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Adam Myjak - 07/03/2023
The music theme on the title screen is "Gladiolous Rag" by Scott Joplin.
JT - 17/04/2022
The most aggravating game unleashed on the A8 platforms that I can think of. Horrid controls and collision detection/responses, pathetic graphics, annoying sounds. But all of those might be tolerable if not for the pure outright *aggravation* of the gameplay. A great idea (bunch of mini-games within a broad traffic/driving "game"), ruined by an awful game "engine". Actually it reminds me more of the Simpsons episode where Homer visits NYC, than GTA. Anyway if your doc ever tells you that your blood pressure is getting too low and it's becoming a concern, fire up this little "gem". It'll have your BP up and in stroke territory in no time.

Nostalgia or no, this isn't worth more than a 5.
laserlevel - 25/05/2016
1984 was the original USA Russ Segal version, 1986 is the UK "Americana" rerelease on tape, the first white page scan of the 4 page tape jacket here declares "(c) 1986".
Gerry - 24/05/2016
Actualy the screenshot shows 1984 as copyright year. The Database shows 1986. Should it be 1984?
rave.N - 08/01/2016
NYC Synapse disk intermittently fails to run for me I think because Protection meets Emulation in spite of being a VAPI disk. I also see some stray pixels on the title page skyline, unless I turn off artifacting.

There are 2 very different program versions, what differs in gameplay if anything I don't know. Just like "Alley Cat" the 1st edition is Synapse's, and the 2nd edition says "SynSoft". Program code for NYC was heavily modified by SynSoft, same as Alley Cat. Americana probably uses SynSoft, seems they bought the rights to a lot of Synapse games with the intention of releasing them on cassette tapes in Europe. I know there's Synapse and SynSoft flavors of "Blue Max 2001" too, maybe a pattern that is: been updated from Synapse to SynSoft? Maybe trying to maintain same everything while introducing small bug fixes??

NYC is aggravating, every mini game is way too hard, but the maddening gameplay is supposed to immerse players in the real life frustration that is New York state of mind. Everything pisses you off, and that is the point. It works out being very fun. I think cheating needs to happen.
gwobby - 05/10/2013
Nice review Baz. NYC is a fun game, you always feel you should be able to do better than you did!
Baz - 01/10/2013
Despite a mixed review in Atari User pointing out it's creaky almost ancient graphics, this sounded appealing to me so bought it. Didn't regret it since it was fun being free to drive around as one liked for the fun of it. Yes, an early element of GTA there I guess and that was part of it's appeal being able to play a variety of challenges which unfortunately I recall got ever faster as the day wore on. Another one I almost completed but got killed in the very last building... grrr!

Looks terribly crude now but that was part of the fun back then using one's imagination and believing one was visiting these famous buildings. Of course now we have GTA with it's incredible details and free exploration with massive worlds to explore but in some ways this was the first taster of such a game where one could go about and have a lark for a while.
Auntie Pastie - 05/12/2012
@Krm_Mayadagli; NYC *was* definitely PAL-compatible... or at least my UK copy was ("Americana" label release). Pretty safe bet that the German Ariolasoft release was the same (they used PAL too).

You're right that it was available on tape; my "Americana" copy is the tape version.
Krm_Mayadagli - 04/12/2012
***NTSC only!
No PAL also...

***Was this game ever released on tape?
Yes. Quite Sure

Long Live...
Auntie Pastie - 16/03/2011
Il Bastardo already nailed at least two points I would have made; the fact that this game is more than the sum of its mini-game parts, and the comparison with GTA (except here it was the police that seemingly persecuted you, via the notorious pink patrol car!)

BTW, for a surprise, at the start of the game, remain outside the city until your gas runs out (this will take a while!) You can now walk back the way you came and come across a weird jumbled mixture of roads, water and cars!!! (Don't enter the "real" city though or you become trapped within its limits as happens normally).
Il bastardo - 10/04/2008
As a pure collection of arcade games, NYC would provide decent playing value already. But luckily, this game is more than merely the sum of its parts: The many little arcade games are embedded into a very dynamic and amusing traffic simulation, which combines the numerous, fairly challenging tasks to a very satisfying whole. Though the "meal times" tend to get annoying quickly, and the controls react rather fidgety at times, this is a title worth checking out. GTA in its fledgling stages... *g (8/10)
Cem Dipçin - 08/02/2008
I remember spending a big amount of time with this cute arcade when I was 6. This is totally fun. I was just cruising around with the car without even trying to complete any tasks.
Remembering old days...
Jonny EOL - 11/11/2006
A collection of little arcade games threaded together on a (rather blocky) rendition of NYC - still a lot of fun, though.
Tomas - 20/04/2006
Randy: Yeah... I have a nice memories too.... :-)
Randy Johnson - 10/08/2005
I remember spending more time driving crazily through traffic than completing the tasks. There was something satisfying about the way the other cars crunched into one another. A good little game!


New York City - The Big Apple atari screenshot
New York City - The Big Apple atari screenshot
New York City - The Big Apple atari screenshot
New York City - The Big Apple atari screenshot
New York City - The Big Apple atari screenshot
New York City - The Big Apple atari screenshot
New York City - The Big Apple atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAmericana
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Segal, Russ

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Other versions with the same title:

Synapse Software, Ariolasoft (Germany).

Missing original disk image!


New York City - The Big Apple Atari disk scan New York City - The Big Apple Atari disk scan


New York City - The Big Apple Atari tape scan New York City - The Big Apple Atari tape scan New York City - The Big Apple Atari tape scan New York City - The Big Apple Atari tape scan


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