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Monk - 11/03/2015
It's amazing.

Such a seemingly simple game, made for a glorified calculator that the owners of actual computers laughed at..

.. and yet it cannot be matched, let alone surpassed by these superior machines.

The C64 conversions are pretty awful or at least lackluster, and like them, this version also makes the player want to rush back to the Spectrum-version, where everything is right.

This plays really well, though - it's fluid, the action is smooth and nice (though it seems there is less moving action, meaning, fewer meteors and such objects).

But there are pretty big cons;

1) Lack of color. Spectrum, as monochromatic as it basically is, managed to give this game a lot of color. What happened to the wonderful 128 colors that the Atarists are always boasting about? Don't tell me you can't even match the SPECTRUM?

2) Annoying music. The original had neat, eerie silence, that was only interrupted by the (barely) adequate sound effects, adding to create an interesting atmosphere. Here there's just some non-musical song irritating your brains out.

3) Unneeded additions (many games suffer from this - the original simplicity isn't enough for some reason, so they mess it up by adding unnecessary stuff), like the air thing. Why?

4) Color clashes outside the rocket - I know the Spectrum was always full of color clashes, but this wasn't one of them. The rocket fills with color quite nicely. Here the color clash creates ugly charboxes around the rocket.

I have played so many versions of this game, all of which made me DESIRE to play the Spectrum-version instead.

This is no exception.

A valiant effort, for sure. But no cigar.
Gwobby - 26/03/2009
Great Game
Lockett - 07/06/2008
It's neat to see Jetpac on the Atari, but the original Spectrum version had more color.

That "Air" meter is a nice touch, though - I don't recall seeing that in Jetpac.
Pierre André - 29/10/2007
Quite a beautiful conversion. The original monochrome graphics from the original Spectrum have been enhanced with PMG overlays in a very tasteful manner. In terms of difficulty, the first four levels are quite easy but as soon as you get to the fifth stage... it becomes much much more difficult. Not to be forgotten is a wonderful music track by Miker which makes the playing exercise even more energetic. Hard to believe this is a 2007 release... Who said the golden years of the Atari 8-Bit were over ?


Jetboy atari screenshot
Jetboy atari screenshot
Jetboy atari screenshot
Jetboy atari screenshot
Jetboy atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear2007
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherXXL

Dudek, Krzysztof

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Graphic Artist(s)

Ziembik, Krzysztof


Szpilowski, Michał

Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial-
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Includes early release and fixed version.
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