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Allan - 23/11/2022
PDF manual:

Paul Westphal - 11/01/2014
That pink bad guy reminds me of the MCP in Tron.
Paul Lay - 15/05/2011
I've just released a Flash version of DRELBS at http://www.playsoft.co.uk if anyone is interested in playing. Have tried to make it a little easier...
jcat - 26/04/2011
Absolutely one of the greatest most unique releases on the Atari. The rating deserves much higher, and this gem needs a screen shot. Do no miss this - you'll see what I'm talking about. Synapse at its best!
Don Milton - 24/01/2011
This was one of my favorite games! It was unique, challenging, frustrating, addictive, and a great game. I have never seen anything like it. And Synapse Software was IT! My other favorite was Slime! How about a remake, maybe in 3D?
Muffy St. Bernard - 02/05/2007
Ditto! Synapse was great because they weren't afraid to try crazy new ideas. Drelbs was very hard, but rewarding to play.
Jim Kuchera - 13/12/2006
Synapse Software, in my humble opinion, was the premier game developer in the early 80's, alongside Sierra Online and DataQuest. This game is wonderful because though difficult, it's very possible to step from level to level in a multidimensional universe. The sound effects are very unusual, and I never tired of this game---much like the fantastic game, Crossfire, which caused the destruction of many Atari joysticks. You can't fail to be entertained with any Synapse title.


Drelbs atari screenshot
Drelbs atari screenshot
Drelbs atari screenshot
Drelbs atari screenshot
Drelbs atari screenshot
Drelbs atari screenshot
Drelbs atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSynSoft
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Jones, Kelly

Graphic Artist(s)

Jones, Kelly

MediumTape Disk

Jones, Kelly

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Drelbs Download

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Other version with the same title:

Synapse Software.

Many thanks to Firestorm for dumping this tape!

Missing original disk image!


Drelbs Atari tape scan Drelbs Atari tape scan

Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Fun · March, 1984Rating: 3 / 4 

Start with a grid of flip gates à la Lady Bug, add a couple of things to chase each other around inside, throw in a challenge round bonus screen and voilà! Instant computer game. So how from these simple roots did we get a scenario about creatures called Drelbs, who are imprisoned in the time of unicorns and sorcerers by other creatures called Trollaboars and generally harassed... [more]

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