPro was a modified SpeedScript since a lot of much of the operation and interface were identical. Those were the days, writing long term papers in 40-columns and with a keyboard buffer that never seemed to keep up to pace with my fast typing. Not to mention having an über-noisy dot matrix printer that didn't even offer LQ printouts. It usually took like 10-15 minutes for it to complete!
Matt Huls - 17/08/2007
This was actually quite an impressive piece of software. It is one of the earliest full-featured word processors I know of. There was even a dictionary disk called "Proofreader" to use for spellchecking.


AtariWriter atari screenshot
AtariWriter atari screenshot
AtariWriter atari screenshot


GenreWord ProcessingYear1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAtari

Robinson, William V.

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Cartridge
Cover Artist(s)[n/a]SerialRX8036
Dumpdownload atari AtariWriter Download

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