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Atari A to Z (Pete Davison) - 04/07/2022
There are plenty of developers out there who have been making Atari 8-Bit games up until quite recently! Here's the graphically impressive Yoomp, a bouncy-bouncy game from 2007 that's sure to get your toes tapping. Let's Play! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8DT6bRmiA8
Monk - 12/03/2015
A good game. For awhile.

After you learn how to play it properly, and become good at it, and pass a lot of levels, it becomes a bit stale and repetitive.

All you do is guide a ball left and right in a tube - gameplay-wise, this would work just the same without the 'tube'-gimmick.

It's probably technically impressive, it looks and sounds good, and plays well. But in the long run, it's not something one wants to come back to again and again, after playing it a bit in a few intense sessions.

A good game, but not a 'timeless classic' in the same vein as a lot of the eighties' (or even seventies') games are.

Frankly, you get pretty much the same experience from playing Trailblazer and Cosmic Causeway (in fact, Cosmic Causeway has even more variety in the gameplay and visuals, with the shooting sections, trees, dragons, ceilings etc.)

Yoomp! is certainly an impressive Atari triumph, but in the long run, as just a game, it's not deep enough to be a classic, or varying enough to keep the player's interest for long.

Does this work with an unexpanded Atari 800 XL, btw? (I am asking because I would like to test it with the real machine)

WarrenTerra - 05/02/2014
Well said, Thax :)
thax - 04/02/2014
why is it that anytime an Atari game/program is outstanding, anti-Atari fanboys find something to moan about? c64 and 8 bit Atari wars shouldn't even exist. its so petty, why not be positive and be amazed that there are still many people who keep the 8 bit machines alive? give it a rest and look for positive things to talk about.
Zaphod - 21/05/2013
Anyone who says this game doesn't deserve the extreme votes it's getting, either have not played it, or something is wrong with their emulator. I cannot heap enough praise onto this masterpiece of a game. Beyond that, it's the first game to use enough of the Atari's special hardware, that the C=64 crowd has given up trying to port it.

If you lived the Atari vs. Commodore wars like I did, you KNOW what an epic win this is.
telc - 22/07/2012
what's happening here is getting ridiculous...
telc - 15/07/2012
think youre right. they might use a script or something
observer - 13/07/2012
I have tracked it for a while. Several clicks within a few minutes and - absolutely unfair - low ratings for other games around this. Sorry here something not right...
observer - 13/07/2012
Attention: this game IS click-pushed!
misterZzzz - 11/07/2012
how can this be better than ballblazer, eidolon, koronis rift?
elder8743 - 04/07/2012
Not bad, but at least a Trailblazer clone
Gwobby - 04/07/2012
Or really IT IS THAT GOOD ;)
telc - 29/06/2012
Nice game, but sad that it is click-pushed by it's fans, developers, ...
Rockford - 15/12/2010
An outstanding new game for the A8!
unknown - 22/08/2010
um this game is cool even if the game copies tube as this is on computer 12 years older the the 486 tube ran on plus this one has better music
ElB - 24/10/2008
Frickin' awesome. Looks good, sounds good, plays good, and the way the bouncing of the ball is perfectly in sync with the music makes it utterly hypnotic -- I can't help nodding in time with it when I play. :)
Scott Wozniak - 19/09/2008
Technically, very impressive. The graphics and sound are really, really good. So cool to see new games for the old 8-bit. Damn good.
eru - 15/06/2008
For Yoomp! fans: there is a new version, and a possibility to buy a box with the game.
Go to http://yoomp.atari.pl if you're interested.
Lockett - 17/05/2008
Are we looking at the same game? All that I see is Trailblazer in a tube(there was actually a DOS game like this back in 1996 called Tube).
Francisco Delgado - 12/05/2008
Nice game, simple and playable.
A bit of Master of the lamps, another bit of spindizzy, and great music.

DottorGonzo - 13/03/2008
Bellissimo e coinvolgente. Incredibile che al giorno d'oggi si sia ancora in grado di fare prodotti con una tale giocabilità. Alla faccia dei super-game moderni, i programmatori hanno raggiunto l'obiettivo con pochi kbytes su una piattaforma ormai commercialmente morta. Giù il cappello!
solo/ng - 28/02/2008
And we enjoy it, ecellent piece of design and code:).
marty - 10/01/2008
Indescribably awesome work.

It sure is great to see so talented and inspired a group of game designers choosing the Atari 8-bit as their axe in 2007.

I envy them, being able to work with all those yummy 6502 opcodes, display lists, pokey ADSR's. Ah, sweet memories. ;-)

eppy2000 - 19/11/2007
Taking one concept and making it fresh makes this game very worthwhile, challenging, and fun. It's candy for the eyes and ears! Poland has been known for its strong Atari following, and this game shows their pride once again. It's amazing how well the Atari can be still programmed after all this years. Well done!
steve - 05/11/2007
This Game is great! You can see that it was inspired by trailblazer, but there are enough original tweeks and developments to make this a great game. Its very addictive, well done the polish team!
Pengwin - 02/11/2007
I've just come across this and I love it. Truly shows what can be achieved when talented programmers get together.
LS - 01/11/2007
Fantastic game. Congratulations for polish team!
eru - 30/10/2007
The official Yoomp! website is http://yoomp.atari.pl

We hope you enjoy the game!


Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot
Yoomp! atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear2008
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper[n/a]

Żukowski, Marcin / Fusik, Piotr

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Graphic Artist(s)

Wasiel, Bartek

MediumTape Disk Cartridge

Sychowicz, Lukasz

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Yoomp! Download

Additional Comments

Other version with the same title:

[no publisher].

First place in the ABBUC Software Contest 2007.

Version 1.1 including:
- PAL executable
- NTSC executable
- boot disk with both releases and automatic PAL / NTSC detection.

Check the comments box for more information on how to get a boxed version of the program!

Missing original tape and cartridge images!
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