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totorest - 16/08/2023
a LONG time ago, I published in TILT journal, a "POKE" I found for (almost) ulimited lifes :
With a Atari 800 XL, run the tape by pressing only START button (and not OPTION). When "READY" prompt appears, type:
POKE 21751,0

POKEs for ulimited lifes were possible for ATARI. Sometimes, holding only START on ATARI XL does not run the game, and allow us to modify memory before running the game. I found some POKEs for other Engish software games (jet boot jack, Captain sticky)
rave.N - 04/04/2016
CHEAT MODE unlimited lives, file versions - locate the sequence $"C6 9A 20 57" and then edit 2 bytes to become $"EA EA 20 57".

There's 10 enemies, each having their own colors. I'm looking for a game that'll make a good conversion from low res (antic 14 $E) to hi res antic 15 $F, just so i could say i did one, the Opposite of the color conversions we see a lot of. This game works ok for that project, except there are so many good color sets that'd be reduced to uniformity, so I'll keep looking.
rave.N - 02/04/2016
Hyperblast! requires address block $700 thru $717 be zeroed before run and the game avoids doing this itself, as a form of protection. It causes cassette and boot disk to both run ok, but homegrown file versions encounter this hurdle. Try having non zero garbage there (like DOS, or, my emulator puts stuff there without my permission) garbage placed ahead of program launch, and you'll see garbage all over your TV.

I love everything resembling Galaga. There is a new A8 game named Galaga (ported), authors concentrated on gameplay while neglecting gfx was left primitive. And there's "Gyruss"...
Paul W. Westphal - 06/11/2008
This is a great shooter resembling galaga and space invaders. Good animation and plenty of baddies to kill.


Hyperblast! atari screenshot
Hyperblast! atari screenshot
Hyperblast! atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - Space InvadersYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherDynamics Marketing GmbH
Players1, 2 (alt.), DemoCountryGermany

Brierley, John

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)[n/a]SerialDY-393017
Dumpdownload atari Hyperblast! Download

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Other version with the same title:

English Software (UK).

Also appears on the Atari Smash Hits - Volume 1 compilation.


Hyperblast! Atari tape scan


Hyperblast! Atari instructions Hyperblast! Atari instructions
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