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lotek style - 06/04/2010
Wow it has speech.... "the battle begins" :)
Vauxhall Chevette Owners Club - 02/05/2009
Should have stuck with a Spectrum!!
Matt Vinyl - 09/07/2008
This was a brilliant game, and had so much more detail than the later Uridium. Fantastic blasting fun! :0)
Nixon - 17/04/2006
wow gotta tryout that cheat :)...that was a nice paced shooting game but quite tricky..but the speech samples always compelled me to try it again 8/10


Mirax Force atari screenshot
Mirax Force atari screenshot
Mirax Force atari screenshot
Mirax Force atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - UridiumYear1994
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherANG Software

Murray, Chris Paul

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Missing original disk image!


Chris Paul Murray speaks...

"I only started programming because an older friend said he was going to try to write a game and I wanted to do it first. We both had Atari 400's and had been renting games for quite a long time from some guy in Sunderland and playing loads of titles. It wouldn't have occurred to me to write one until he wanted to (he was doing a clone of Jump Bug). I bought Programming the 6502 and MAC/65 cartridge and that was it. It's also his (Pete's) fault I ended up on Atari / C64's... I was ready to buy a Spectrum.

It took me 11 days to code Mirax Force. I had been playing Uridium on the C64 and also had just got hold of a Replay sound cartridge and was dying to code something with speech. It started as an experiment to see how far I could take display list interrupts to make the one sprite look like many.

Yes that is my voice in Mirax Force. I know it's crap, I spent ages re-recording it and running a program to filter the Replay samples so they compressed better (I felt a bit dumb when I learned about filtering and run-length encoding many years later, after trying to figure things out myself). I just wanted to bring speech to Atari - the only other game I recall was Dung Beetles: "We gotcha!". And at the time, I sort of looked like the piccy on the TV in one of the screens on Henry's House - well sort of... (Speccy git LOL).

I'm glad someone finally saw the references to Metallica etc. (did you see PARP?). I thought someone might have a look one day with an editor but didn't think it would be 20 years."

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