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the big m - 24/08/2023

Lucas Films are always state of the art. Peter Langston developed an algorithm of 32 note melody fragments that plays fricken randomly over a repeated riff!

What an amazing game!
Gildahl - 09/07/2022
Anti-aliasing! Amazing. First person! Two player split screen! Crazy fast! Computer generated improvised music! And a blast to actually play. This was the kind of innovation Lucasfilm games brought. No cookie cutter stuff here. Yes, gameplay was also very simple--basically computer air hockey with a moving goal. Great stuff and a classic.
Punkydudester - 21/12/2014
Excellent game and an all time favorite, catchy music, nice sound, smooth 3D scrolling. You just didn't see games made this well very often.
VD Tonic - 18/06/2014
Brilliant game with awesome graphics, music, sound fx and gameplay. Absolutely addictive when played with 2 players. Shows off the capabilities of the Atari 800.
Huh - 09/03/2012
Hmmm a game that was leaked by Atari themselves on their very own BBS. Two whole years before it was officially released. Chances are people would run into it before then.
belmont77 - 07/04/2010
busted. :)
Rescue on Fractalus! is what you should have said. Happy days indeed.
Lockett - 31/08/2008
Nice to know that you played pirate copies, Palf.
Palf - 14/12/2007
All of these early lucasfilm games totally rocked! I spent untold hours playing ballblaster koronis rift, eidolon and behind jaggi lines. Oh happy days...
Kr0tki - 12/05/2005
If you manage to win within the 1 minute limit, you will see authors' initials written at the very right ene of the playfield.
Kr0tki - 12/05/2005
When on title screen (that with the game title and copyright text fading in/out at the center) type the word "AUTHOR" (you have to start typing after the center text fades in, and finish befor it starts fade out, so do it quickly). Then you will see the credits fade in.


Ballblazer atari screenshot
Ballblazer atari screenshot
Ballblazer atari screenshot
Ballblazer atari screenshot


GenreSports - MiscellaneousYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherActivision UK
ControlsJoystickDeveloperLucasfilm Games
Players1, 1 vs. 2, DemoCountryUnited Kingdom

Levine, David / Wilmunder, Aric

Graphic Artist(s)

Winnick, Gary

MediumTape Disk

Langston, Peter

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]SerialUCK-122 / ECD-122
Dumpdownload atari Ballblazer Download

Additional Comments

Other versions with the same title:

Atari, Epyx.

Both tape and disk releases have the Lucasfilm Games splash screen but are missing the animated intro. The disk version also has an extra Activision presentation.

Many thanks to Mr. Bacardi for dumping this tape!


Ballblazer Atari disk scan Ballblazer Atari disk scan


Ballblazer Atari tape scan Ballblazer Atari tape scan


Ballblazer Atari ad




Lucas / Atari
from Electronic Games (September 1984)

Ballblazer Article Ballblazer Article Ballblazer Article Ballblazer Article Ballblazer Article


Ballblazer Article Ballblazer Article Ballblazer Article Ballblazer Article Ballblazer Article


Working title was Ballblaster.

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