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rave.N - 23/03/2016
Happy to say I can fix this. And the corruption is only cosmetic, just what you see in screen data. My first impression was a kind of rectangle was drawn by a bad JSR which would've meant a very hosed program, but somehow there's only a 1 byte shift in 2 places.

Disk image repair 1 of 2,
8 bytes at offsets $2780-2787 :
$E5 55 4F FF FF FF FE 00 is bad, make it
$9F E5 55 4F FF FF FF FE good
... &
disk image repair 2 of 2,
8 bytes at offsets $3680-3687 :
$E4 00 4F FC 02 00 86 00 is bad, make it
$9F E4 00 4F FC 02 00 86 good
rave.N - 21/03/2016
Sad to say there is corruption in this download. See the screenshot on the listings page, dark horizontal lines in the lower right corner do not belong. By the way, XL/XE does not function, this needs OS/B or A.


Lunar Leeper atari screenshot
Lunar Leeper atari screenshot


LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSierra On-Line

Hunt, Kevin

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Lunar Leeper Download

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Original version also seems to be buggy.


Lunar Leeper Atari disk scan Lunar Leeper Atari disk scan Lunar Leeper Atari disk scan Lunar Leeper Atari disk scan


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 Electronic Games · March, 1984

Two basic screens alternate in Lunar Leeper. The first depicts the surface, the second below it. The object of the first screen, a plain between two cliffs, is to rescue helpless humans surrounded by hungry leepers. In the second screen, the gamer's ship navigates a cave and destroys a giant eye protected by lazer turrets and Trabants (small, but armed, eyelike objects). Each successive level... [more]

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