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Gildahl - 19/07/2022
Back in the day uninspired ports like this just made me mad. After seeing the enhancements to games like Pac Man, Missile Command, Donkey Kong, Defender, Star Raiders, and others where gameplay and graphics were a generational leap over their 2600 versions, and the reason why one would pay bigger bucks for a gaming computer, River Raid seemed so lame. "Where's the beef" comes to mind. I upgraded for this? Yeah, its still a fun game, but I certainly wouldn't have found any reason to fork over the dough for a computer if ports like this had been the norm.

Ivan - 16/04/2017
Hack lifes.
Inquired for byte is over set. Changes according to storage and version. Therefore is best search sequence in hexadecimal editor(frhet free). Is that a byte entry $04. Find by the help of sequence <bh:01><bh:00><bh:00><bh:00><bh:00><bh:00><bh:00><bh:00><bh:00><bh:00><bh:04><bh:01> :Copy, find out and last but one byte($04) them to transcribing of the number of lifes. From 0 to the ff to taste. 0 as far as 256 lifes.
eppy2000 - 10/02/2017
As a shoot 'em up, it's sort of like a Blue Max-lite, and a fun one at that. But the only area it falls short is that, as with other Activision conversions from their 2600 counterpart, the enhancements were marginal at best.
Punkydudester - 20/12/2014
Really good game.
Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 09/05/2011
Classic videogame, but still a lazy 2600 port. Synapse's Blue Max, frankly, blew this game out of the water on the Atari 800. I really wish Activision would have created new sequels to their classic 2600 titles, taking full advantage of the powerful home computers. Instead, they just dump the old games with a few new colors.
Archie - 05/11/2009
One of the best game ever!
Mazla - 26/04/2009
river raid is totally awesome! i have not played it much though
rick - 09/02/2009
If you have a 8-bit Atari, you need this game!
Brygadier - 05/01/2008
In its time River Raid ruled!
Slaanesh - 19/10/2007
I remember playing this at one of the earlier computer expos held during the early 80's here in Melbourne, Australia. I loved it! I played it for half an hour or so. I think it was my first taste of vertical shooters on a home computer.
atari 4ever - 10/04/2007
best of the bes games !
Tomas - 21/04/2006
Excellent game ...
Nixon - 17/04/2006
actualy it went x-rated in germany due to its violent content ..and been rerated for a retro compilation i think couple of years ago, considering that it was made by a girl its a even more impresive shooting game 11/10 :p
twh - 27/01/2006
absolut brilliant. dieses spiel motiviert immer und immer wieder!
jac_Cac - 07/08/2005
well, that's the very first computer game I've ever played. I remember long nights spent on trying to get past 70th bridge or so. Oh, memories. 10, of course.
m4rtin - 26/11/2004
Das waren Schlaflose Nächt! Einfach nur super.
vcs king (qtone) - 15/06/2004
i love this game... it´s realy fun if you start at bridge 50 (game 7)
do you know how many levers there complet?
solo/ng - 31/03/2004
Hehe nice :-). Onbe of the most popular game ever was written by a woman. =] I loved this game (and didnt love my xc12 tho ; )


GenreShoot'em Up! - Vertical ScrollingYear
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherFantastic Game
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryEurope

Shaw, Carol

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Cartridge
Cover Artist(s)Serial

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