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GADZombie - 22/12/2013
Arcade version of Tutankham is much better. Atari version is rather bad. Better try other version: King Tut's Tomb. It's more similar to arcade version and it's pretty good.
Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 10/05/2011
I'm getting 1980s flashbacks...Miami Vice...Transformers...Bill Cosby...Weird Al Yankovic...Grandmaster Mel Mel...and Tutankham on Atari 800. I really loved this game, played it to pieces, probably should have spent more time outdoors instead of being locked up in front of a monitor. Ahem. 7/10.
http://gwobby.webs.com/ - 28/07/2010
What u talkin about?! This is a good game, side scrolling levels, collect keys, treasures, avoid and kill baddies or are you the baddie stealing their treasure?! Supports use of 2nd joystick to aim firing (you can only shoot left or right) use button for bomb to clear all baddies. Colour schemes are a bit wappy, but press select to change level after your go and level 3 is legible. Fun to play, progressive difficulty. Nice to play on level 16 as the levels are bigger!
Paul Westphal - 14/10/2008
I did find this once on another site... homesoft?..it was on a multi-game download.. and it was terrible..might have been a prototype it was so bad. I saw a basic version of tutankham that was better!


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