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Broa - 10/11/2016
Year is set to "1995" but it's a mistake, isn't it?
Andreas Koch - 02/07/2011
to make it short: NO !

For some software titles PPP had only a license to sell them for x years (somewhere between 1 and 10 years afaik). After the license expired, the author often wanted to have extra money so PPP could still sell it - and that extra money was never paid, so...

Thats the reason why programs like Kaiser 2, Grafik Forth and some others were not available anymore at PPP after a while. And since Sascha Roeber bought only the "active" PPP rights and the license for Kaiser 2 had expired years before, he does not have any rights to sell Kaiser 2 nowadays.

In other words, you can have Kaiser-2 on a) a PPP disk with label and printed manual, b) an author disk (Carsten Strotmann did sell the game himself for a while, don`t know what label, manual or disk he used) or c) as a downloaded Freeware/PD on your own disk (with PDF manual if you downloaded it also)...

-Andreas Koch.
Atari Frog - 26/06/2011
Although the game is now freeware, does Sacha Roeber still have the rights to sell this particular program with packaging and instructions? If so, are the instructions / disk labels 100% the same as the pictures here? Rarity down to "8" instead of "9" following your comments. That may change again depending on the information we get regarding the questions raised above.
Atari Frog - 26/06/2011
As usual, thanks for all the precious information on German software ;-)
Andreas Koch - 11/06/2011

Yes, the manual is from Power per Post. Its funny, that I just found my disk, which I bought from PPP and sold some years ago at Abbuc meeting (but I can see the writing on the disk, which is my writing!). Maybe THIS disk is rare (allthough I doubt it, since PPP sold many of it), but the game itself is not. The author Carsten Strotmann made it PD or Freeware and one can download the game from his homepage and/or Wiki page...


GenreStrategy - Hammurabi / KingdomYear1995
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherPPP
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloperPhoenix SoftCrew
Players1, 1 vs. 2, 2+CountryGermany

Strotmann, Carsten

Graphic Artist(s)

Israel, Björn

Medium Disk

Quack, Ralf-Thomas / Schmiedl, Holger

Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial-

Additional Comments

Missing original disk image!


Kaiser II Atari disk scan


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