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Screenshots - Doom

Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot
Doom atari screenshot

Information - Doom

GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear1997
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboard, Jagpad, MouseDistributor-
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Mandin, Patrice [Data]

Graphic Artist(s)

Cloud, Kevin / Carmack, Adrian

Game design

Petersen, Sandy / Romero, John
Green, Shawn

Box / InstructionsEnglish, French


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeTT / ?
Dumpdownload atari Doom Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ?

Instructions - Doom

|								|
|		DOOM  v0.75		Freeware		|
|								|
|		November, 28th 1997	for Falcon030¿		|
|								|
|			by Patrice MANDIN			|
|								|

	And now here is a new version (again?) of my DOOM. I know that
I am not the only one trying to make DOOM on Falcon 030¿, so it sounds
	Run the program in the directory where DOOM's WAD is with the
maximum RAM available (boot with CONTROL if needed).
It runs normally on accelerated Falcon 030¿ but neither on 68040 nor
68060 because of the virtual memory management done with the 68030's
PMMU. I need a new version of the VMM to achieve this goal.

- New:

	Music !

	You need the file 'MIDI_Instruments' in the same directory the WAD
	is. This file is used on Amiga to get music in Doom. I don't have
	any Internet URLs to give, but you may find it. Search in Amiga DOOM
	The music code comes from ADOOM.

	For the moment, music code is not very stable: when loading a level,
	it can crash all the game.

- Features :

	. Display weapon (not perfect)
	. Display status bar
	. Objects displayed (not perfect)
	. Transparent textures
	. Animation management (textures and objects)
	. Light effects management
	. Collision test with walls (still not perfect)
	. Gamma correction for too dark monitors
	. Screen shrinking with the right borders
	. Wall activation (switches, doors, walk-overs, etc...)

- Future enhancements :

	. Collision test between objects
	. Objects movement others than the player

	. The sound !
	. Bugs correction
	. Multi player (MIDI, Null Modem, Toaster, etc...)

- The WAD you can use :

	DOOM.WAD	: DOOM registred or Ultimate DOOM
	DOOM1.WAD	: DOOM shareware


- Options for command line, lower case please :
	If you enter no command line, defaults will be E1M1 or MAP01
	with skill level 1 (or to the first new level if you use an
	external WAD)

	"-file   <...>"
	to use one or more external WADs (PWAD)
		Ex : -file trinity.wad thing.wad
	"-wart  "		e=Episode number m=Map number
		Ex : -wart 2 1 to begin at E2M1
	"-warp "		nn=Level number (00-32)
		Ex : -warp 24 to begin at MAP24
	"-skill "		n=Skill level (1-5)
		Ex : -skill 5 for maximum skill
		-> For the moment it is used to choose objects to
		   display depending of the skill
	"-browser"		To start the textures browser
- Control :

	- In the menus :
	Esc		  To go back to previous menu
	Return/Space	: To select an option
	Up/Down		: To choose an option
	Left/Right	: To change the value of an option (on/off or cursor)
	You can also use the mouse (left button:select, right button:cancel)
	- Keyboard :
	Esc		: To display the main menu
	F2		: Save a game (not implemented)
	F3		: Load a game (not implemented)
	F4		: Sound menu
	F5		: Resolution X *2 or *1
	Shift + F5	: Resolution Y *2 or *1
	F6		: Quicksave (not implemented)
	F7		: End game (not implemented)
	F8		: Messages on/off
	F9		: Quickload (not implemented)
	F10		: Quit
	Shift		: boost
	Tab		: display the map
	Alternate	: to move without turning
	Control		: Fire
	Space		: activation (switches, doors, etc...)
			  ( In theory, all is OK. You can end a
			    level without crossing walls)
	1-9		: To choose the weapon


			1	Punch			Chicken
			2	Chainsaw		Wand
			3	Pistol			Magic wand
			4	Shotgun			Crossbow
			5	Double shotgun		Dragon claw
			6	Chaingun		Gauntlet	
			7	Rocket launcher		Mace
			8	Plasma gun		Horn rod
			9	BFG 9000		Phoenix wand

	- Arrow pad : 

	Insert	: turn left
	Clr/Home: turn right
	Arrows	: move forward/backward/left/right
	Help	: Collision test with walls on/off

	- Numeric pad :

	*	: gamma correction
	+ and -	: Screen size change
		  Skip to next/previous texture in textures browser
	7 and 9	: zoom in/out the map
	4	: Display textures on walls on/off
	5	: Display weapon on/off
	6	: Display textures on floors/ceiling on/off
	8	: "Tomb Raider" mode on/off
	Enter	: display sprites on/off
	- Mouse :
	left button		: move forward
	right button		: move backward
	move left/right		: turn
	move up/down		: look up and down

- Authors :

	For all that as something to do with DOOM:
		(congratulations, ideas, job proposal, etc...)

	Patrice MANDIN		(DATA from TRIO)
	19 Rue des Astiers	


	For all that as something to do with virtual memory :
		(Which still does not work on 68040s and 68060s !)

	Xavier JOUBERT		(XAZ)
	36 Chemin des Rouches
	85300 SOULLANS	

- Have fun !

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