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dtm-artist - 16/03/2024
Spectacular! Amazing! Fantastic! There are not enough words to praise this achievement, one that fully uses the 130XE to its full potential, and showing us an alternate timeline where Atari continued to thrive on the home computer scene. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
charliechaplin - 05/02/2024
The 130XE with 128KB RAM is available since 1985, so you had 40 years to upgrade at least one of your A8's that has less RAM available. Similarly one could also downvote any game that does not work on an A8 with 16KB RAM (i.e. 400, 600XL), it would be the same BS.

We Atarians are no longer restricted to 48K or 64K RAM and running an A8 with more RAM (e.g. 128K, 320K) gives you outstanding games and demos, like this one.
Fulcrum - 06/12/2022
A true work-of-art and a real tour-de-force on the Atari !! Very "cinematic" approach on both its fixed and motion renderings, plenty of texture detail, excellent sound, quite playable and a solid performance out of Atari's chipset!

This is arguably the overall best 8-bit version of PoP. A MUST have, which only needs an additional 64KB of RAM on the 800XL (also boots from SIO devices !!)
DZ - 02/06/2022
Monk, bruh, I have a "real" Atari 600xl with 576mb of ram. You can enjoy this stuff without using emulators. I upgraded my base memory internally and then adding an AVG cart and the PBI cable to the expansion slot gives you the extended RAM compliments of the AVG cart. Go get em tiger! I personally don't like everyone still being restricted to 64k,... it makes the newer stuff more interesting....
Do be quiet - 02/04/2022
Everybody shut up, Monk's here to moan about something at great length as usual!

I don't think "requires 130XE" is particularly "weird hardware" given that the 130XE was a decently popular Atari 8-bit model. If it required a RAM expansion beyond the base spec, sure, you might have a point, but right now you just seem to be whingeing and moaning for no reason as per usual.

You don't like Prince of Persia? Cool. I don't really like it much either. But that doesn't mean there's no need for people to try and push the boundaries of platforms with ports like this. This port is an impressive technical accomplishment and is worth celebrating.

Next time you feel like commenting, consider finding something you actually like and leaving a positive comment, because I'm sure I'm not the only one really tired of seeing your endless complaining on every vaguely popular A8 title.
Monk - 28/03/2022
Does every possible platform REALLY need a version of this pretty mediocre and screenspace-wasting, clunky platformer?

I wasn't even impressed when I played this on my Amiga back in the day, let alone with the DOS version, Atari ST version, the higher-resolution Mac-version, or even the really different-looking and 'trying to be unique' Super Famicom-version, that at least tries to be a little bit different (but it doesn't work).

There's sort of pseudo-C64-version as well, but that's terrible, because it requires hardware that goes way beyond the basic stuff, its graphics are mangled-but-not-improved (the rocks don't align properly, etc).

When you look at all kinds of versions, from the Gameboy to Mac to Atari ST to Super Famicom-versions, you can realize that a lot could've been done to improve the graphics, to make each version a bit unique to the platform.

This wasn't done for the pseudo-C64-version, and looks like it wasn't really done too much here, either.

I hate these "Requires 130XE"-things, when what it REALLY means is "No one wants to make games or demos for most Atari 8-bit computer owners", because 'large memory' seems to be almost a requirement for some reason.

Yet, I have found many wonderful gems on the Atari 8-bit world that I love playing on my real Atari 800 XL. It's sad that in the modern times, there's no interest in creating things most people can play on their Ataris. Having a 130XE-requirement basically forces most people to use emulators, which defeats the point.

In the modern times, emulating is so easy, purchasing different systems is also relatively easy and many people have many different ones, even though it was almost a taboo back in the day, that it makes me wonder are these 'ports' really necessary anymore?

So much work for something you can easily play on a different platform, so it doesn't need to be ported to 'this one'. No matter what those platforms are.

Plus, you can emulate these old systems so well and so easily, I have to wonder why someone would think this is necessary, or that it proves something. In my opinion, it doesn't prove -anything-, when every 'modern 8-bit-version' requires some extra hardware or more memory than most people had back in the day.

Make games for Atari 800XL and pure Commodore 64, then we'll talk. But even then, why is Super Famicom, Atari ST, Amiga, DOS, Apple II and Mac versions NOT enough? If I want to play this game, I'll just play one of those versions - after all, they have something you CAN'T create afterwards; the 1980s and 1990s atmosphere.

Why play 'inferior atmosphere', when you can play the 'superior atmosphere' version that doesn't lack in any way in graphics or playability?

These ports are just curiosities that no one can -really- be all that passionate about once the novelty has worn off; it requires 'weird hardware' and it's a version of a game that already exists as better versions ad nauseam.

Then again, although I did complete this back in the day, I really never liked this game that much. The visuals are mostly 'brick wall' (bad design flaw), the gameplay is clunky and slow due to inertia and animation, there's no music besides the title, the gameplay is a typical, but 'worsened' platformer (and I never liked platformers anyway).

But I guess we are supposed to clap now and sing hallelujah that this mediocre, clunky, dull platformer has been converted to YET another platform (no pun intended) that no one has.

Great.. I guess?

GadZombie - 20/03/2022
RAM: Just stand next to the sword and press fire, that's all.

Truly amazing game! It is as good as original game, and graphics is better than the PC version!
RAM - 17/03/2022
How to take to use the sword?
there only 4 direction and jump that's it.


Prince of Persia atari screenshot
Prince of Persia atari screenshot
Prince of Persia atari screenshot
Prince of Persia atari screenshot
Prince of Persia atari screenshot
Prince of Persia atari screenshot
Prince of Persia atari screenshot
Prince of Persia atari screenshot
Prince of Persia atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Platformer (Multi-Screen)Year2021
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherRensoupp
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloperRensoupp
Players1, DemoCountryEurope

Mechner, Jordan / Rensoupp

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Graphic Artist(s)

Mechner, Jordan / Giamalidis, K.

Medium Disk Cartridge

Samuel, Vin / Szpilowski, Michał

Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial-
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Additional Comments

Version 1.01 dated December 6th, 2021.

Requires Atari 130XE.
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