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rave.N - 01/01/2016
This file is also not original in that it got 2 patch routines added but the patches do nothing. So in addition to the data corruption, this file is the poster child for the "unnecessary block copy" patch. The whole 32K program is loaded wrong, then all gets moved a lousy 32 bytes from the beginning. If I sound trivial, I must be running out of topics and I have to stop writing these comments soon, and get doing other things...

The first patch is 32 chr added to the front of the file, it tries to implement trapping the Reset button, but fails at the job because the game itself disables Reset trapping after it begins run. The first patch was attached incorrectly, so the second patch 49 chr at file's end was put there to correct the 1st patch. Block copy the entire file across the distance equalling the size of the 1st small patch.

Unnecessary block copy can be removed and this file restored to perhaps original, so in addition to the edits in the previous/next comment: delete 32 bytes from file's beginning, delete 49 bytes from file's end, make edit the 1st 6 bytes the new header "$FF FF 00 30 5F A7" and edit the last 6 bytes to become the new run address segment "$E0 02 E1 02 00 4C". As originally authored, Landscape loads and runs into pleasantly "even" numbers like $3000 and $4C00 respectively.
rave.N - 22/10/2015
Corrupt file here, I was right. There are 4 bad bits, 2 pairs of 0's flipped to 1's in this file size 30653 (or 30720 padded to the nearest multiple of 128). One pair of bad bits ($6Exx) can be seen here in the middle of this screenshot, and why be stalked by the other pair, anyone could edit this file then restore it to how it should be:

- offset 02DD change "$D5" to "$55"
- offset 02FD change "$D5" to "$55"
- offset 6E52 change "$D5" to "$55"
- offset 6E5B change "$D5" to "$55"
rave.N - 14/07/2015
Corrupted download presently here? See two dots on the title screen looking out of place glowing white and clear when they should be black. This is out of place because another file Landscape from another collection dating back to the 1980s doesn't have this glitch nor other flipped bits that might be present.
rave.N - 06/07/2015
You guys probably thinking of "Stealth" because this is a never released pre-finished version of that game.

This "Landscape" plays the complete music track repeatedly whereas Stealth gives us only clips of the music interspersed with Demo play. J.S.Bach tells me it's his "Harpsichord Concerto No.1 in D minor".

Other differences from Stealth are fewer enemies like no missiles nor fightercraft, no volcanoes, the existence of neutral energy fields not just Pos and Neg, and a different font because this one is so bad are those "Y"'s?

Every other game that attempted this style graphics sucked at it. Like "Buck Rogers"? Sucks. Landscape->Stealth is one of the best.
Paul Westphal - 27/06/2007
This is one of the better 3-d shooters out there. Colorful and well animated, but a bit on the short side.I have fond memories of playing this as well as Encounter! and Dimension x.
Matt Huls - 12/12/2006
One of the first games I ever played. I remember my Dad being really proud of himself because he beat this game. According to him, this was the only arcade-style game he was ever good at.


Landscape atari screenshot
Landscape atari screenshot
Landscape atari screenshot
Landscape atari screenshot
Landscape atari screenshot
Landscape atari screenshot
Landscape atari screenshot
Landscape atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear1984
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]

LaGrone, Tracy / Sansom, Richard E.

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial-
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Preliminary version of Stealth.
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