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Screenshots - CAD-3D

CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot
CAD-3D atari screenshot

Information - CAD-3D

GenreGraphics - MiscellaneousYear1986
Language[unknown]PublisherAntic Publishing
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Hudson, Tom

SerialST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
ResolutionMedium / HighNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided
Dumpdownload atari CAD-3D DownloadMIDI

Additional Comments - CAD-3D

Other version with the same title:

Silica Distribution Ltd. ().

Many thanks to KTH for repairing the dump!

Instructions - CAD-3D

                              READ.ME FILE FOR

                            FROM ANTIC PUBLISHING
                           COPYRIGHT 1986 TOM HUDSON

There are seven files and one folder (ANIMATE, which contains five
more files) on the CAD-3D program disk.  Following is a brief explanation
of these files:

CAD3D.PRG . . . . . . . . CAD-3D program.  Double-click to execute.
CAD3D.RSC . . . . . . . . resource file for CAD-3D

ANTIC.3D  . . . . . . . . ANTIC logo 3D object file.
                          For best results, view this file in
                          Solid mode (not outlined).  The Edges-only
                          option will not work with this particular file.
START.3D  . . . . . . . . START, The ST Quarterly logo 3D object file. 
                          For dramatic perspective effects, increase
                          the Perspective value to 1000, and rotate left
                          30 degress and down 10 degrees.
BLOCK.3D  . . . . . . . . A alphabet block, illustrating how an object
                          (letters, in this case) can be Stamped on
                          another object.  View in Edges-only, Outlined
                          mode.  Try duplicating this block and
                          building a little pyramid of four or five
FAUCET.3D . . . . . . . . A faucet assembly, composed of over a dozen
                          individual objects, many of which have been
                          Joined into single objects.  The parts have
                          been created with both the Spin and Extrude
                          tools.  Try adding a little light from the
                          bottom center, and rotating down 60 degrees
                          and left 90 degrees.  Voila!  A drains-eye-view
                          of your sink.
STHENGE.3D  . . . . . . . A complete model of Stonehenge (A circular 
                          arrangement of prehistoric monoliths on 
                          Salisbury Plain, England -- probably set up
                          in the neolithic period.)  Ian Chadwick built
                          this model, to scale, in less than a day.
                          It includes all the ditches, post-holes,
                          and stones that were part of Stonehenge
                          when it was built, at around 1100 BC.  When
                          you load the model, it will be displayed
                          with Light A on.  Try other lighting
                          effects.  Keep in mind, however, that this
                          model is so large that screen redraws will
                          take about 30 seconds in solid mode.  An
                          interesting view can be achieved by rotating
                          up 15-20 degrees, and left 60-90 degrees 
                          (or right 90 degrees).  On a color monitor,
                          set palette #1 to blue, and the effect will
                          be an eerie look at the monoliths in the 
                          moonlight. View in Outlined mode.


ANIMATE.PRG . . . . . . . The Animator program.  Double-click to execute.
                          Load in medium-res on a color monitor.
ANIMATE.RSC . . . . . . . resource file for the Animator program

SCENE.HI  . . . . . . . . Sample hi-resolution (monochrome monitor)
                          animation file.  This type of animation
                          (using the Animator program) is fastest when
                          animating wire-frame objects.
SCENE.LO  . . . . . . . . Sample lo-resolution (color monitor) animation

SLIDEANI.PRG  . . . . . . Slideshow program for creating page-flipping
                          animations (technique described on page 34 of
                          the CAD-3D documentation).  For best results,
                          use this technique from a RAMdisk (7 frames
                          per second) or hard disk (2-3 frames per second).

NOTE:  Due to a GEM deficiency, the computer may occasionally "forget"
that the mouse cursor is there, or it may start flashing the cursor
between the arrow and the busy bee symbol.  Simply point the cursor
at the menu bar and click once to recover.


We intend to release libraries of object files for CAD-3D in The Catalog.
There are many different types of useful objects that we're looking
for, such as:

        *  Interesting extruded fonts.
        *  Dream House construction set.
        *  Stellar body/universe construction set.
        *  Futuristic city construction set.
        *  Common architectural symbols.

The list of ideas is as long as your imagination.  Make careful
use of the Save Group feature, so that objects are catalogued
according to type, and only four or five objects are in each
file.  Files should be able to be Merged together easily, and the
objects should be optimized to have as few points as possible, 
while retaining smoothness and clarity.

If your library is good enough to be included in The Catalog...

            We'll send you a contract and publish it!

Send submissions to:

            CAD-3D Object Library Submissions
            Catalog Manager
            Antic Software
            524 Second St.
            San Francisco, CA  94107

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