Buried Bucks

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The Big M - 20/09/2022
First impressions are poor simple graphics.
Yet this game has some really neat touches. From the title song to the cool explosions and sound of the helicopter.
Gameplay is king and this game rocks!
10 out of 10 for me.
We're in the money!
dbb - 23/04/2015
I spent a lot of time playing this game and while it is very simplistic and unrealistic that isn't the point of the game. The game is a time waster and that is it. It is fun and addictive for a while with out a complicated story or controllers to slow you up.
Punkydudester - 21/12/2014
This game I would play when I needed a break from the rest. Not bad but not great.
Ernie Moore Jr. - 24/02/2012
Interesting you should mention boring, because that's where I get the fun. I play games so they are interesting to watch. Games are tools for learning-and investigating limits--resource management and Thought to physical execution. For those still reading, strategizing and timing your plan implimentation...the oh sh..ucks it's not working-out, is interesting and exciting to me and at least one other. I suppose as with at least a few other things, how you deliver might matter. If you can bomb decoy holes deep and multiple tunnels to surface on the other side of the screen and it's Yawn, O.K. But I like this game at my current understanding of play.-Ernie Moore Jr.
Tomasz Tatar - 24/09/2007
This game is probably the one on which I've spent the most time on my Atari 65 XE and later on emulators. It is extremely addictive. It does not become impossible (at least up to about 12th level), but needs some strategy. For example, sometimes it is better to let bucks drop from a board to complete level then to retrieve it when it is too difficult. Regards to all Buried Buck$ maniacs!
Thomas Smailus - 17/01/2006
Buried Bucks is one of the great classic games I played many years on my Atari 800 and still do these days, when I drag out the Atari. The game premise is simple - but the complaint that the game stinks is misplaced. The beauty in many of the simplest of games is the simplicity - that lets you focus on the game play without being overwhelmed by lots of superfluous junk. There is a lot of strategy, agility and timing in those $ and falling dirt.
martin - 20/06/2004
this is so pretty and chillout like a Bill Williams game. rescue the dollars and dont get dumped on. there is a follow-up called Chopper Hunt with a few enhancements


Buried Bucks atari screenshot
Buried Bucks atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Collect'em!Year1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherANALOG Software

Hudson, Tom

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Missing original disk image!

Thanks to Fred_M and Kr0tki for help in dumping the cassette.


Buried Bucks Atari tape scan


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Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Fun · October, 1983Rating: 2,5 / 4 

Buried Buck$ is a fine example of an unfortunate trend-placing originality before quality game play. There simply must be some reasonable middle ground between all the Pac-Guys and Protectors other than something as far-fetched as digging for bags of money by dropping bombs from a helicopter. Of course, all would have been forgiven if it had been a good game, but it isn't.

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