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axlproto - 10/05/2023
Great music and ok physics. I found a few clips so far and there is sprite flickering but overall very impressive for the platform.
JT - 21/04/2022
Over *1800 votes* for this game as of this writing?! Excusemewhat. Never mind that classics across the board like Jumpman (121 votes), Missile Command (281), Galaxian (295), etc. have a fraction of that. I've hesitated saying this but seeing some of the insanely-overrated scores for many games on the site lately has left me shaking my head more than a few times, and on top of that I notice an extra something with many of the ratings of these late-year indie-type efforts in particular. Yes, an extra something.
tyson - 23/06/2020
Uh... *2nd* place????
thax - 19/10/2013
oh how they should of made A8 games this good all along. Im not keen on camparing against other machines as they each had strengths and weaknesses. My fave thing about the ole 8 bit machines is they still work great all these years on. my 2 800xl machines are 30 years old and they work perfect. my laptop is 6 months old and its become self aware and is having panic attacks and suffers from total do what it wants when it wants randomly disorder. even my zx spectrum plus 2 outclasses it.
MrFish - 01/08/2010
Monumental achievement on the A8. Excellent graphic design throughout. Cool music. Play mechanics are also done well.

It does lack some of the "Mario-esque" elements that would make it a little more interesting to play (i.e.: breaking bricks, becoming super, throwing fireballs). Also, I'm puzzled why fire was not used for jumping. Perhaps they had planned to use it for some feature that never came to fruition. Maybe there will be an updated version some day (hint, hint).

Regardless... hats off to the developers for producing a platformer that raises the bar for any future games of the same genre.
Divya16 - 27/07/2010
You people claiming C64 superseded A8 are wrong! A8 was always superior and this game is one example of why but not many people spent the time/energy to take advantage of the hardware scrolls, palette switching, 64K+ memory, hardware collisions, etc. There's no hardware scrolling on Atari ST either. This game needs to fix the flicker-- it seems like a software issue.
holgibo - 15/07/2010
A great game! This plattformer has everthing: Good graphics, great sound, smooth scrolling. I'm suprised the rating is under 9/10....
Pierre André - 15/03/2010
I've always been surprised at how low a rating (7.x) the final version of Crownland has been getting. Especially considering this is as close the A8 got to the C64 in the platform genre (unless there's a title I'm not aware of). Any opinion ?
Dan - 26/10/2009
OK, the sprites are really flickery, but the parallax scrolling is smooth and the graphics look really good as a whole (better than anything that I've seen on the C64, at any rate). The gameplay is very Mario-like, but that's not a bad thing.

If Atari games had looked like this back in the '80s, the C64 might not have superseded Atari's computers so quickly.
Tony - 13/04/2008
Great Effort, but possibly shows why this genre never caught on on the Atari 8-bit. The P/M graphics often get flickery and performance slows down in places. Could never compete with the NES
Bill Kendrick - 28/11/2007
This game is a tech powerhouse. I've seen demos do some incredible stuff, but it's rare to see a playable (and fun!) game. This is more than I would have ever expected a jump-and-run to do on the Atari. Incredible work, guys!
Firkraag - 13/11/2007
Amazing and incredible! Bravissimo!
LS - 01/11/2007
Trocero77 - 12/01/2007
As far I can remember this game is based on a game from c-64 called Maynhem or sth like this. But still is outsatanding...Bravo!
Andrew Bernstein - 24/12/2006
Very Impressive ! Not only does the gameplay rock (which wasn't the strength of the earlier *Bros* by K-Soft) but the presentation is absolutely incredible. Had it been released in the eighties, this kind of title would have put the XL/XE on par with competitive platforms like the C64 and maybe even more (I don't remember early ST platformers looking as good as this one). Can't wait for the final release (and I'm ready to pay for it... ha ha !).
fretless - 17/12/2006
Oh...yes!!! Great playability, smooth animotion, a lot of emotions. I wish everyone more such games for Atari 8-bit. In my opinion --- outstanding! I am looking forward to hearing about releasing the full version of this game.


Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot
Crownland atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Platformer (Scrolling)Year2007
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]

Wisniewski, Piotr

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Graphic Artist(s)

Powroźnik, Adam


Wisniewski, Mateusz

Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Crownland Download

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[no publisher].

Second place in the ABBUC Software Contest 2007.

Requires 130XE.
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