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Gildahl - 12/07/2022
This one was always about those unique explosions. They were mesmerizing and even a bit eerie, growing almost organically to swallow-up the incoming missiles and combining together in interesting arcing patterns. No other game had such cool explosions, and mimicked the arcade game quite well (unlike, say the Atari 2600 version, which I still enjoyed a lot but always found the explosions lackluster). Having only one base made sense for the home versions, and unlike the 2600 version it was nice to see satellites and planes. All-in-all a very nice translation of the arcade original.
rave.N - 04/08/2015
"Missile Command+" is the same game that has been updated in 2005 by Paul Lee. The one thing least faithful in this 8KB cartridge to reproducing the Arcade is having just one ABM base not three, and MC+ in its 16K cart fixes this and also adds a little demo play and maybe a larger title sequence. I don't understand why MC+ is being termed a "hack" just because it is "unofficial"?
Punkydudester - 15/12/2014
A must have for your collection, I remember this game very well. It seemed simple yet really intense. Great game.
Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 16/10/2012
For any kid with a Missile Command cartridge for their Atari 2600, the 800 version was dazzling! It was also a lot harder and more tense, thanks to the breakaway missiles and airplanes. Graphics were terrific, very close to the arcade. If you played Atari back then, you definitely played Missile Command.
Neekees - 20/07/2012
I play this a lot more now than I did when I was a kid. Great control, pace, and atmosphere, and so easy to jump right in.
unk - 17/07/2012
this is simple but fun
Boman - 12/09/2010
Many reviewers around the web don't like this conversion.
In my opinion its not bad at all.
Ok you might only have one firing base, but
the graphics are almost arcade perfect and so is the sound.
If only they would have given us a keyboard option to fire from three bases, like the original arcade game (which I own ;D) it would have been perfect.

eppy2000 - 15/08/2008
This was one of those terrific home conversions that made me really want an Atari 800 back in 1981. I enjoyed the 2600 version quite a bit, and felt it was a fairly respectable adaptation of the arcade game. But the day I saw it on an Atari 400 at an electronics store, I was just blown away. It looked like an almost exact duplicate of the arcade game. For me, this game has plenty of replay value, mostly to see if I beat my last (or best) score, or to see how many levels I can go.
Starbug - 13/08/2008
Just as good as I remember it. Fast and furious. Lots of fun, though I would recommend using a jotstick/joypad rather than a keyboard.
10 out of 10!
Muffy St. Bernard - 20/09/2007
Good even with an emulator keyboard! I'd rather a track TrakBall, but this game always kicks my butt anyway.
ataridog - 19/09/2007
when you use the track ball this is a great game!! very fast gameplay with more than acceptable graphics (not like the arcade had steller graphics anyway). i always wanted to use the middle base in the arcade and when i saw this version for the A8 i knew it was going to rock!!
Nick Di-Perna - 06/12/2005
I’ve read some bad reviews about this little gem. Many rate it on it’s accuracy to it’s arcade counterpart. I actually PREFER this to the arcade game. Me and this kids have been coming back to it for a quick blast for years. Atari were right to build it into the XE game system. Supreme playability - isn’t that what really counts? 9/10.
Kr0tki - 12/05/2005
You can control the game using the Atari TrakBall connected to joystick port 1. The combination Control+T activates/disactivates TrakBall control mode.
j - 26/12/2004
Use OS-B. This allows you to skip levels at the title screen by pressing a corresponding #. For example: After loading the game, press 6. When the game is started, you will be on level 6. This feature does not work in XL/XE mode.


Missile Command atari screenshot
Missile Command atari screenshot
Missile Command atari screenshot
Missile Command atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - CrosshairYear1981
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAtari
ControlsJoystick, Trak-BallDeveloperAtari
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryUSA

Zdybel, Robert

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Missile Command Download

Additional Comments

Other version with the same title:


Load with OS-B (level selection only works on older systems).

Press SHIFT+CONTROL+T for Trak-Ball mode.

The code of this version - not the official cartridge release - was used as a base for the game released on Compilation A, it only has minor variations.

Compared to the released cartridge, this prototype:
_ does not show the game title
_ displays STICK instead of SKIP0 on the last line (though you can still skip levels with the number keys)
_ does not use the same combination of keys for Trak-Ball mode
_ does not have explosions on THE END screen
_ has no "smart missiles only" option activated with the S key
_ does not automatically go back to the title screen after the end of a game
_ shows some other minor color differences

Many thanks to:
_ John Hardie for dumping this program
_ Tempest / Kr0tki for figuring out all the differences
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