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Screenshots - Pacman on E's

Pacman on E's atari screenshot
Pacman on E's atari screenshot
Pacman on E's atari screenshot
Pacman on E's atari screenshot
Pacman on E's atari screenshot

Information - Pacman on E's

GenreArcade - Pac-ManYear1993
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDistributor-
Players1, 2 (sim.)DeveloperDigital Dreams
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Innes, Stuart

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Innes, Stuart / Thompson, Robert
Macmillan, Alasdair

Game design

Thompson, Robert / Innes, Stuart

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Prodigy / TTF
Q-Tex / Wilson, Tom
Dyewitness / N-Trance
Ultrasonic / Bass X
QFX / Dream Freq

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Thompson, Robert

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeSTe Only / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Pacman on Es Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Pacman on E's

Other version with the same title:

[no publisher] (version [registered]) (United Kingdom).

Instructions - Pacman on E's

      LL    LL LLL  LLL  LLLLLLL    LLL  LL  LL   LLL  LLL  LL    LL
      LL    LL LL    LL  LLLLL      LLL  LL  LL   LL    LL  LL    LL
      LL       LL    LL  LLLLL      LLL  LL  LL   LL    LL  LL    LL
      LL       LL    LL  LLLLLLL    LLL      LL   LL    LL  LL    LL
      LL       LL    LL  LLLLLLLL   LLL      LL   LL    LL  LL    LL

                         LLLLLLLL LLLLLLL
                         LL    LL LL    LL
                         LL    LL LL    LL
                         LLLLLLLL LL    LL

                             LLLLLLLLLLL  L  LLLLLL
                             LLL             LLLLLL
                             LLLLLLLLL            L
                             LLL             LLLLLL



	There seem to be a lot of Pacman clones around these days,
but now its time to forget them, and start playing the ultimate Pacman -
	So why did I write a Pacman clone? well a long time ago, a friend
of mine, Robert Thompson, thought it would be a really good idea to have
a 2 player Pacman, and indeed it was a good idea, but I didnt think
anymore about it at the time. Then one night, whilst watching some amiga
version of pacman, I thought - "I could write a better version than this!!"
and so development of "Pacman on E's" began. The basic structure of the 
game was surprisingly finished within a few days! (well really it was hours
because I didnt do much on the game during the day because I had much 
better things to do, like watch Neighbours!!) and after the first burst
of coding, nothing else happened for months, because I went back to 
University, and spent most of my time either in some pub/club or sleeping!
	Summer then came, and went! well not exactly, some code did get 
done then, and a few samples and graphics were hastily rushed into the
game, and I designed quite a few levels. The game was basicaly complete,
but had to be tydied up, and put together like a game (front end, high
scores etc) and this has taken ages to complete, cos we are all so lazy!

But, hay, its here now init? so whats in it?

	Well the version you have just now, is the shareware version
which is a cut down version of the full game, anyway this shareware
version contains :

		1 player
		20 Levels
		Stereo sound, played back at 25/50khz!
		Some nasty ghosts
		Some crazy pills  etc
	The registed version will contain :

		2 players simultaniosly
		100 levels
		loads more samples
		more graphics
		etc etc 

	To register, send 5 pounds Sterling, to 

		Stuart Innes		
		49 Brownhill Rd,
		KW14 7NL

	And we will send you a disc containing the full version
of "Pacman On E's" 

	The source code (68000 devpac 2.23 code) is also avalible 
for an extra 5 pounds  (10 pounds for the full version + source code)

	Pacman on E's, is an STE game, and it uses the blitter, DMA
sound, hardware scroll, + the extended palette (woooo!!) 


	You want some instructions???? for pacman???? my you must 
be dumb!, well ok.. Pacman has lost all his pills, and you must guide
him around loadsa mazes, and collect and eat the pills, whilst avoiding
the nasty ghosts, who would like to give pacman a good beating. Aha,
but pacman, also has a secret weapon! if he eats a power pill (the green
ones!) then the ghosts turn blue, and pacman can eat the ghosts! In this
version of pacman, the ghosts dont slow down, but pacman speeds up!
so if you thought he was fast at the start, then you are in for a shock!

	You cant hack the pace? well you should be playing some crappy
slow version of pacman, like H-mec! :)

	Some ingame Keys! :

	F1/F2  	Bass Down/Bass Up
	F3/F4	Treble Down/Treble Up
	F5/F6	Volume Up/Down
	F7	Switch 25/50khz sample replay 
	F8	Turn music on/off
	F9	Switch to 50hz (60 hz is a much faster game!)
	F10	Switch to 60hz (60 hz is a much faster game!)
	1	Use Joystick port 1 for control
	0	Use Joystick port 0 for control (use joypad from consoles!)
	P 	Pause


	well thats about it for the doc, so I'd just like to ask if anyone
knows where We can buy Lynx games cheaply? having bought a lynx at the
amazing price of 35 quid!, i only have a few games, and there seems to
be hardly anywhere in the UK selling them!  and i really want to get 
a hold of the new game 'Battlewheels' it sounds a scorcher!!!

	Anyway if you want to write to us, please feel free, after all,
if you dont write, how will we know that anyone recieved the game?

	Thats it, so till the next game (?) be seeing ya!!!!!!!

Stuart Innes 


			(C)1993 Digital Dreams

Trivia - Pacman on E's

Features digitized title soundtrack at 25KHz (stereo) (50KHz in the unregistered version)
Features digitized in-game soundtrack at 25KHz (stereo)
Features digitized sound fx at 25KHz (stereo)

Supports Blitter
Supports STe DMA sound
Supports STe palette

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