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skinnyradek - 04/09/2023
Hello, I have a trouble running this game. I've tried launching it via AspeQT but unlike other games this one (using this very atx image) reads only one sector and ends up in basic with the "ready" prompt.

Anybody knows what could be the cause of this behavior?

I brought my Atari back to life almost after 30 years and don't remember all the tricks and commands as I used to :)

Thank you.
CarlV - 30/08/2022
I played that wonderful game on my 800XL back in 1986 I think; I won several times rescuing the princess and would play until late in the night. 4 hours of sleep maximum, my wife was not always happy with that! This game, then Lode Runner were my 2 prefered games on Atari at that time. Great machine, great programmers!
yossi - 07/12/2020
I remember this game back to the 80's
playing with my ATARI 800XL as my parents bought me for my birthday ,waiting for few minutes till the game finally loaded with my ATARI big clumsy drive ,couldn't quit till I rescued the princess ,
now after almost 40 years I am playing this game again with the emulator ,which loaded by 1 second with the core I5 CPU and I am so thrilled as I was a child ,
I just wondering how skilled I was when I was a child and reached the princess AKURA and recue her ,now I even hardly bit the first and seconds warriors and get desperate , but I still enjoy the 8 bit graphics and hearing the 1 channel sound , oh god ,those times....
I won't replace this game with all the new games with 3D and new graphics technologies
mrsbaird - 06/02/2017
gee. peeps.

in germany we had the PAL-version, which runs much faster and is therefore much more fun. you can still try this vibe in an emulator by choosing the PAL-videomode.

also important: read the last comment in this field! /.-)
theIMPOSTER - 10/09/2015
So monotonous, but I played it so much! Hours, I remember waiting for my mom to go to sleep so I could sneak and play at night. Same thing, over and over and over. Head kick the birds! No one would even play this on their phone now.
GeoMan - 17/07/2011
A classic! If you want to really enjoy games like this avoid USB and buy a PS/2 mechanical keyboard (like Filco). I still use one from 1995...
Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 09/05/2011
The game is probably unplayable now, thanks to the sluggish controls that are always a full second behind the action, but Karateka was HUGE back in the mid-80s. It was a very cinematic game, which was highly unusual for the time. Think of Karateka as the warm-up to Prince of Persia.
Kris - 16/01/2010
Other than the guys that you could kick in the face repeatedly, I struggled with this game and could never rescue the girl. I think I made it to her room once but got my crotch kicked in.
Jomar Machado - 11/11/2008
We stayed with our faces glued in the glass of the computer store looking for hours to this game, in the early 80's...
Nice , nice game...
dwhyte - 19/09/2008
My version of Karateka had a copy of SynCalc on side 2... Just curious if anyone else did...
eppy2000 - 06/10/2007
Another classic. This came out on the heels of other martial arts games (and the movie "The Karate Kid"). But this one had originality, partly because of the story element. I always got a kick out of the "alternate" ending. It was a nice, if unsuspecting feature. I sometimes would play the game all the way through just to see it. It was also fun to make the hero fall off the cliff yourself. *THUD!* Or deliberately running into the gate so you could get skewered. :-)
odi - 16/09/2007
fantastic game! animations and spots between - revelation
Marcos Olivares - 06/08/2007
Prince of persia ? Tomb Raider ???, NAH ! KARATEKA rulez !!! the grandaddy of all adventure games, just be an humble guy, take a look at this jewel and give it a 10 score.
NightSprinter - 27/07/2007
Oh that's mean, Maggi. What this person is referring to is if you approach Mariko (the princess) in battle stance, she'll deliver a single kick to the head that kills you instantly. Makes ya wonder why she couldn't beat the crap out of Akuma and his cronies herself..
Maggi1971 - 01/01/2007
One of the best Atari (8-Bit) games ever. The first game were I felt that this piece was more then a computer game. The gameplay was much slower compared to IK, but this wasn´t the point. Everyone was talking about IK, but I loved the gameplay and the story of Karateka. The animations just blew me away. Jordan Mechner is a story teller, and a very good one too. I just remember the amazing cutscenes. Absolutly brilliant and stunning. I tried to beat the game with a joytstick, no chance at all. Then I tried it with the keyboard. With that opportunity the game was a laugh, because the movement was now 100% accurate. Try to reach the princess and DON`T run to her. Just stay in the fighting position and move forward to her for a really cool end. :D


Karateka atari screenshot
Karateka atari screenshot
Karateka atari screenshot
Karateka atari screenshot
Karateka atari screenshot
Karateka atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Beat'em Up!Year1988
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAtari
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloperBrøderbund Software
Players1, DemoCountryUSA

Mechner, Jordan / Cook, Robert

Graphic Artist(s)

Mechner, Jordan / Cook, Robert

Medium Cartridge

Mechner, Francis

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]SerialRX8095
Dumpdownload atari Karateka Download

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Brøderbund Software.

Ported to cartridge by Sculptured Software.


Karateka Atari cartridge scan Karateka Atari cartridge scan


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