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8bitjeff - 25/08/2019
Make sure to start up the disk in low res is using the imagerunner from PP on a hard drive (or SD card like hard drive device).
It looks and plays incredible. Needs a 10 rating.

Screenshots - Pole Position

Pole Position atari screenshot
Pole Position atari screenshot
Pole Position atari screenshot
Pole Position atari screenshot
Pole Position atari screenshot
Pole Position atari screenshot
Pole Position atari screenshot
Pole Position atari screenshot

Information - Pole Position

GenreRacing - Formula OneYear2017
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Thomas, Jonathan [Chicane]

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Thomas, Jonathan [Chicane]

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Thomas, Jonathan [Chicane]

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, STe Only / ?
Dumpdownload atari Pole Position Download / STNumber of Disks2 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Pole Position

Instructions - Pole Position

Hi everyone, OP here.

I've finally managed to carve out some more time to work on the remaining issues and get the game into a 
state that I think might be considered for a 'final' release. Lots of small annoyances have been resolved 
(full list is below) and there's a significant frame rate boost from the October 2016 preview release - 
partially thanks to the new GCC 7.1 compiler kindly made available by ggn, dml and co.

A zipfile containing the .ST disk image is attached to this post - please take a look and let me know 
if there's anything that you think should stop this from being a final release of the game. As with the
 previous release, an STE with one meg is required.

Here's a list of all the improvements I can think of that have been implemented since the last 
release - it might not necessarily be exhaustive:

- Game logic now runs at 60 frames per second instead of 50, bringing the speed and difficulty 
in line with the arcade game;
- The sky gradient is back;
- The final billboard on the right before the start line is now correct;
- The volume of the skid sound sample has been reduced to a reasonable level;
- Mount Fuji in the background is now rendered in the correct colour;
- Several optimisations mainly around text rendering;
- The 'EXTENDED PLAY!' and 'POLE POSITION!' in-game text now has the exclamation mark 
as per the arcade version;
- Puddle sprites no longer overlap car sprites; 
- Code compiled with GCC 7.1 for a significant performance increase.

Sorry to all the people who have requested the wheel spinning animation - I'm struggling to
 find a way to do this in a reasonable amount of time so it's unlikely to make the cut.

Trivia - Pole Position

Based on Namco/Atari 1982 coin-op. Unofficial version.

Pole Position Trivia

Conversion - Atari 2600

Pole Position Trivia

Conversion - Atari 5200

Pole Position Trivia

Conversion - Atari 8-bit

Pole Position Trivia

Features digitized sound fx at 12.5KHz (stereo)

Features up to 23 colours on-screen simultaneously (in-game)

Supports Blitter
Supports STe DMA sound
Supports STe palette

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