Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin

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MrFish - 09/08/2021
@RMason: 10 years on, the manual can be found at Atariage in this thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/276068-unarchived-software/?do=findComment&comment=4881209

I'm sure Atarimania staff will add it here at some point too.
RMason - 17/05/2011
Greg, take a look at, say, Temple of Apshai for the TRS-80 and I think you'll see just from colors and characters with actual arms and legs that this game at least took some advantage of the Atari 800. It's crude on the surface but has nice depth of strategy and the manual is a good read if someone would scan and post it.
Greg B. - 25/02/2011
You're kidding, right? You deserve a medal for sticking with this remake of an ancient TRS-80 game for more than 10 minutes! This took absolutely NO advantage of the Atari's features at all...
Muffy St. Bernard - 19/03/2008
I completed this a few months ago...let's see if I remember the details. I believe that there are a total of ten screens; you need to reach the tenth, find the treasure, and then get back to the entrance again. A good strategy is to keep track of the regeneration and armour repair shops, and to not use them until it's absolutely necessary. Each monster has its own week spots; many of the weaker ones are best hit in the arms, some of the higher ones you should hit in the head or neck...eventually you figure out where your hits tend to land.


Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin atari screenshot
Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin atari screenshot
Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - RPG (2-D)Year1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherScreenplay
ControlsKeyboardDeveloperIntelligent Statements, Inc.

Masteller, Randall Don / Baumrucker, Steve

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Also known as Warrior of Ras - Dunzhin.

Both cracked disk version and original tape release included. Missing verified disk image!


Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin Atari disk scan Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin Atari disk scan


Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin Atari ad Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin Atari ad Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin Atari ad


Warriors of Ras - Dunzhin Atari catalog

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 The Book of Atari Software · 1984Rating: D+ 

Dunzhin is one of a series of programs that attempts to bring fantasy / role-playing games to the Atari. You are a level one warrior outfitted with a sword and suit of chain mail who seeks certain valuable objects in the lowest level of a dungeon inhabited with monsters and full of deadly traps. Your battle experience slowly increases until you can tackle the strongest foes who inhabit the... [more]

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