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MrFish - 02/02/2021
This is only R8 for a boxed copy. All rarities on Atarimania are for boxed copies only.
J - 08/07/2020
First page of the manual lists different authors.
Monk - 01/02/2020
I'm always searching for simple games that you can just pick up and play for awhile, without having to commit yourself to some tedious storyline or twenty minutes of cut-scenes.

Someone once asked me if I know any 'small games' that they could just play whenever they have a few free minutes here and there. I wasn't sure what to recommend them.

I wish I had known about this game, because this is the epitome of great time-filler! The playability is fluid, smooth and speedy, the gameplay is engaging, and the difficulty level rises gradually.

Berzerk is still a little bit more involved, but this little gem of a game certainly holds its own in every department. The world needs more games like this, I could play this for a few minutes or a few hours easily.

I also like how you can actually be a little bit tactical by dodging bullets and using the walls to your advantage that way.

This is a perfect example of a game that's just FUN. Where did the direct fun disappear to from more modern games? When you couldn't really boast with hires graphics or rendered cutscenes or 3D game engines, games were actually imagination-provoking and great fun.

Finding games like these is one big reason why I am so happy I got a real Atari 800 XL. Sometimes there's just nothing like having a blast with the Atari and a game like this.

It's just fun to blast things, when the game is done right, and this game is. What a great stress-reliever and inspiring experience. I recommend this game to anyone that likes a little blasting every now and then.
Gwobby - 12/04/2011
Excellent Berzerk clone - more playable! Nice touch of bonus points for doing the levels quickly. The baddies only materialise on the top and bottom edges so they can be avoided!

Atarileaf - 18/09/2009
I just picked this up and am really impressed by what I originally pegged as a poor Berzerk clone. The speed of the enemy bots is very impressive and the game is fast and fun. Highly recommend. I didn't know this was R8. Wow, good find for me :)
Denis - 04/07/2006
I bought this as a kid with my own money since I couldn't get to the arcarde every day to play Berkerk. I loved this game. I still play it (so do my kids).

I would like to see the bytecode come off the ROM and into a Wondows virtual machine that runs the same processor as the Atari so I could play it on the pc (my Atari 800 doesn't run reliably anymore). Although it lacks the graphics and is a very monotonous game from today's standards, it's still more challenging than any game I owned since (Nintendo NES, Play Station, Gamecube). People are amazed when they see how fast the droids move in sector 7 -- which I often reach but can't hang unless I get a real lucky terrain.

I recommend this game to anyone who liked Berzerk.
martin - 05/02/2006
This Berzerk ripoff cost £30 as a cartridge and for it's challenge and impression was entirely worth it. Only thing I dont like is robots suddenly materialising on top of our man. No evil Otto or voices but sheer playability.


K-Razy Shoot-Out atari screenshot
K-Razy Shoot-Out atari screenshot
K-Razy Shoot-Out atari screenshot
K-Razy Shoot-Out atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherCBS Software

Zalewski, James V.

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium Cartridge


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial22100
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