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intotheverticalblank - 23/02/2024

Program: Maciej Stefanski, Tomasz Palka
Music: Tomasz Liebich
Earth, year 3748. Center of intergalactic command.
The entire cream of the galaxy rulers of the universe were gathered.
Emperor Hatoran reports on the situation in his part of space.
Unfortunately, it turns out that the rebels of Davor are becoming more and more
dangerous, their attack ships are devastating research bases, and in
power station are starting the construction of some new one
mysterious project. The ruler of Hatoran is not only concerned about these
part of the galaxy. He doesn't care about those oppressed by the tyrant
civilizations, but rebels are becoming dangerous to his empire, a
also for the Confederation of Planetary Systems. Scouts are sent out
they die faster than they can convey any message, however
one of them managed to smuggle in bits of information. Rebels from
The Davor have prepared some kind of monstrous weapon that will allow them
take over the universe. The only way to destroy it

finding tanks with liquid hydrogen and placing them in
special reactor and then a quick escape. If you can do it
daredevil, the central energy base will explode. Talk about who
send was extremely short, there was only one candidate... TECHNUS-
TECHNOLOGIC SOLDIER, i.e. the highest generation cyborg
intended for lonely special tasks. Equipped with
a laser-plasma thrower sets off on a dangerous mission, the base until...
is swarming with mutants trying to destroy the daredevil. To work!
The player controls Technus, destroying everything in his path.
You should collect liquid hydrogen tanks and various necessary
things. In the upper part of the screen there is information about (from
the left) the number of enemies that must be destroyed in a given
level, the cyborg's energy and the liquid hydrogen tanks found.
You can turn on music or sound effects with the OPTION key.
Legally protected program
Copying and distributing without the publisher's consent will be punished!
GADZombie - 23/11/2014
Terrible control! Great music on title screen, not bad graphics, but platforms are not visible enough. It could be good game, but it's not.
LS - 28/10/2008
Nice visuals and great music aside, this is a very bad rip-off of the C64 game "Greystorm" with some elements taken from "Turrican" (sprites).

Gameplay is monotonous and frustrating. "Technus" may be worth seeing, but you will quickly notice that there's nothing more about it.
s2325 - 14/12/2007
sorry, but this game have really crappy playability


Technus atari screenshot
Technus atari screenshot
Technus atari screenshot
Technus atari screenshot
Technus atari screenshot
Technus atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Platformer (Multi-Screen)Year1993
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMirage Software

Stefanski, Maciej / Palka, Tomasz

Graphic Artist(s)

Stefanski, Maciej / Palka, Tomasz

MediumTape Disk

Liebich, Tomasz

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Technus Download

Additional Comments

Missing original tape and disk images!


Technus Atari tape scan Technus Atari tape scan


The initial project started out as a port of Turrican.

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