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Andreas Koch - 12/06/2018
The tape version of IK from System 3 that I once had in my collection had six backdrops, three on side A of the tape and another three on side B. Do not remember which backdrop was missing, since the disk version had seven backdrops. There is also a newer version of IK with eight backdrops, they added London and created a fileversion for 128k Ataris.
AbbotKinneyDude - 12/06/2018
Does the tape version only have 2 backdrops (Sydney & Mt. Fuji) and nothing more?
ChrisTOS - 16/10/2017
What an amazing beat em up. I had this and my friend had IK+ on his CPC464. His looked a little bit better and I was jealous of that. IK played a little bit better on my Atari (or his crappy joystick was too crappy) and I think I enjoyed this more. My copy was a bit iffy and it didn't show Poseidon't temple well. I didn't like that :P
peter - 25/08/2016
very addictive game, i remember the arcade machine which had the "double-stick" controles, the ref was hilarious saying "full point" or "half point" all the time!
great classic
AbbotKinneyDude - 09/07/2016
An AMAZING feat of programming and one of my favorites while growing up. The new 2014 Enhanced version is a MUST HAVE:
Shannon - 26/01/2012
So is the IK+ conversion complete? Or is it still a WIP. If it is a WIP just how playable is it?
Steve - 06/11/2010
Technically put together well, beautiful on the eye and great gameplay also.
lotek style - 01/04/2010
I was just listening to the music for hours :)
rdefabri - 09/05/2008
That IK+ link posted by Andy Bernstein is awesome - real nice version of a classic A8 game!
m4rtin - 31/01/2008
das war voll der Hammer
Jonny EOL - 10/12/2007
Remember taking on my brother at this game. No better outlet for sibling rivalry at the time. This was the only worthy 2-player martial arts game we ever found at the time.
Pengwin - 05/10/2007
This has to be my favourite beat-em-up of all time. I cannot fault this game in any way. Elements of this game can be seen in just about every fighting game since.
Andy Bernstein - 26/02/2004

A bunch of East European programmers are doing their best to port the sequel, INTERNATIONAL KARATE + (a/k/a IK+), on the Atari 8-bit platform.

Look at for more info.


International Karate atari screenshot
International Karate atari screenshot
International Karate atari screenshot
International Karate atari screenshot
International Karate atari screenshot
International Karate atari screenshot
International Karate atari screenshot
International Karate atari screenshot


GenreSports - Boxing / Martial ArtsYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSystem 3 Software
ControlsJoystickDeveloperSystem 3 Software
Players1, 1 vs. 2, DemoCountryUnited Kingdom

Maclean, Archer

Graphic Artist(s)

Maclean, Archer

MediumTape Disk

Hubbard, Rob

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari International Karate Download

Additional Comments

Released as World Karate Championship by Epyx in the US.

A beta version of the game is available here.

Missing original disk image!


International Karate Atari disk scan International Karate Atari disk scan


International Karate Atari tape scan


International Karate Atari instructions International Karate Atari instructions


Excerpts from an interview with Archer Maclean by James Hague...

JH: "What was the inspiration for International Karate?"

AM: "The first karate game happened because I was asked to help out with improving the graphics in the early development game being handled by a team. I ended up taking the whole project over and redoing most of it from scratch."

JH: "Was there ever any thought to reviving either of the International Karate games?"

AM: "I understand that there is something happening along those lines by the original development house but I have no part in any of it whatsoever, despite any publicity you might read. I would quite like to do my own new karate-themed game but unlike any of the normal design ideas. Sure, it will use state of the art technology and motion capture but a whole lot more gameplay and ideas than currently seems to be the norm."

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