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peter - 25/08/2016
best shooter ever for that computer! the music was very catchy and well made!
Jason - 22/06/2013
Loved this game and the music.
Peter - 04/07/2012
Greatest game ever on the Atari, wipes the floor with any Spectrum or Amstrad shoot em' up! Many happy memories playing this game with my brother.
ciddibiri - 11/08/2011
1988-89-90 senelerinde ailecek (3 kardes) ve hatta dayim da katilirdi bize oynardik. Halen bu oyundaki tadi aldigim bir oyuna rastlamadim. Oyun zorluk olarak da 10 üzerinden 8 alir herhalde. Ben ve kardesim oyunu defalarca bitirmistik.
Andreas Koch - 15/02/2011
Small Sidenote:

There exists a "Zybex" tape with a cover that has different screen shots than this one (but maybe this cover with alt. screenshots is not so common as the one shown here)...
Gruppenfuhrer WOLF - 15/09/2010
Excellent game! We played like crazy with my brother with two players. Unforgettable.
Carlos - 31/01/2010
Amazing game in ALL the aspect.
Long live to Atari800 and 130!!
mrots - 28/05/2009
oh zybex no moim zdaniem hyba najlepsza strzelanka na atrynke rzeby jom ukonczyc gralem tak dlugo ze wiedzialem gdzie wyleci jaka bron lub dodatkowe zycia
Auntie Pastie - 08/03/2008
Nicely-done shoot-'em-up; although I initially thought this had been overrated by the computer mags, it turned out to have enough variety and balance of difficulty to keep you playing to the end.

The ending itself was pretty disappointing to be honest, but who cares? The game's the thing!
Jonny EOL - 11/11/2006
Top-class shooter from Zeppelin. Great music, great graphics, great weapons, great aliens - in fact great pretty-much everything. I even completed it once!
BrunoN - 30/05/2004
Ace! Five nice weapons, cool graphics and dynamics makes it best and most playable shootem-up on Atari. Oh yeah, I forgot about music - Adam Gilmore rules.


GenreShoot'em Up! - Horizontal ScrollingYear
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMicro Discount
Players1, 2 (sim.)CountryUnited Kingdom

Jobling, Brian

Graphic Artist(s)

Owens, Michael


Gilmore, Adam

Cover Artist(s)Serial

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