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Heaven - 16/06/2011
Definitly one of the best 2-Player games and we played it to death. Smooth scrolling and great pace. Love it. And it uses all hardware features.

there not many 2 player games on A8 which we played. I guess same fun we had with International Karate and later on Atari ST Speed Ball 2.
Tezz - 25/06/2009
This is one of my all time favourite A8 games. really excellent with two players. We played this game to death back when it was released. Highly recommended.
Thilo - 20/09/2007
Yes it was great.
after ten years in 1997, we played again.

a couple of hours (laugh)

martin - 05/02/2006
Castle Schrechenstein. This should be famous.The "twirly-demon" to get strength back ,we would shout to eachother, ah now this is with Bill Willians + Russ Wetmore standards. Even the 2 Lucasfilm titles Eidolon and Koronis Rift would say we will let you become a classic like us. Enjoy the coins and be enchanted by the wishing wells.
twh - 30/12/2005
This is with no question the best and most addictive two player jump'n'run game I ever played. This was the first game I ever had on my Atari (next to Elektraglide) and I am soooo happy that my parents found this piece of gold. If this game would have been released as a more international title it could have been easily THE game of the games on the 8bit. But so it's almost unkown outside of Germany, what a pitty!!!!
martin - 20/06/2004
this HAS to be THE 2 player platform/split screen adventure. please see the beautiful masterpiece and hear it's complex sounds. waste no more time!


Schreckenstein atari screenshot
Schreckenstein atari screenshot
Schreckenstein atari screenshot
Schreckenstein atari screenshot
Schreckenstein atari screenshot
Schreckenstein atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Platformer (Scrolling)Year1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAriolasoft (Germany)
ControlsJoystickDeveloperAxis Komputerkunst
Players1, 2 (sim.)CountryGermany

Finzel, Peter

Graphic Artist(s)

Finzel, Peter

MediumTape Disk

Finzel, Peter

Cover Artist(s)Serial53 339 / 73 339
Dumpdownload atari Schreckenstein Download

Additional Comments

Disk version comes in LP-style box. Tape version was released one year later (1986).


Schreckenstein Atari disk scan Schreckenstein Atari disk scan


Schreckenstein Atari tape scan
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