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J Cline - 21/08/2012
In-game copy protection means you must have docs to play. You can download the manual as a PDF here:
arnaudl - 24/06/2012
Fantastic game... Intense experience of strategy. The semi-fractal map makes infinite different situations.
Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 09/05/2011
Fantastic sim on C64, Atari 800, and even the NES. There have been a number of submarine games on the home computers, but Silent Service was the deepest, most complex, closest to the actual experience. The mid-80s is really where home computers begin to crank out one outstanding sim after another. Good times.
Mario - 19/11/2009
hours of fun this BUT u need the manual since you have to Id ship silouettes to be able to play it, anyone have that?
Chris Parrett - 06/03/2008
Very High Quality game, very addictive to the
inner marauder within us all....ahhh....
Actually, this game takes place after the 12/7 Pearl incident -- so it is your job to jab 'em back with the best sub the U.S. Fleet can offer....

Super Hint!: if timed right, at a depth of 200 or less ft. & 400 yrds distance -- turn into the direct path of a destroyer and fire 1 or 2 bow aligned torpedos while 'head-on' then promply dive and change course. With skill U can triump 50% of the time -- and yeah it's hard + fun! Don't under-estimate the deck gun or overuse -- Subs aren't designed to fight destroyers in a gun battle....

Best of Luck Getting your Rank of W.G.S.C!

Todd - 18/02/2008
Great game! Pop-up from the deep, hit a big tanker, zig-zag, evade enemy destroyers and depth charges, run silent, hear the ping of the enemy radar and pray that the enemy doesn't find you. Great times indeed. Sid Meier is a master game maker.
Brygadier - 05/01/2008
I spent hours playing this game. Great title.
Dave - 21/09/2006
Oops...forgot, there were no anti-ship missiles in 1942! Was thinking of another game...but I did play this one for endless hours.
DucatiDave - 21/09/2006
Man, I played this game for endless hours....then realized I could use time compression to speed things up a bit!!!...pretty revolutionary at the time, with a foward looking sonar display and anti-ship missiles. Too bad the missiles never hit their targets due to some game sequencing error.


Silent Service atari screenshot
Silent Service atari screenshot
Silent Service atari screenshot
Silent Service atari screenshot


GenreSimulation - SeaYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMicroprose Software UK
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Masteller, Randall Don

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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