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rave.N - 20/03/2016
We have download. Wing War (not Wars) definitely unfinished. This was supposed to be 16K cartridge, the file we got was compiled for memory address range $4000-7FFF likely preproduction. The "Cruiser" patch $3F00-3FFF can be removed, then game runs at $4000 and trap reset by adding the segment $"0C 00 0D 00 00 40" typically in front of the run segment at file's end. "The Cruiser" encrypted 'his' file, if you want to store yours unencrypted, then calculate the XOR (aka EOR) #$FF (255) upon all 16384 bytes in the cart, then adding header reset and run digits the new file ends up being 16402 bytes big.

CHEAT MODE unlimited ammo (fireballs), unencrypted: find the sequence $"CE 1B 05" change 1 byte to become $"AD 1B 05" - or, keeping it encrypted: find the sequence $"31 E4 FA" and change to $"52 E4 FA".

CHEAT MODE unlimited strength (invincibility), unencrypted: find the sequence $"8D 1A 05 60" change 3 bytes to become $"EA EA EA 60" - or, keeping it encrypted: find the sequence $"72 E5 FA 9F" and change to $"15 15 15 9F".

Artifacting is used at the bottom of the screen to print Strength (lower left) as a Brown graph, and Ammo (lower right) in Blue.

Wing War has a bug when you and the enemy both shoot fireballs, the PMG data in the fireballs can glitch. There's also another nasty bug in my emulator, the same bug affecting Kangaroo, Countdown, and every version of Atari Qix including "Fill'er Up II", flickering colors that can be seen in PAL video mode but not seen in NTSC video. Eggs and fireball weapons are supposed to flicker, fireballs can be invisible in NTSC on my emulator, so you can get whacked by shots covered in vanishing cream. Actually, the game is soooooo hard to play and NTSC is 20% crazy faster than PAL, so PAL not only lets me see things the right way but also slows down the game so it's playable, kindof.
rave.N - 29/07/2015
Here's the story: this game was released in 1983 primarily for Intellivision and ColecoVision, and secondarily for Atari 2600 but only in the European PAL format. There exists enough information thru Web searches including getting the instructions.

The Atari 800 version was never released, kicks the others' bums no doubt. It is unfinished maybe in more ways than one. The program I got has no title screen nor credits. "Wing War" for Atari 8bit is said to be one of the first Casualties of the Great Game Crash of the 1980s.
rave.N - 27/07/2015
What's the story here? Another missing download, no date, and there's a video link which won't play in my browser. I obtained this program elsewhere, and it looks fascinating but unfinished.

You are a green fire breathing dragon. The mood is like "Satan's Hollow" meets "Adventure 2600". I remember seeing this back in the 1980s. Eggs play some role. Anyone?


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherImagic
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloperImagic

DeFrisco, Steve / Smith, Alan

Graphic Artist(s)

Elliot, Karen

Medium Cartridge


Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial?

Additional Comments

Eventually released on the Imagic 1-2-3 compilation.

Missing original cartridge image!


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