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Megadeth - 14/05/2020
The control scheme alone made me skip this game, both back in the 80's as well as nowadays. Shame, as the graphics and sound are very fine.
Wesmond - 09/05/2012
Would love to see a rewrite of this one, with the original intense Rob Hubbard music (A8 version has the same tune, but in simple bleepy tones), the speech, and sensible controls (eg, faster/slower/steer, rather than the weird hybrid up/down/left/right...)
Alex - 13/02/2011
Argh ! I've never managed to beat this game ! What was happening after ? Restarting from beginning ?
TMR - 10/06/2010
i'm not sure why everybody found this so difficult, i finished it repeatedly in the 1980's and can still manage it now...
Chris Parrett - 06/03/2008
Further confirmation, this game is too difficult
to control. For some strange reason the 'engine' feels like a cross from Auto-Dual and early Spy vs. Spy....hummm....This game CAN be won, I did it only once and my hand was cramped for a day....
The music made this game demo worthy, landscape was sorta nice, even expandable, .... yet short lived -- Time is up V8 .tic....BOOM!
Jonny EOL - 12/02/2008
Could never get the hang of this one. Damn near uncontrollable, only one life and stupid time limit. Could have been much better.....nice music though (not that you could last long enough to hear the whole tune).
Maggi1971 - 01/01/2007
A good example for a game with nice graphics and a very good sound but bad gameplay. I have tried it several times but I found it always too hard and frustrating. Controlling the car was nearly impossible.


Last V8 (The) atari screenshot
Last V8 (The) atari screenshot
Last V8 (The) atari screenshot


GenreRacing - Stay on the TrackYear?
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMastertronic (USA)
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloperMastertronic (UK)

Darling, David

Graphic Artist(s)

Wilson, Jim

Medium Disk


Cover Artist(s)Words and Pictures Ltd.SerialMAD1
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