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I loved this game and played it to death. I became so good, in fact, that the levels took forever to load, always adding in more monsters to kill and Mogwais to save. It's a great variant on Robotron with little character touches like the TV set.
Better than the 400/800 version, which is surprising. With a trackball controller, this should be the closest thing to the actual arcade, which would have been a big deal in the 1980s. Diehard 5200 fans should feel proud.
This Atari 5200 version of the 400/800 classic makes several minor improvements that result in a more rewarding experience. It's nice to see the analog joystick used and experienced players will greatly prefer this over the original digital controls. Another winner for our favorite SuperSystem!
Hands down one of the worst arcade conversions. Programmer Joe Tung completely failed with the sounds, and the erratic movement of the attacking galaxians ruins what made the arcade game so great. And fully supporting the analog controller only makes it less like the arcade game.
Use the blueprint. Find the pieces to create a machine to stop Ollie from catching your girl Daisy.

I recently discovered this game after ignoring it due to mediocre reviews.

An absolutely fun game! Perhaps the 5200 is the best version!

Lucas Films are always state of the art. Peter Langston developed an algorithm of 32 note melody fragments that plays fricken randomly over a repeated riff!

What an amazing game!

Unfortunately, missing opening animation of the 800 (not enough memory on cartridge?)
The game may be slow, the graphics may be pretty crappy, but the 5200 port of Xevious isn't that bad of a game. Although the 7800 version is a far better game.
Many don't know that this game can also be controlled using the number pad. When I was young I stuck 4 rubber dots to the overly creating essentially a thumb pad before Nintendo. This make this version the best home port of the time.
Please note that the skull death screen of Countermeasure was designed by Alan Murphy and exists in 2 other fashions: 1) a parody of the image with the skull smoking a cigarette was released on 04/17/20 by the National Videogame Museum: 2) the same death screen was recycled (albeit with different colors) for CRIME BUSTER released for the XEGS by Atari Corp. in 1988.
Kangaroo was one of the last games I would find for the 5200 during the game crash. I spent many hours playing this game. It still holds up well today and the 5200 version is very well made. Highly recommend this one just give it time.
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