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Stellar Jetman - 31/07/2011
Absolutely brilliant little RPG-like game, with great atmosphere and a lot of cool ideas. The best of the Lucasfilm fractal games, and my all-time favorite on the system.
Boman - 11/09/2010
Oh my God!
the graphics are amazing : O
I love it.
Tim - 04/04/2010
a mind blowing game, havent seen anything as original or mind blowing since!!!
FrakAttack - 29/08/2008
@ Andreas Magenheimer - Thanks for the info. Bought my copy in W. Germany and always wondered why the game locked up toward the end. The thing I remember most about this game is that in one of the later levels, the mountain range on the mini-map spelled out "SEE LABYRINTH," a reference to the (at that time) upcoming movie.
Retro Kid - 05/10/2006
Another of the great Lucasfilm games. Although I never got the high rifts, it was great hunting around looking for the ships and having to deal with those annoying saucers. But the best part had to be robot that would analyse your artifacts in the mother ship. One of my top 10 Atari games.
Well done Georg for the remake, I've just downloaded it and can't wait to give it a go.
Georg Rottensteiner - 19/09/2006
A shameless plug for my Koronis Rift remake:
Get it at http://www.georg-rottensteiner.de ;)

Contains the original rifts plus a few unlockables of this great game!
Andreas Magenheimer - 06/08/2006
Please note, that the european version of Koronis Rift is not fully playable due to bad copy protection. The guys at Activision placed the copy protection on a used data sector, ouch... (at least thats what I read in some german magazines)... -Andreas Magenheimer.
Crosis - 01/04/2006
Completly Agree! I remember spending HOURS as a kid playing this game to try to make it to Rift 20, then i find out Rift 20 is pretty anti-climatic that all you do is use your scavenger to destroy the "base" which is nothing more than just Hulks laying around that you must find cause your radar does not work. all the pictures show a screen, the 5 display screen up top that i could NEVR figure out what module displays that output. PC Remake needed!!
John - 22/03/2006
Only one of the 3 greatest games ever released, that's all.
John - 24/12/2005
One of the greatest games written for any machine that can play games!


Koronis Rift atari screenshot
Koronis Rift atari screenshot
Koronis Rift atari screenshot
Koronis Rift atari screenshot
Koronis Rift atari screenshot
Koronis Rift atari screenshot


GenreStrategy - TradingYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherActivision UK
ControlsJoystickDeveloperLucasfilm Games
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Falstein, Noah / Wilmunder, Aric
Kellner, Charlie

Graphic Artist(s)

Winnick, Gary / St. Louis, James

Medium Disk

Crockford, Douglas

Cover Artist(s)SerialECD-134
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