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dtm-artist - 16/03/2024
Amazing and highly influential early 2D platformer that seems to bridge the gap between Pitfall and Super Mario Bros. This 16k cartridge may have cut many corners from the famously unfinished 48k original, but there's a swiftness and a bounciness in just the right amounts, and the ability to reach the end of the pyramid, with succeeding levels, adds greatly to the replay value. One of my all-time favorites!
ddahlstrom - 10/11/2023
This is one of those great games with a caveat. I actually played it more on my Colecovision, but both play so similar that it didn't make much difference. Playing through the screens, getting the timing right, and descending as far as I could were enough to make the game enjoyable for quite a while; but then (and here's the caveat), you suddenly realize that for all your exploring there's not really a destination here, and that it is really just an arcade game after all. This was a common issue with many games of the period and not surprising since this was the era of arcade gaming where score, not completion, was the goal; but given the exporation theme, I always hoped I'd find something more special than more levels, but Alas!
axlprotogen - 12/05/2023
I have found a version of the cartridge release! I'm not sure how to add this information to the page but i do know where it is, its at a local game store near me! My discord is axl the proto#5018 if you would like to know more!
Raul - 07/12/2019
This game is the fondest memory I have from my Atari childhood. The dynamics, graphics and sounds are top for this platform. A true classic.

It is impressive that this game was the lone work of a high-schooler. He even fit it into a 16K ROM for the commercial version!
Pepe - 24/09/2018
If you like this game, try this romhack:
ChrisTOS - 16/10/2017
I've played this game to death. However looking back at it, it's not a game I would like to replay. Overall when all the exploration ended, and it ended quickly, it became dull. Still, I can understand the appeal. Graphics are quite OK, the dungeon is big, and it offers a challenge.
Paul Marshall - 05/05/2017
I played this game for hours, fantasic game.
rave.N - 28/11/2015
File version (prototype) by Utopia is the one to see, it has 34KB code+data. These 16K cartridges suck (including model 5200 which has 16K, it reports larger in error) the cartridges removed most of what made this game endearing, like: no decorative spiderwebs?, ugh. They even took Pedro's "mooning" off the 5200 ver iirc. The disk versions here now (2 copies of the same) just delete them Atarimania. Disk images begins with text "CRACKED BY A" so aren't a commercial product, disk has only 12.5KB code+data not compressed, I can't believe it's dumped right or complete.

CHEAT MODE many lives (250) 16K cartridge version: change 1 byte at offset $2A82 from being $06 to become $FA. Higher values 251-255 aren't recommended, so extra lives can be earned early on without crashing.
Monk - 28/02/2015
Mae77 : Don't you mean "Pre-Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros."? Just saying "Pre-Super Mario Bros." doesn't mean anything, and is an incomplete description at best. Besides, this was made before Super Mario Bros., so it IS "Pre-Super Mario Bros.", factually.

Only if you say "Pre-Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros.", does it make any sense.

A great, funny game, that was created for many platforms.

To create a proper review of this, I'd have to play this Atari 800-version first, but as far as Atari 2600 and C64-versions are concerned, great fun, in a non-typical platform way (usually I don't like platformers, with only a few exceptions).

I plan to play this Atari 800-version momentarily.
Ivan - 26/07/2013
Amazing game :)
Ivan - 26/07/2013
???????? :)
Mae77 - 13/05/2011
This game is a legend in south america !!!
It's considered as the "Pre-Super Mario Bros." since the Atari 800XL was so popular in the '80s (NES and other consoles arrived since 1990).
Cubretti - 05/09/2010
I played this game in 1987
Dima - 08/10/2009
I played this game on Atari. In Russia we called this game "Monty" :)
I was 5 years old, when I played this game on my Atari. The best game from my childhood.. In that time this game was so impressive for me, because I saw dreams about colour keys and rolled skulls..
I love Monty so much.
Thanx for nostalgy pictures and descriptions!
Scott Wozniak - 15/09/2008
Awesome feat of programming on this game. I loved it but man, it was tough as nails. One of the few games I never conquered. 9/10.
MAXTHUNDER99 - 05/06/2008
This game is one of my childhood favorites and I always liked going over to play it or even watch it being played at my friend's place. 10 on every version from the 2600 to the Sega Master System.
eppy2000 - 27/03/2008
Jaeger epitomized the talent of the young guns back in the day. I got many hours of play from this. It was quite an impressive feat compared to a lot of the other products out there -- and from someone who didn't have the same formal training of other programmers! I always preferred Jaeger's original work-in-progress over the watered down version put out by Parker Bros. While the latter was winnable and you had Pedro replaced with an Indiana Jones-type character, it wasn't as challenging and the sound and music was also compromised to make it all fit on the proverbial 16K cartridge.
Brygadier - 05/01/2008
This game was absolutely brilliant.
odi - 16/09/2007
game - legend
Neo-Rio - 13/06/2007
I played the Commodore 64 version all the way up to and completing level 9. At level 9, the whole pyramid is pitch black - but if you ever get there, you'll know the layout like the back of your hand anyway.
Should you finish level 9, you start another pyramid on level 9. Quite an anti-climax.
Paul Westphal - 24/04/2007
This is one of the best platformers for us Atarians.This is the pinnacle of platforming/exploration on the old 8-bitters. Give it a shot, but have some patience with some of the timing-related issues that the game incorpoates. rating: 9.5 (no one is perfect)
Cinka - 03/05/2006
The greatest game I have ever played. event after 15 years I play it wit great passion.
Nixon - 16/04/2006
this game was always hard as ****...and after all it is still challenging after all this time...i m still curious what the end of it would be like..since the skill-level never allowed me to get there yet :D
Subj - 27/02/2005
This particular version is indeed finished and winnable
Matt Walsh - 29/03/2004
I don't believe this version is finished nor winnable. There is a strange room with a huge man in it that stomps, and when he does you die unless (maybe) you jump at the right time. I could never get past him. Somehow I always imagined that if I could finish the game, it would complete the 'cucaracha' (sp?) theme you heard the first notes of each time you picked something up.


Montezuma's Revenge atari screenshot
Montezuma's Revenge atari screenshot
Montezuma's Revenge atari screenshot
Montezuma's Revenge atari screenshot
Montezuma's Revenge atari screenshot
Montezuma's Revenge atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Platformer (Multi-Screen)Year1984
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherParker Brothers
ControlsJoystickDeveloperUtopia Software

Jaeger, Robert

Graphic Artist(s)

Jaeger, Robert

Medium Disk Cartridge

Jaeger, Robert

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial1860
Dumpdownload atari Montezumas Revenge Download

Additional Comments

Other versions with the same title:

Databyte, BCI Software.

Includes cracked disk file and unreleased cartridge.

Check the preliminary version by Utopia Software here.

Missing original disk image!


Montezuma's Revenge Atari disk scan Montezuma's Revenge Atari disk scan



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