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Don Palmer - 02/07/2007
License info: This was originally a commercial product, the version here is a pirated version. As the current sole owner of the original publishing rights, I hereby place the program into the public domain as freeware.

I really would like to see my name restored to the opening screen credits though!
Don Palmer - 02/07/2007
Note: You'll need a very good emulator to play this as it uses mid-scanline color changes. Some screens won't make any sense if you can't see that effect!

Further history: This was published in Canada by the Canadian division of Romox. Romox was a company with a very interesting premise, the consumer would buy a blank game cartridge and place it in the Romox terminal to burn the game of their choice onto it. Later they could bring the cartrige back and erase it and buy a different game for it. It didn't catch on and they went out of business after testing it only in California (USA) and Calgary (Canada).
Don Palmer - 02/07/2007
I'm the programmer of this game, I believe it was published in 1983 by Romox Inc. It's sad to see that my name was removed from the credits by the cracker. Anyway....
Premise: You are piloting a repair ship in a robotic factory that has gone berzerk. You have no weapon, only a shield with very limited power. Solve the puzzles to escape from the factory.

Hints: To succeed you have to maneuver the ship from one end of each screen to the other. This will require timing the movements of your ship between things, and using your shield to pass things that can't be dodged. You can't move while the shield is on... so some thought is required! There are about a dozen screens each with it's own quirks. At least one screen has a teleport puzzle, and another has a darkness puzzle. If you find the game too easy... turn on the gravity option (it will drive you insane!).


Ithix atari screenshot
Ithix atari screenshot
Ithix atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherRomox (Canada)
Players1, 1 vs. 2CountryCanada

Palmer, Don

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Cartridge
Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial
Dumpdownload atari Ithix Download

Additional Comments

Many thanks to Vidar Olavesen for dumping this program, Robert Morrison for requesting it in the first place and author Don Palmer for chiming in!

Missing original cartridge image!
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